Bernie Sanders - Warrior of the Wa

“I am going to do my best to try to create a country in which children are not living in poverty, in which kids can go to college, in which old people have health care. Will I succeed? I can’t guarantee you that, but I can tell you that from a human point of view it is better to show up than to give up.” ~ Bernie Sanders

Formerly an apparent underdog in the battle for the next U.S. presidency, Bernie Sanders is a strong competitor in the major fight for the Democratic nomination ahead. Sanders has a highly rare Human Design—that of a pure Ego Projector.

In the career language of BG5, the business aspect of Human Design Analysis, Bernie Sanders is a natural Alpha leader as an Advisor Type. Projector leadership is very different from the leadership style of the Manifestor with their Impact. The Projector's power lies in their unique energetic functioning, which provides a laser-like focus, aware perspective, and ability to guide other people or processes to higher efficiency or effectiveness.

Like all Advisors, Sanders is here to help others experience success. His energetic presence is designed to penetrate and absorb information to know how to advise people. He has a focused presence that gets to the core of the person he is with, asking the right questions at the right time to get them to the heart of the matter.

Advisors can become exhausted from too much energetic contact with others, or from over-working and trying to get out there and make things happen. Their decision-making strategy is to engage with what and who correctly recognizes and invites them first, rather than initiating. Since his Heart/Ego Center is defined with everything below open, Bernie can make sound decisions that he can trust when his expression of willpower is followed when he is invited to do so by others.

There are two kinds of Ego Authority - Manifested or Projected. Less than 1 in 200 people have Ego Projected authority. Sanders's authority is Ego Projected because the energy of his Ego does not reach the Throat in his Human Design.. Only 35% of the population have a defined ego like Bernie, able to make correct promises and keep them consistently. Very few people have this center as their Authority—just .49% have Ego Authority.


Bernie Sanders’s Competitiveness

Bernie's Ego and Identity Center connect through the channel of Initiation—"a Design of needing to be First." This channel is the only one in the Human Design bodygraph that Bernie has defined, so what he can trust is an invitation to initiate when his willpower agrees to it. People with this channel are very powerful forces for other people. Bernie's key to success requires that he wait to be recognized and invited to bring the competitive edge for others.

You don't get to a place of possibly being the next President without some competitiveness, and this is where Bernie's life force is consistent.
In fact, his Channel of Initiation is one of only six that are organizing forces in a Wa (a group of 16 people). Group dynamics like Penta and Wa are homogenizing influences that program our survival.

As an individual, Bernie's conscious driving force (Moon in gate 51.5—Symmetry) is competitiveness with an instinctive ability to tackle and adapt to ‘the unknown’: "The ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation." He brings courage to stand up and shock others with unexpected actions or the robust strength of his warrior spirit. In the Wa, this energy provides the willpower for competition, which handles challenges to expand our horizons and allow breakthroughs in experience.

Bernie's unconscious South Node is in gate 25.1 Selflessness. This gate brings the shaman/priest energy of the Spirit of the Self, Innocence; "the perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature." Bernie's unconscious imprinting leads him to fulfill his purpose in a large organization to provide it with the capacity for a competitive spirit.

Together, these two gates comprise Bernie's channel of Initiation, which is about his ability to initiate others when recognized and invited, using his willpower.

Being initiated into action gives Bernie the opportunity to discover the essence of his warrior spirit. People with Bernie's definition are the ones who stand up for and defend the leader of the Wa—the person with channel 21-45. Can Bernie maintain his fighting spirit for himself and our country as an active leader (with the 45th gate as his unconscious Sun and conscious Jupiter) if he is in a large group with another 21-45 in the room?


Bernie Sanders’s Life Purpose as a Left Angle Cross of Dominion

Because he was born in the Quarter of Duality, Bernie's purpose is fulfilled through the bonds he creates with others. As a 5/1 Profile, Bernie has a Left Angle Cross. He has the potential to alter other people’s movement through life as well as have his movement changed through interactions with others.

Every person Bernie meets as a Left Angle has not only a karmic connection but also value for him that requires interaction and bonding to fulfill his purpose. His 5th-line Personality is here to bring others success by universalizing what is practical. Bernie bears the responsibility of transforming the discoveries of the Right Angle profiles into knowledge that can be of value to others.

Positions of authority and power are a natural fit for Bernie as a Projector on the Left Angle Cross of Dominion. Bernie Sander’s conscious Sun is in Gate 64, line 5—Promise. This gate is his personality expression: "Before Completion—The Gate of Confusion: Transition, like birth, requires a determined strength for the passage through."

His heresy about our history has had a substantial effect on our view of society. Bernie has an ability to educate and advise us with his values and keep his promises. His unconscious Sun is in gate 45, line 1—Canvassing: "The ability to promote and develop gathering together through the education of the uncommitted. The material direction lies in education."

Bernie is here to educate others and express his individual uniqueness as a conscious General/Savior/Heretic/Messenger (5th-line personality) who has a solid foundation (1st-line body) in the world of politics—his area of chosen expertise since his school days more than 50 years ago. Life has brought him the people and experiences he needs to master the political system. System mastery is what all Projectors are here for.

Because he does not have consistent access to generating or manifesting energy, Bernie needs to partner with people who will do the work while he guides the process. If Bernie becomes President, it would be wise of him to ensure that he is using his individual willpower energy to his advantage by focusing on interactions outside of a small group in important meetings—one person at a time is where his real power lies. 

by Andrea Abay-Abay

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Human Design System Basic Concepts: Kinds of Chart Definition

Have you ever wondered why some people seem just to click (and stick) together while others don’t?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem just to click (and stick) together while others don’t?

One of the most important things to understand about why connections (and relationships of all kinds) happen and last between us is that some of us function more independently than others by nature. Connection possibilities depend on the particular configuration of your Human Design bodygraph definition.

Definition is what is consistent and reliable within us; it is what creates our Type and determines our Strategy and Authority. Definition in the bodygraph shows us a schematic of the way energy flows within us. It also determines the way we operate, how we interact with and what we look for in others.

It's part of one of the most interesting human phenomena: the connections that happen when people meet. Using the Human Design System as a framework, you can see the mechanics behind those connections. Why and how we connect can be very complex and deep, but the truth is right there on the surface of the bodygraph for anyone to see.

Here is a basic overview of the Five Kinds of Definition you'll encounter in a Human Design Bodygraph, with links to free audios by Ra Uru Hu discussing each. Would you like to listen to Ra’s introduction to Human Design Definition here, then read and listen to an explanation of yours below?


Split Definition - Approximately 45.89% 

"You complete me." Introducing your significant other as your "other half" is a sentiment that almost half the people on this planet deeply resonate with. 

As a basic Split Definition, you have two separate areas of definition in your Human Design chart that are disconnected from each other. You are choicelessly drawn to people who bring the aspects that connect your areas of definition. The quality of your life depends on your bond with the right other. When you find a person with the right bridging gate(s), you experience a sense of wholeness. But just because you feel that way when you are with certain people doesn't mean they are correct for you.


Here's the conditioning simple Splits need to be aware of:

It's possible to be blinded by bridges if you are a basic Split Definition. You could spend all your time and energy looking for what you think you need (if just one gate would bridge your split) to be whole.

What you feel is “missing” that would bridge the two parts of you is what can become where you focus all your attention and your decision-making upon. 

If it takes two gates or a channel to bridge your split, then those themes become what you think the other needs or is the other person’s problem, in order for you to experience what you think you need in life.

Now we see how blame can enter the picture here and skew your perspective of your life.

More rarely, when it takes more than a channel to bridge your split, now you think the missing elements in your design are what the world is missing, and that's why you don't have what you need in life or feel whole.



Focusing on the qualities of any Gate(s) or Channels that would bridge your Split is attractive to your mind, and this is where a basic Split's centralized "Not-Self" purpose is.

“What is the Not-Self?” In a Split Definition, not only do you have open Center Not-Self thematics at work, but because of the dual areas of energy dynamics you were imprinted with, your mind is seduced by decision-making strategies based upon those aspects that bridge your split. Fixating on that openness will never bring you the fulfillment you are looking for, as your mind will come up with strategies for coping with the unreliability of that energy and try to “fix” it through decisions or bonds with others. But there's nothing missing, wrong or broken within you—though it may feel that way sometimes. 

Because of this inherent drive for wholeness, basic splits are responsible for the phenomenon of monogamy and pair-bonding. Entering into the right bond correctly—with awareness—using your Strategy and Authority to make decisions as yourself, you discover the beauty of a truly fulfilling relationship.


Single Definition - Approximately 41.95%

"When I'm done, I'm done." These were words from a Single Definition woman during a recent Living Your Design Awakening Program when discussing relationships. 

Single Definition means that all the defined Centers in your Design are dependably communicating in specific ways from the time of your birth until you leave this plane. Life-force energy flows continuously through your defined Channels to the Centers, consistently determining your authentic nature.  

Single Definition gives you a consistent and reliable sense of wholeness within without the drive for someone "to complete you". Unlike other kinds of definition, yours depends on nothing outside of itself to bring parts of you together. Your operating system doesn't need outside energy to process incoming information. You are designed to operate more independently than Splits and are self-contained.

Because you have no built mechanism that looks for and creates an illusion of wholeness, like basic Splits do, making a relationship successful can be a challenge as it is easier for you to simply walk away (while a Split would be more likely to want to work on the relationship and stay together). 

All the undefined or open Centers are where your mind is susceptible to conditioning. The conditioning in these white centers is where you are likely to get sidetracked from making decisions correctly as yourself. Follow your Strategy and Authority to discover the magic of your uniqueness.


Triple Split - Approximately 10.18%

It's all about movement for a Triple-Split, because of the fact that no single bridge, person or singular moment brings you the same sense of wholeness. As a Triple-Split, you have three different parts in your Design disconnected to each other and may involve two, or commonly all three of the Awareness Centers in your Bodygraph, all of which operate on different time frequencies. Because each of your areas of definition are highly specialized, and can be brought together with a variety of different bridges, you are a complex being with extraordinary potential for assimilation and integration of information through movement and over time. 

As a Triple-Split, you have more in common with Single Definitions in that the open centers hold the thematics of conditioning that can lead you away from your truth. Unlike the basic Split definition, when you are in a relationship with someone who brings all the aspects of you together through bridging areas of their split, it is not at all the same feeling for you. You can tend to feel trapped if you are bridged the same way all the time, so it is important for you to get out into the public aura on a daily basis. Not necessarily to socialize, or even for a very long period, but to make use of the way you can be bridged in the diversity found among groups of people. Sampling the broad spectrum of ways you could be brought together and synthesizing the different parts of you in this way is an important aspect to understand as it is what makes you so unique. Being locked into the same way you can be brought together all the time is not particularly healthy nor does it feel comfortable for you.

You can be impatient and act without waiting for all aspects of you to be connected with integration of relevant data. Through awareness of and experimentation with your Strategy, Authority and unique way of synthesizing information, you can find fulfillment of your unique purpose in life.


No Definition - Approximately 1.41%

People with no definition—no defined Channels and therefore, Centers—are a very unique Auric Type. These are Lunar beings, tied deeply into the movement of the moon through their Human Design charts.

Reflectors are discussed in these free audios by Ra; Reflector Strategy, Reflector Not-Self Theme, Reflector Children.


Quadruple Split - Approximately 0.57%

"The only Definition that is, without question, Polygamists". Ra Uru Hu, the Four Views

You can see how very rare Quadruple Splits are; still this accounts for approximately 1 in 200 people on the planet. Quadruple Splits they are very fixed beings because so much is defined in their bodygraph. What's so interesting is that if you are a Quadruple split, you appear differently to different people, because of the aspects of you that emerge depending on what the other bridges within you.

You are looking for two specific bridging areas - two different kinds of fixed bonds. 

Like the basic Split definition, conditioning potential for you is strongly focused on the bridging gates between your Splits. What you need are consistent bridges that come from two or three others, because of the many ways your four elements could come together and the fact that if one person brings all those bridges you need, it locks you in a pattern that feels uncomfortable to you. 

The general public aura does not benefit you like it does the Triple Split; what you are looking for are tight bonds with the right others that allow all of the expressions of you to emerge. Through Strategy and Authority, you find the correct bonds that allow you your unique expression of fulfillment in this life.

Everything about the possibility of who you are is determined by your relationships. Everything… And if you’re lost in the psychology of what your split brings to you, you’re blind to see those forces that are correct for you in this life.
— Ra Uru Hu

Openness has the potential for Wisdom

Human Design helps you become aware of what those qualities that bridge your split or the centers that condition your mind away from your authentic nature, which is what you are here to be wise about in your life. Single and Triples, know the signposts of your undefined centers. Split and Quadruples, study the bridges between your definition so that you are aware of when you get trapped in making decisions that focus on what you are not here to be.

Remember the openness is where you are flexible and able to experience the full range of possible experiences. Openness is where we "go to school" in life. The open centers and bridges between your definitions don't define you, and can never be consistent or reliable. Conditioning here that you base decisions on leads you away from your authentic nature. Experimenting with your Strategy and Authority is what protects you mechanically from the allure of the openness in your design. 

As a Human Design Analyst, Living Your Design Guide and BG5 Consultant, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I’ve found in life is to truly see and understand how people operate. The realizations in my own life as well as the positive feedback from the people who reach out to me for advice has everything to do with the commitment and passion I have for this System and the time I spend immersed with it. This information was synthesized from my training, including self-study from Jovian's Definition videos and the two chapters on definition from the Four Views e-book helped me tremendously in understanding the mechanics of how different kinds of definitions function, and I know they can do the same for you. 

By Andrea Abay-Abay

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Secrets of being a "Non-Sacral" Projector, Manifestor or Reflector

Photo via

Photo via

Being Authentic in the Generator's World

by Andrea Abay-Abay, IHDS Certified Human Design Analyst, Teacher and Guide

If you are a Manifestor, Projector or Reflector, do you find yourself tired more often than not?

As one of the approximately 30% of humans who are non-Sacral, If you are chronically tired or often exhausted, this Human Design article might be one of the most important you ever read. Suspend your judgment if you are new to Human Design... experiment and see for yourself.

Photo courtesy JovianArchive

Photo courtesy JovianArchive

The primary thing non-Sacral Beings have in common is the lack of definition in the Sacral Center. However, the similarity stops there. Non-Sacral beings can be as different as night and day—indeed, 1% of the population are Lunar beings, the Reflectors. They are here to be the evaluators of who is different, and they experience life very differently compared to the rest of us who are what Ra termed "Solar beings."

We Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors, we non-Sacral beings, have a tendency to be addicted to the Generator's yummy sacral energy. What happens when we identify with this live-force and amplify it for long periods of time is we end up living not as ourselves, but as false super-Generators, and end up burned-out. If you're a non-Sacral, do you recognize this?

Imagine a really hard-working, overzealous super-worker who never knows when to quit when it comes to work, play, and sex. Perhaps slaving after others, thinking we need to do something ourselves or it won't be done right.

We non-Sacrals just never know when enough is enough. We can be ignorant of (when we are younger) or distraught about our inability to keep up sustained activity without severe detriment to our health. Chronic levels of energy depletion, fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, burnout, and frequent illnesses are often the results. Lack of self-esteem because we can't keep up with the pace of the world (this is especially true for the non-energy Types, Projectors and Reflectors). 

We live in a homogenized world inundated with messages such as "You can do anything you put your mind to," and "Nothing worth having comes easy" with varying beliefs exalting the virtues of hard work. However, this world does not know that some of us are simply not built to be vitalized by work or find it energizing, even when we may truly enjoy what we do.

The Work/Life Balance Myth

There's a flawed assumption in our western society that "work" is draining and non-work is automatically restorative. It's not true.

  • Can you remember a time in your life when you became so completely absorbed in and energized by a task that it just didn't feel like work?
  • Can you remember a time when you came back from the holiday and felt like you needed to recover from your vacation before going back to work?

Doing what you love for work and play, as well as intelligently managing your energy is good advice no matter your Type. However, it is essential for non-Sacral beings to manage their time and precious energy in a way that supports their body that is vastly different from a Generator’s.

It can be a real eye-opener to stop the running on the treadmill of "keeping up with the Joneses," to take stock of your life and allow yourself to enter into anything only according to your Strategy and Authority, rather than what your mind thinks you should do.

What I found personally is that it took a long time to let go of from the guilt-ridden feeling I had that I needed to work really hard to prove my value as a person.

What you may find as you begin to enter into more things that are in alignment with your true essence is your life becomes more vitalizing to you instead of draining. Rather than being dragged down by resistance that comes when you are operating from the mind, there is a vibrancy, a sense of clarity and purpose that emanates from your being. You become more at ease in your skin. The decisions you make lead to the perfect balance of restorative or depleting activities for you. You begin to live your true purpose.

No Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector has a mechanism for knowing when to quit. When deeply conditioned, we can ignore our body’s warning signs and “keep on keeping on” until we simply, physically, literally just can't go on anymore. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do as far as your health is concerned if you are non-Sacral. You need to create boundaries around business and mating, even things you do for fun. Implement healthy habits and use protective techniques that honor the inconsistency of your energy. You're not here to labor hard, but rather, to learn to be wise about work and the efficient use of energy.

Work Tips for Non-Sacrals

Delegating and outsourcing are wise practices for a non-Sacral. Remember that you are not the one to be doing, doing, doing and going, going, going all the time. An objection that may come up is—"but someone needs to do all these things! If not me, then who?"  My answer to this is that you may have to change your mind about how your live should be lived. Are you ready for a real change in perspective, and therefore, your experience of life? Here's the secret: You've got to learn let go of believing what your mind is saying inside your head about yourself to be the end-all-be-all of Truth for you. 

It’s helpful to learn to manage your energy more efficiently through following Strategy and Authority rather than initiating from the dictates of your mind. You mind is here to measure and be of value to others, NOT to make decisions for you about your life. Learn the values of planning and prioritizing, as well as refraining from over-committing—which can happen when you don’t know when enough is enough.

Photo courtesy of Jovian Archive. Be sure to read the free ebook I co-authored there! =)

Photo courtesy of Jovian Archive. Be sure to read the free ebook I co-authored there! =)

Accept that things get done when they get done—and it’s all ok. Mastering the discipline of following your Strategy and Authority provides correct timing and discernment.

Each non-Sacral is here for a very particular purpose according to their unique design. Manifestors are here to initiate and inform and have impact. Projectors are here to know others, advise and guide the process. Reflectors are here to be barometers of the health of their community and let us know how everything is going.

No matter how enjoyable or vitalizing you may find your work or play, you are not designed to sustain consistent effort or output of energy over the long term without adequate periods of rest (generally more than what sacral beings require). What works best for non-Sacrals is living a lifestyle that provides a unique balance. What you do to support yourself materially needs to allow you the flexibility of controlling when and how you work, and compensates you according to the value you bring to the table. Caring for your body and respecting its limitations are critical to your health and well-being as a non-Sacral Type.

Though everyone can be prone to overwork and fatigue through over commitment, non-Sacrals need to pay special attention to get regular and possibly prolonged periods of rest to avoid burnout. All Types find different kinds of activities assist their recovery. Participate in the activities that renew your energy, rather than add additional stress or drain you.

Dispelling the Energy Vampire Myth

Ra would often joke about us as “parasites,” saying that Generators are the Life-Force of the planet and that without them, life would perish. A common misunderstanding of the mechanics that arises among newcomers (which can happen when words or phrases can be taken out of context and spread) is that non-Sacrals are energy vampires.

As a Projector Teacher I facilitate support groups for my Projector Clients and Students.

As a Projector Teacher I facilitate support groups for my Projector Clients and Students.

When you look at a Human Design bodygraph, you can see the juxtaposition of the neutrino imprinting (which is colored in) with your receptivity (which is white). The white areas are where you are receptive to conditioning—you amplify that energy. Just as giving someone a hug doesn't drain the love out of them, but creates more feelings of love, so too do our undefined centers amplify the energy of the beings we are around. Just as a non-emotional being amplifies the emotional energy of the defined Solar Plexus being, we non-Sacrals do not drain Sacral beings of energy but rather, magnify it.

Frequency Distortion

When you turn speakers up very loud, the sound becomes distorted; so too can that sacral energy get distorted within you if you are amplifying sacral energy beyond your capacity to handle it. It can then be draining to others who are experiencing your frequency in a way that is not in alignment with your true nature.

We all put into others the frequency of our Aura; our definition is what we are broadcasting. ANY person can be "off" in frequency, and taking that in can be very uncomfortable where you are open. This can be why you feel drained rather than energized when you are around other people, or if you are in their presence for too long.

Just as you as a non-Sacrals is not designed to work hard for extended periods, neither are you designed to be exposed to the power of the Sacral amplified in your system 24/7. A Generator’s powerful energy can “fry your circuits” if you don’t give yourself breaks from it.

To know when enough is enough, follow your body by using Strategy and Authority in decision-making. Living your design allows the body's innate knowing to guide you. This is preferable to using the deeply conditioned mind which leads you off our true path and often into dangerous territory. Switching to following the body is a difference in frequency you can FEEL in your form. Fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion are frequent body signposts when you do not manage your personal energy resources wisely. You aren't designed for the Generator lifestyle.

Photo by JovianArchive

Photo by JovianArchive

Sleep Alone

One of the more controversial (to newcomers) yet highly recommended and valuable practices the Human Design System has to offer is sleeping in your own Aura. Experiment with distancing yourself from the Aura of others at a set bedtime. Not only will this allow your system the break that it needs to discharge the energy of others, but it will allow you space and time to wind down and ease yourself into sleep.

You may find that this break gives you time for your system to settle and to clean out your Aura.

Your body can more fully recharge and rejuvenate when you are not revved up by being around others. Your sleep time is when you are most vulnerable to conditioning. Give yourself the gift of space to go to sleep alone—see how it works to improve your energy levels over time.

Strategy and Authority

Are you ready for a change in your life? Would you like to try something really different and see if it works? Follow Strategy and Authority to establish healthy boundaries around the themes of the Sacral; particularly in work, play, and sex. Rather than being always available for these things, be very discerning in using your inconsistent energy. Following Strategy and Authority are the only ways to protect you from falling into the trap of the mind and living out the homogenization of the conditioned world.

When you trust in your design, you'll get the most fulfilling life—the career, friends, experiences, places to live and lovers that are exactly right for you. Trust the process of watching rather than attempting to control your life movie. Experience your differentiation—the life you were born for, that only your authentic self can live.

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Human Design Parenting Benefits

It is so fascinating to begin to really see your child for who they are using the framework of the Human Design System. Would you like to recognize the beauty of their authenticity, how they are designed to be respected, and watch them blossom? When your child is raised according to their true nature, it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to be a parent. Understanding your child's Human Design honors them and raises them to be their own authority. Facilitating their differentiation by treating them in accordance with their design allows their uniqueness to develop fully.

The majority of us are conditioned to sameness from the moment of birth by well-meaning but unknowing (of our design and true nature) parents. Parents who have been through the system themselves and want what they think is best for us.

Our seven-centered, standard education system fosters the belief that truth can be found somewhere outside of yourself, and that decisions should be made from the mind's logic. We are often told to think things over, make a list, weigh the pros and cons, and so on. We are trained through repetition, tested in the manner that rewards accurate memory of facts, figures, logical ways of conceptualizing and communicating.

This methodology of learning can give us the notion that the most important thing is the ability to recall and repeat the facts fed to us by the collective. We are taught through experiences of standardized tests to compare ourselves to others based on the testing of our mental intelligence as the system defines it. What about emotional intelligence, survival intelligence? Rare is the teacher or school who knows how to nurture a unique being, even rarer still are those who use the Human Design System.

When we question the homogenized methods or fail them as children, we are often met with anger, ridicule or disappointment. If you do not honor your own authority then your opinion of yourself (along with your path through life) could be determined by authorities outside of you. This can lead you to experiencing a life more often filled with resistance (frustration, anger, bitterness, disappointment) rather than fulfillment (satisfaction, peace, success, delight).


What we may be shown through attempting to conform to the homogenized world through conditioning is that the collective ideal of success leaves us feeling empty somehow. Homogenized "success" depends on our conformity to the norm which only some people are designed to excel at. Excel or not, you are ushered into even further structures (college and corporations) that tend to reward you for conforming, following and obeying. Many children are encouraged to leave behind creative dreams their elders tell them are unrealistic or don't make enough money, for careers thought to be more practical and lucrative.

When we try to conform, the experience of mediocrity or failing in the system can weigh heavily upon us. Not to mention the weight of conditioning that comes from decisions made because of adaptive strategies (improve yourself! prove yourself! as an example of the undefined ego center) derived in the openness within us.

If we deviate too far from the prescribed norm, we become intellectual or social outcasts, whether the reason is inability or simple refusal to conform. Subsequently we can be looked down upon when we say what we do when we meet someone new, or looked over if we try to re-enter the system.

fuck what people think

To someone who is firmly rooted in an understanding of and appreciation for who they are, the opinions and judgements of others mean very little. The pure frequency of such a being is not susceptible to conditioning and homogenization as is someone who is unaware. Therefore their experience of resistance in terms of anger, bitterness, frustration and disappointment does not characterize the life that they live.

By learning your child's unique Human Design and treating them accordingly, you can bestow them with the gift of self-acceptance. The gift of respecting and guiding them to treasure their uniqueness in a correct way will continue to benefit them for the rest of their life.

More and more children and young adults are discovering Human Design. Their process is much easier than the difficult experience of deconditioning that we adults have to go through. As an adult (we reach maturity at our Uranus Opposition, between 38-44 years of age) you have deeply ingrained habits learned from a lifetime of conditioning. Habits form grooves in your brain, patterns in your behavior and beliefs about what is true. It's difficult to change long-seated beliefs and patterns. The older you get, the harder it is to change. How different would life have been for you had you been parented in a way that honored the dynamics of your unique being? How different would life had been if you had known how to decide what to do?

Human Design Parenthood is Rewarding

It is no small task when we shoulder the responsibilities of parenting. We perform the privilege of guiding a unique consciousness as to how to function in this Maia - this illusion of separateness.

The life of a parent is a challenging thing. Suddenly you have a being constantly absorbing everything that you do and learning from your example by imitating. They evolve with your nurturing and are helpless in that respect. Will you nurture them to be the shining example of who they really are? Or will you mold them into the image of what you think they should be?

With awareness, the choice is clear. Now that you have Human Design, you can see the map of the energies that makes your child unique. Understanding Human Design can help you wake up to the conditioning that clouds your perception, not only of your children but of others in your life and yourself as well.


In the first seven years of life the patterns of a child's behaviors are established. Every time you interact with a child, you create opportunities for conditioning. Conditioning (adaptive behaviors) happens when our minds try to protect the openness in our design. Elders generally feel it’s their responsibility to tell younger ones what to do - what to think, how to behave, what to feel, what to watch out for and fear. Essentially passing on a conditioned mindset they were taught rather than putting the child in touch with their unique authority.

With awareness of the openness in their design, those painful conditioned behaviors can be explained and understood. Offering unconditional love of the child through the lens of their unique Human Design and treating them accordingly is an incomparable way to nurture their abilities, talents and gifts.


Aware Human Design Parenting

Following your own Strategy and Authority allows you to make decisions that lead to expressing a clearer and clearer frequency of what it is to be you. Authenticity makes you a great role model for your child.

Treating your child according to their type is the most fundamental way you can honor and respect who they are. Encouraging your child to follow their unique Strategy and Authority gives them a tremendous advantage in life. Learning how to navigate decision-making for themselves and empowering them to trust that they can choose what’s right for them benefits their lives in the best way possible.

Recognizing your, and your children's, true nature through treating everyone according to their design not only helps circumvent conditioning, it shows respect. In this way, you are modeling what it means to honor each other's uniqueness.

Want a detailed description of the guiding principles of parenting according to your child's Human Design by Type? I invite you to listen to Ra Uru Hu's lectures, A Human Design Guide to Parenting.

Seeing the mechanics behind behaviors allows you to understand the cause of situations. Knowing your family's individual designs, how they interact and are affected by each other gives you the ability to understand family dynamics. This allows you to use specific solutions for their individual needs rather than using homogenized, conditioned responses.

Human Design can bring you relief as it shows you why you may be extra-sensitive to your child's emotions or they to yours. It can show why this child is clingy and why that one is so independent, ending the comparison of ever thinking or saying, “Why can't you be like so-and-so?” It can help you accept and nurture what makes your children so special and unique, empowering them to be themselves.

Once you have the foundation of Strategy and Authority established, you’re ready for the next steps. Examine their Profile for an understanding of the costume they wear, and address their Personal Health Strategy. I highly recommend Jovian's Parenting Package for comprehensive education on how to raise your child according to their unique design. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple children and not enough money to buy each a reading. Personally I found this package very helpful in raising my own child. If you would like personal guidance in looking at your child, I offer a special on kid's readings (ages 0-29) you can sign up for in the graphic above.

There is no greater gift for a child than to be seen, loved, accepted and respected for who they are by their parents. With Human Design, you can give your children this gift. Understanding the dynamics at play means more opportunities to exhibit genuine expressions of caring, compassion, kindness and love; especially during moments when stress levels are up.

Would you like to read more free content that dives into how to parent your child by Type? I have also shared my personal Human Design Parenting experience. Are you ready to empower your parenting and your child?

By Andrea Abay-Abay

A version of this article originally appeared on home of the Human Design System

Ready to Stop Agonizing over your Love Relationships?

Discover how you are Designed to be Different from your Partner

It's time to stop the blame game, the fault finding and guilt tripping. Differences are seen in our mechanics. Get your Human Design chart and settle in for some #freeHD time. Are you ready to learn how to accept and love yourself and your partner?

How do we Connect with Human Design in Relationships?

Video by International Human Design School certified Guide, Professional Relationship Analyst, Andrea Abay-Abay. 

Comments? Feedback? Please post below and feel free to connect with me for more Human Design!

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How Do You Know Your Ideal Work Identity and Direction?

"What is my ideal role at work?" No matter your design, BG5 can answer this question as a piece of the puzzle that helps to clarify your career path. Understanding your Identity and Direction from the BG5 framework brings self-empowerment and helps you recognize how you are here to share your direction and identity at work. Acceptance of your strengths or recognizing your shadows here has the potential to generate your/your team’s identity and lead your team in a successful direction.

In BG5, one of the primary ways we describe how a person is designed to operate is through what we call Functions.

Functions and their Shadows are two of the 16 Success Codes we analyze to determine the most direct path to success for you as a unique individual. You can find out how all your Functions operate by ordering a Career Map or the Complete Success Code Report and taking a look at Success Codes 9 and 10. The Functions that define your consistent strengths are revealed in Success Code 9.

There are nine Functions in a person’s career design, which are a key aspect of how they operate.

One of the key elements to look at when analyzing someone’s BG5 Career Design is how an individual can best utilize each of their nine Functions. At the core of your Career Design is the Identity and Direction Function. This Function gives you profound insights into how you are uniquely designed to express your role individually or in groups as a transmitter or receiver of the possible directions we are designed to travel in work and life.

Human Design G Center BG5 Role Confusion

Success Code 10 shows us Functions as “Shadows and Distractions.”

These shadows can be your biggest decision-making pitfalls. But with awareness, they can become your greatest source of wisdom and potential profit. In this BG5 article, we will cover how the Identity and Direction Function can operate in a fixed way (listed under Success Code 9) and how it can function in a flexible way (listed under Success Code 10 as “Role Confusion”).


Your BG5 Identity and Direction Function:

  • Can determine the role you’re here to play

  • Gives you a clear sense of Self

  • Guides generation and manifestation of individuals and teams

  • Holds six characteristics that are essential to  small business success

The key for the Identity and Direction Function in either code 9 or 10 is to act in agreement with your Decision-Making Strategy. You can reference Success Code 3 for more information about your personal Decision-Making Strategy. Your Decision-Making Strategy is the way you are intended to make the right decision at the right time. Making choices you trust with confidence leads you to a better quality of life and improved bottom-line.


BG5 Work Success Code 9:

Identity and Direction Function—Having a Fixed Role At Work

When "Identity and Direction" is listed under Functions on your BG5 Career Map, you have a fixed and defined personality, and you have the ability to lead, even change the direction of others. You may find it helpful to look deeper into the characteristics or strengths that originate from this function to get a better sense of what your role is in a small group.

Rejecting your personal role that comes naturally to you can result in loss of self-confidence and fulfilling your unique potential. Being able to clearly recognize when it’s time to follow your path and let others follow theirs can be a relief. Too many people are caught up in the suffering that comes from trying to be successful at what they are not designed to be fulfilled by in their career. The seduction of what your mind thinks is important can lead you down that path; if you regularly feel frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed it’s a sign that you made a wrong turn and it’s time to get back on the path that’s right for you.


BG5 Work Success Code 10:

The Shadow & Distraction of Role Confusion

Human Design Identity Center BG5 Role Confusion

If your Identity and Direction Function shows up instead as Role Confusion under Success Code 10, it means this functions operates inconsistently for you. The good news is that your design in an organization could offer the perfect solution when:

  • Someone needs to step in and evaluate the direction

  • Someplace needs to be assessed for its appropriateness for an event

  • Flexibility is needed when dealing with different strong personalities

On the flip side, your sensitivity to place can distract you, and you may tend to:

BG5 Identity and Direction Workshop
  • Be confused about your role

  • Feel uncomfortable and need to change places

  • Continually change directions, causing instability

The flexibility your Identity provides you the ability to adroitly adapt to varying characters or paths in life, trying on different roles, hoping for the right fit. If this search is obsessive and determines your decision-making, it could undermine your success. Your gift is that of the consummate chameleon and can make a remarkably talented actor. You tend to be able to get along with many different kinds of people and the friends you have may not necessarily get along with each other.

For some people, not knowing what to be is a strong theme. It is essential in this case for you never to give authority over what your role is to anyone else. When you take on the wrong role, it’s like wearing a suit off the rack as compared to a custom-tailored piece that fits you perfectly.

No matter the configuration of your Identity and Direction Function, you are perfectly designed as you are. Remember you have certain areas that are actively energized and fixed while others are open to experiencing the myriad possibilities and potentials that you can learn from and grow wise about over time. Your greatest shadows have the greatest wisdom potential, and in fact, your greatest profit potentials as well.

BG5 can lead you to a successful life filled with satisfaction, doing what you love. For a deeper understanding of this Function register for our Identity and Direction Workshop part of the BG5 Business Institute's NEW “Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshop Series.”

Are you ready to fulfill your highest purpose to improve both your bottom line and our world?

by Andrea Abay-Abay
Human Design Analyst, Teacher, and BG5 Career & Business Consultant

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Why the Demise of Brangelina May Have Happened: A look with Human Design

Photo via

Photo via

The Demise of Brangelina - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Human Design Connection chart

"Jolie and Pitt married on August 23, 2014, at their estate Château Miraval in Correns, France. She subsequently took on the name "Jolie Pitt". After two years of marriage, the couple separated in September 2016; in her divorce filing, Jolie requested physical custody of their children." Wikipedia


After nearly ten years in the spotlight, "super-couple" Brad and Angelina Jolie-Pitt, American actors, were married yet only three years later, divorce was in the air. 

Here are their individual Human Design Charts (links allow you to save then to your free online Human Design software):

Angelina is a Martyr - Heretic (3/5) Profile, Split Definition Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority on the Right Angle Cross of Consciousness (35/5 | 63/64)

Brad is an Opportunist - Role Model (4/6) Profile, Single Definition Projector with Splenic Authority on the Right Angle Cross of Eden (11/12 | 6/36)

As the two dominant Aura Types on the planet, Generators and Projectors often can be found in pair bonding - with the Projector acting as a natural guide for the Generator's powerful energy.

With her Emotional, Sacral, Heart, and Throat centers defined, Angelina must have been irresistible for Brad with everything open but his Root and Splenic centers. Likely Angelina found a sense of security in his defined Splenic center. They both define the Root center on their own.

What's your assessment - who's in charge here, and why did they have issues in their relationship?

Here's a recent recording of my free (to clients and students) study group

In this excerpt of a live Study Group on Composite Human Design Charts, we look at Angelina as an example. I share a little bit of insight into Angelina Jolie's relationship with Brad Pitt, and briefly look at her previous relationships as well as Mom & Dad.

Don't know who they are? (Really!?)
See "Brangelina"

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Discovering Human Design - A Projector's Experience - By Andrea Abay-Abay

This article was originally posted on my blog in summer of 2014. It was republished on before they put an ad out for a social media content creator, and one of my instructors (A Cross of the Sphinx) aked me if I'd like to apply. That changed my life radically, leading me on the path to be the Analyst and Teacher I am today. For those of you who are searching for answers, I hope this remembrance of what it was like for me to begin my Human Design experience inspires some Hope in you to dig into your own experiment. With Love, Andrea <3

August 2014:

I was invited into Human Design a few years ago by someone who guessed I was a Generator from what he knew of me. He ran my chart, which showed I was one of a new Type of human that started appearing here in 1781 - a Projector. He then said emphatically "You NEED to know this stuff!”. I ordered the Definitive Book of Human Design, got a reading, and my deconditioning journey began.

Since discovering Human Design, I have listened to and watched thousands of hours material, mainly from the Jovian Archive Media Library in the free as well as paid areas of the site, but also learning through many personal readings, coaching sessions and taking classes from certified analysts like Genoa BlivenKumud KabirDarshana MatthewsBecky MarkleyLasita Shalev and Carol Zimmerman.

I just re-took the foundation classes with Bethi Black at an in-person Human Design Intensive in Mount Shasta. This training blew me away in terms of my understanding of how I really am designed to function. Though I loved the convenience of the online foundation classes I’d taken over a year, now that I was more comfortable with the terminology, condensing that knowledge into a shorter time span and adding the in-aura interaction into my process allowed for a breakthrough in my understanding that I needed and am incredibly grateful for.

Some Human Design material I have reviewed several times over to absorb deeper meaning. Human Design uses the English language creatively to interpret the energy present in a graphical representation synthesizing major exoteric and esoteric sciences in order to understand the forces that make us who we are. Despite my years of study, after this week’s Intensive I feel like I just woke up to my design and am hearing so many things as if for the very first time. I'm in awe as I observe my body’s movements and have a visceral feeling of the practical applications that the Human Design System has in my life.

I know I can remember now to follow my Projector strategy of waiting to be recognized and invited into the big decisions in life – those critical, life altering decisions of where to live, who to love, what to do for work. I know I can wait now for clarity over time through the emotional wave of my defined solar plexus before actually moving forward with those big decisions.  

In practice, this is a far cry from the old me who would constantly strategize about my future or jump the gun on decisions. Not only would my mind scheme and manipulate, it would initiate big changes spontaneously because of the intense feelings I was experiencing in my powerful, mutating Solar Plexus Center, the source of my own inner authority, the one place in my design where I am designed to make decisions - the one place that I had been deeply conditioned NOT to trust.

Now I know how to wait. My waiting is interesting, it is active. I am never bored as I watch my movie. I am actively waiting. Waiting for clarity. Waiting for fulfillment. Waiting for the perfect timing of movement.

This looks like a more introspective me in conversations, with far more patience when it comes to big decisions. I know to wait - not to try to force anything or figure things out - though putting it into practice is much easier said than done, and I consistently catch my mind as I fall into old patterns of behaving. I know to hold back from jumping in to answer other's questions without being asked. I know to restrain from doing things without being asked. And I know that I don’t have to do everything that people ask me in order to prove myself. I know these things, but breaking the habits of my “Not-Self” way of being takes time, and I’m not there yet when it comes to the everyday patterns of my life.

However...The awareness and release from this constant pressure of conditioned behavior is a relief beyond words. That pressure that I have felt all my life to prove that I am capable, that I am worthy, that I am loveable, that I am good enough - that pressure was slowly but surely killing me.

As a child I was told constantly that I could do anything I put my mind to. Such a well-meaning and positive sounding phrase! Yet the things that I expressed that I wanted to do most were dismissed as unrealistic fantasy by that same advisor who told me what I should do instead.

Growing up as the eldest, I was used to fulfilling high expectations and being bragged about by my family, step-family and in-laws, to the point that I found much of my value in achievements and in how other people saw me. My self-worth was deeply dependent on what I thought others thought of me.

I suspected at times that the constant pressure to prove myself was detrimental... yet I didn't know how to turn it off or how else I was supposed to be!

When I turned 30, seven years ago, I consciously became aware of the frenzied pattern of over achievement that I had grown accustomed to as a problem. I knew that I had this energy within me, pushing me to be ambitious, to constantly achieve in order to prove myself, to work hard to become smarter, faster, better, stronger, more beautiful, more sexy, to take immediate action. This energy, that is not who I really was, pushed me to set my mind to do something and make it happen, to force success. 

Sometimes it worked. I had a long list of accomplishments to justify my time, my worth, my value, my importance. They became resume boosters in several careers that weren't right for me, as I struggled to be consistent; to be busy, to be productive, and most importantly, to be hard-working. To live up to society's’ expectations. I was completely ignorant of my lack of life force energy to work and overworked my body. I pushed myself at the detriment of my health to accomplish, to acquire more, to achieve the American Dream.

What I learned was that my happy feelings of accomplishment didn’t last for long; chasing my many dreams burned me out to the point of extreme overwhelm, constant exhaustion and deep, debilitating depression. Even though I got everything I thought I wanted, I was bitter inside.

Now, I see that those thirty plus years of the recurring feeling of not-worthiness was a by-product of my personality pushing my body to do things it didn’t want to really do, and my bio-form just couldn’t operate correctly because of my blindness to my own inner truth. I had collected so many new experiences and accomplished so many amazing things, yet I never felt successful even when I did seem to have it all.

I see now how open and vulnerable I was to the conditioning field of the people around me and the way that I was raised. My own incompetence (though I blamed it on others) made me into something I was not. In my over-eagerness to please the people I loved, to prove myself and to be loved, trying to be what I was not led me to living a negatively conditioned “Not-Self” life. My expectations of myself and the expectations of others were pressures I forced myself to meet and if I couldn’t… well, I sure didn’t handle it gracefully, to say the very least.

As a Not-Self human I rarely made decisions from a place of calm or clarity - my decisions were generally impulsive, when I was either very up or very down emotionally. I ended up regretting so many of them very, very deeply - some of these decisions haunted me for years. I am designed to make mistakes and learn from them, but boy, some of my learning experiences were doozies and I would not wish them on anyone. 

Despite the innate resilience that is hard-wired into my design, I got to the point where I nearly killed myself. With similar chart aspects to the recently self-deceased Robin Williams, (“Individual circuitry”, “Split Definition” and “Emotionally Defined”), I had huge waves of powerful emotions, never felt whole when I was alone and often experienced the melancholy and sometimes depression that pulses through my being.

The ache of an individual without the ability to express it’s uniqueness can drain the life out of you when not understood, and can lead to intense feelings of loneliness that may have tragic endings for a Not-Self being. When that mutating pulse is understood and honored, it could instead lead to things like deep inner truth, innovative thinking and insight, intense creativity, radical change, higher knowing, and authentic direction. When you discover the truth about yourself, you are given the keys to unlocking your true potential and living the fullness of a life you were truly born for.

For 35 years I worked hard at making my life a success, wanting to accept and love myself, but looking in the mirror with unconditional love was just not possible. Rejection of self is a difficult place from which to learn how to behave. The pain from the countless mistakes I've made over the years through my trial and error learning process made it truly challenging for me to forgive, accept and love myself without guilt or trying to change anything.

It took heart-wrenching events of deep personal loss for me to really see the patterning of my experiences and to try to break it. Without Human Design to help me understand the program I was living and the reasons for my bitter predicament, who knows how much longer I would have chosen to live here. With Human Design I know I can peel back the layers of Not-Self to begin living as who I truly am and find the sweetness of success that I desire and was born for.

After hitting rock-bottom, I escaped the low-land city life that was not correct for me and moved to the mountains, focusing on being in nature, meditation and studying to get back to myself. Human Design was the major tool that allowed me to finally understand my life and brought the light of hope back into it, allowing me to function again.

With Human Design, I immediately knew I had had finally found the keys to mastering my life and what made other people tick. Now that I've been experimenting with the system for a few years, and after being invited several times to write about it, I know I can finally speak up and share my individual knowing to make a contribution.

Honoring the deep call from within to understand the way the world works in terms of the illusion we are living, I have decided to commit my life fully to learning and sharing this work and my process with others when recognized and invited.

The vast majority of you who might be reading this will not need the kind of intense study in Design that I did to see results. All it takes is finding out your Type, Strategy and Authority and beginning your own experiment by testing it to see how it works. Human Design is not a belief system. It is a way of understanding the mechanics of the forces around us that shape who we all are.

As a Projector, I am designed to love and master systems. During my first year of living my experiment and studying design, I experienced major "shattering" of many beliefs about myself, the world and others that I had stubbornly clung onto as truth. It was really hard at times; I felt very confused and there was A LOT of crying!

As a solar plexus defined being, with emotional cognition, I'm a highly emotional person – something I was always ashamed of. Starting as early as a young teenager I was prescribed powerful medications (which I could never consistently take) that just were not right for my sensitive system. Several important people in my life constantly pushed medication on me and sometimes I gave in just to please them. I didn’t trust my emotions and the people closest to me didn’t trust me because of them. They just couldn’t.

As the messenger of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu would say at times after delivering a particular bit of information “It is what it is” or "What to do?” Whether you are emotionally defined and feeling your own powerful waves of emotion or not emotionally defined and amplifying the emotions of those around you, there's nothing you can do but learn about your design, so that you can understand the mechanics to ride the waves of emotions, “Live Your Design” and through it all, "Love Yourself.” Human Design has shown me how to do that and I know it can do that for you too if you are ready for this knowledge.

No matter what my re-birthed form looks and behaves like, and on whatever mountain she will end up (I am designed to function optimally in the mountains), I finally get what “passenger consciousness” means experientially and I am enjoying the movie of what it is to be human in my own form.

Now I want to ask you a few questions.

Would you like to know who you really are?

Would you like to see your true strengths and gifts?

Would you like to know what your Life Purpose really is?

Would you like to live life as the person you were born to be?

If you answered positively to these questions I invite you to join me on a journey of deconditioning yourself of the negative beliefs and incorrect behaviors that in all probability make up the bulk of who you think you are.

Get your Human Design Chart to find out your Type, Strategy and Authority now so that you can begin your own Human Design experiment to truly wake up to what you really are. I highly recommend a personal reading with a professionally trained analyst; all have had at least 3.5 years of deconditioning and intense immersion in the authentic version of this knowledge as it was given to Ra Uru Hu, the original messenger of this work who brought it forth into the world.  

Whatever path you take, the sooner you understand your design’s Strategy and Authority and implement this understanding in your life to begin your experiment, the sooner you can stop living a Not-Self life and live out your authentic uniqueness.

Isn’t it time to live the life you were designed for and experience the satisfaction, success, peace or surprise that you crave?


The Signposts of Not-Self Generosity

Have you been indulging in Not-Self generosity?

"What exactly do you mean by that?" you may be wondering.

The Not-Self is what we refer to the adaptive strategies derived from the openness in your Human Design, where your mind that can cause you to make decisions that are not in alignment with your true nature. Not-Self has a sinister sound to it when you don't know what it means. Sometimes people get confused and think that anything coming from the openness is bad—as if the openness is not part of the totality of you.

You cannot separate yourself from your openness. This receptivity is an integral part of you. It is where you experience life, where experiences nourish you. Here is where you can learn, grow, and develop wisdom.

But oh, am I familiar with the suffering that comes from Not-Self. For example, let’s take my undefined Heart's Not-Self generosity: 

  • Saying I would when I wasn't sure I could, then not being able to keep a promise and ending up feeling like crap.
  • Thinking I have to go above and beyond what is needed, constantly overcompensating to prove my value.
  • Not stopping at the specified time for a massage session as a young therapist, for example, even if I was tired.
  • Not being satisfied with a good enough piece of writing, but spending ridiculous hours stressing over perfectionism.
  • I remember in school—if I couldn't do a homework project perfectly to my liking, I wouldn't even turn it in and preferred an F to getting a B!
  • Settling for whatever (or whoever) came my way, expecting less than I deserve because my mind didn't believe I was worthy of anything more and was afraid that if I asked, I would be turned down or miss out.

From mothers to service professionals to athletes to people working in the corporate world, approximately 65% are dealing with this Undefined Heart Center conditioning in their lives. How much of an effect does the open Heart have on the professional landscape where so many of us are trying to prove ourselves all the time?

Thanks to discovering Human Design, I recognized mentally that the Not-Self adaptive strategies of my mind had a firm hold on my life, yet still, I was powerless to stop them from influencing me. However, in the course of my experimentation, the decisions slowly stopped coming from a place of Not-Self automatic reflex. I began to recognize what it felt like when decisions started coming from what my Solar Plexus was telling me, once I got invited to the big things in life (for a Projector like myself, this is critical).

I know I can't help undergoing my trial and error process of making personal mistakes, as a 3rd line Personality. At the beginning of my experiment, the overwhelming realization of it all hit me like a ton of bricks. The magnitude of the apparent difficulty of getting to live out my true nature discouraged me. The Not-Self cry, "why me?!" of my 3rd-line Martyr Personality was in full effect.

Though it has gotten easier over time, there are still a lot of adaptive strategies of the "Not-Self" going on over here in my movie and of the people I've seen come to me. Read on to discover how Not-Self generosity has shown up in my life, and perhaps you can recognize it in yours.

Photo via

Here's a little keynoting along with my experience of my undefined Centers, and the Not-Self generosities I recognized. I've added the BG5 signposts as well; BG5 is the career and business application of the Human Design System.

Head Center: Inspiration

Not-Self Themes: Occupied with questions that don't matter
I recognized that discovering inner truth and what is truly inspiring through collaboration with others in relationships is what I'm driven consciously to learn (Personality Moon in 61.3 Interdependence)
Not-Self generosity: Trying to provide answers to other people's questions without being invited first
BG5 Signpost: Losing Focus
If it were completely open: Not knowing what is interesting

Ajna Center: Conceptualization

Not-Self Themes: Pretending that I am mentally certain
I recognized early on that my completely open Ajna simply can't get enough of the concepts in Human Design. Is this something that works, that I can finally be confident about? Through my experimentation and repeated feedback over the years from others; so far, so good.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things like taking in other's concepts in conversation and pretending to be confident about what's going on without first being positive that I am and that the concepts are right for me.
BG5 Signpost: Conceptually defensive
My Signpost as it is completely open: Not knowing what to think

Heart Center: Willpower

Not-Self Themes: Trying to prove/improve myself
I recognize that my undefined ego dances between wanting to be in control and feeling out of control. I tend towards withdrawing from the material path (Personality Venus in 21.3 Powerlessness) with a lifelong habit of endless education, because I love to learn new things as someone born in the Quarter of Initiation, with my purpose fulfilled through Mind. I walk a fine line here, though, because that little center longs for continuous self-improvement and loves certifications that show I've accomplished something that proves my value.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things for others just to prove something I think I want to be (a good person, smart enough, and worthy, for example).
BG5 Signpost: Overcompensating
If it were completely open: Not knowing what is worthy

Sacral Center: Power of Fertility

Not-Self Theme: Not knowing when enough is enough
I recognize that my undefined sacral center is a HUGE source of conditioning and Not-Self generosity. With eight dormant potentials, this has been one of my hardest challenges. Thankfully, I can say I'm getting over the workaholic addiction, not thanks to my mind, though. My body got to the point where it no longer tolerated overwork. No longer can I push through the fatigue or pain of overworking myself, no matter what my mind wants to prove. This body does not want to sit at the computer for hours on end anymore! It won't.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things (work/sex/play) without boundaries around my time and without honoring my body's fatigue levels
BG5 Signpost: Over-Zealousness
If it were completely open: Not knowing what to use energy for

Splenic Center: Body Consciousness

Not-Self Theme: Holding on to what isn't good for me
I recognize my mind rigidly holds on to people, places, and things long after they are no longer right for me. Knowing who/where/what is healthy for me and worth holding on to is something I'm here to learn to be wise about.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things that help me hold on to who/where/what, even when it is time to let go of them because they no longer serve my highest good.
BG5 Signpost: Lack of flexibility
If it were completely open: Not knowing what to fear

Occupied with questions that don't matter
I recognized that discovering inner truth and what is truly inspiring through collaboration with others in relationships is what I'm driven consciously to learn (Personality Moon in 61.3 Interdependence)
Not-Self generosity: Trying to provide answers to other people's questions without being invited first
BG5 Signpost: Losing Focus
If it were completely open: Not knowing what is interesting

Ajna Center: Conceptualization

Not-Self Themes: Pretending that I am mentally certain
I recognized early on that my completely open Ajna simply can't get enough of the concepts in Human Design. Is this something that works, that I can finally be confident about? Through my experimentation and repeated feedback over the years from others; so far, so good.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things like taking in other's concepts in conversation and pretending to be confident about what's going on without first being positive that I am and that the concepts are right for me.
BG5 Signpost: Conceptually defensive
My Signpost as it is completely open: Not knowing what to think

Heart Center: Willpower

Not-Self Themes: Trying to prove/improve myself
I recognize that my undefined ego dances between wanting to be in control and feeling out of control. I tend towards withdrawing from the material path (Personality Venus in 21.3 Powerlessness) with a lifelong habit of endless education, because I love to learn new things as someone born in the Quarter of Initiation, with my purpose fulfilled through Mind. I walk a fine line here, though, because that little center longs for continuous self-improvement and loves certifications that show I've accomplished something that proves my value.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things for others just to prove something I think I want to be (a good person, smart enough, and worthy, for example).
BG5 Signpost: Overcompensating
If it were completely open: Not knowing what is worthy

Sacral Center: Power of Fertility

Not-Self Theme: Not knowing when enough is enough
I recognize that my undefined sacral center is a HUGE source of conditioning and Not-Self generosity. With eight dormant potentials, this has been one of my hardest challenges. Thankfully, I can say I'm getting over the workaholic addiction, not thanks to my mind, though. My body got to the point where it no longer tolerated overwork. No longer can I push through the fatigue or pain of overworking myself, no matter what my mind wants to prove. This body does not want to sit at the computer for hours on end anymore! It won't.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things (work/sex/play) without boundaries around my time and without honoring my body's fatigue levels
BG5 Signpost: Over-Zealousness
If it were completely open: Not knowing what to use energy for

Splenic Center: Body Consciousness

Not-Self Theme: Holding on to what isn't good for me
I recognize my mind rigidly holds on to people, places, and things long after they are no longer right for me. Knowing who/where/what is healthy for me and worth holding on to is something I'm here to learn to be wise about.
Not-Self generosity: Doing things that help me hold on to who/where/what, even when it is time to let go of them because they no longer serve my highest good.
BG5 Signpost: Lack of flexibility
If it were completely open: Not knowing what to fear

Here are the other Centers:

Throat Center: Communication and Manifestation

Not-Self Theme: Trying to attract attention
Not-Self generosity: Doing things to communicate or manifest
BG5 Signpost: Trying to be the Star
If it's completely open: Not knowing what to say

G Center: Love, Identity and Direction

Not-Self Theme: Trying to find direction and love
Not-Self generosity: Doing things in alignment with others' direction or for their love
BG5 Signpost: Role confusion/Lack of direction
If it's completely open: Not knowing what to be

Solar Plexus Center: Emotional / Spirit Consciousness

Not-Self Theme: Avoiding confrontation and truth
Not-Self generosity: Playing nice (and not standing up for your truth when it's time to do so as not to disturb others)
BG5 Signpost: Touchy and nervous
If it's completely open: Not knowing what to feel

Root Center: Physical Adrenalized Pressure

Not-Self Theme: Always in a hurry to be free of the pressure
Not-Self generosity: Getting things done super fast though it may be stressful for you and others around you
BG5 Signpost: In too much of a hurry
If it's completely open: Not knowing when to hurry

In a split definition (two areas of colored in Centers disconnected from each other) like mine, the Not-Self strategies have a focus in the bridging areas between my two areas of Definition. In my case, the channel of Transitoriness (Gates 36-35) or being a "Jack of all Trades" is one way I have been keen on bringing my Definitions together. Now through my Human Design education and BG5 courses, I know I'm here to be a specialist at advising others, rather than being the one to do everything myself and try to be available for all things and all people.

Those whispers of the Not-Self mind that are always wondering and worrying are now drowned out by the clarity of my emotions. No matter how loud my mind gets inside, I know to wait for the invitation and to move forward when I feel clarity. And I know that even if things appear to go "wrong" or I've made a mistake, I've gained valuable experience that brings wisdom to my process and for others to draw from.

Nowadays the Not-Self machinations of my mind are sometimes quite funny, and they are easier to recognize with detachment and not act on. I know I'm helpless to go through the Deconditioning process just like everyone else.

My mind became obsessed with looking at and trying to figure out other people through this new Human Design lens right away, and years later I still feel awe knowing how much more there is to know. I know it's not about taking more and more classes—which I still can't get enough of yet! It's about putting that knowledge into practice, taking it to the streets, where the rubber meets the road, and using it—not only in my life but other people's lives as well.

Hopefully, me sharing my story with these centers can help empower you in your own experiment. How do we end the suffering caused by Not-Self generosity? Through practicing with our Strategy and Authority in decision-making. I hope your experiment is helping bring your shadows to light so that you can find the wisdom potential. I hope that you find the freedom from suffering because of the Not-Self. Thank goodness for Strategy and Authority to help guide our decisions!

by Andrea Abay-Abay

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Five Important Reasons to Take Live Online Human Design Classes Now


Five Important Reasons to Take Live Online Human Design Classes Now

How many times have you bought a book and not finished it? I know you are busy. Life gets in the way of your best intentions, and learning is rarely a priority on your to-do list when there’s so much else pulling at you.

At Human Design Life, we use a better format for learning than buying a book that collects dust on the shelf, or even those large educational sites like Udemy and Lynda.  Our live online courses are interactive yet recorded just in case, with a group forum for participation during and after your experience. Would you like to schedule in your personal self-improvement efforts and be supported in your commitment to an inspirational education that can help you grow?

Here are the practical reasons you'll want to take Live Human Design Courses:

  • You're statistically about 75% more likely to finish your course.
  • You're going to have the support of meeting other people in Human Design.
  • You're going to be able to participate live and get your questions answered as they come up, thereby learning better from the interactive experience.
  • You're going to pay a lot less than what you would if you were taking it privately, and the live interaction enriches the group experience.

Live classes such as Living Your Design and Rave ABC's count towards higher level certifications if it’s right for you to answer the call to become a Human Design Professional.

I’ve been teaching the first official step in the Human Design System educational curriculum, "Living Your Design," for over two years now with more than fifty participants. These live online courses have had near 90% completion rates. Between 50-60% attended every single live class; the rest watched recordings (due to time zone differences, travel and work schedules, etc.). We have a private Facebook group to connect and share before, during and after classes.

I don’t know many online teachers who offer live webcams during their classes. Living Your Design is different and requires personalized experiences provided by live interaction. I’m committed to offering this class live in person or online. (If you're ever in Mount Shasta and want a reading or private class, feel free to send me your design ahead of time and invite me to meet up with you.)

Online, I give you the option of both live webcam or just audio in addition to chat - because the two LYD classes I did without video, although great, did not feel as engaged or profound as all the other classes I did with video as an option.

I now use a special internet webinar software that has the least amount of lag (this is not Google-Hangouts!), and all classes are automatically recorded in case you want to review them again later. Feeling shy and don't want to be on camera or audio? No worries, there's live chat as well. Plus you get pdf downloads of the slides we use in class.

If finances are an issue, compared to the prices of one-on-one,  you can’t beat live classroom interaction with real-time Q&A. It's like getting a Human Design Chart reading spread out over two months. I do live screen sharing of interactive Human Design bodygraphs on the fly. Looking at each other's charts in this way helps us all learn, and it’s great fun too!

Would you like to join any upcoming courses I'm conducting by request for Spring 2017? Here are the available courses:

Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation

Take the first step in your official Human Design Educational Journey

Take the first step in your official Human Design Educational Journey

Description: The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational awakening opportunity that can change your life if you decide to enter the Human Design experiment. Open to anyone without prerequisites; this workshop teaches the essential foundations of Human Design. 

The Human Design System empowers you to know yourself. Take this opportunity to discover and live according to your authentic self. Do you know how to make choices you trust? Where you get thrown off-track? Do you know how to recognize what is correct for you? The information and exercises in this program delivered weekly over two months are designed to shatter the suffering of who you think you are and help you get aligned with your core essence. 

The Living Your Design Awakening Program can be of tremendous benefit in deepening your understanding of your Strategy and Authority and the pain of the conditioning you have experienced. It can assist you with your personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to “live your design.” This Living Your Design course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Although a Human Design reading is not required, it is encouraged before or during this program. 

Living Your Design Awakening Program Content:

  • What Human Design is & Why to Experiment
  • The 9 Centers, How they Function and signposts of Alignment or not
  • The Aura Types, Strategies, and Inter-Type interaction
  • How Authority is activated and followed in correct decision-making

PreRequisites: None

Required Materials: Living Your Design Manual
Recommended: Human Design Overview or Foundation Reading

Next Group is forming for eight consecutive Saturdays at 10 am Pacific. Sign-Up Now!

Official Human Design Training: Rave ABC's

New class forming now!

New class forming now!

Although it may be enough for you to go through the experience of the Living Your Design Awakening program, for some people it is just the beginning. Many students who are passionate about learning more about themselves find the Human Design System provides accurate answers. Whether you want to become a certified professional or simply more informed in using this system for yourself, the Rave ABC's course is the next step. 

Rave ABC’s is the first level of the IHDS professional and general educational tracks. This course is designed to satisfy your curiosity about the basics revealed in a bodygraph. It also provides the required educational foundation for your development as a skilled analyst, Living Your Design Guide, and the many other possible avenues you can explore beyond.

In the Rave ABC's we will discuss more of the origins of Human Design. We'll also delve deeper into the fundamental components that make up the profound synthesis known as the Human Design System. Rave ABC's is designed to show how all these pieces fit together to form the bodygraph and help you begin the process of learning how to analyze a chart.

Official Human Design Training: Rave ABC's Content:

  • Black – Red, Personality and Design
  • Circuits and Circuitry
  • Hexagram Structure


Human Design Foundation Reading
Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation

Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition

How You're Designed To Love and Be Love

If you are familiar with your design (you've been studying and experimenting, have a foundation reading and taken any or all of the foundation classes) and are still confused about understanding relationships, this is for you. Get ready to learn how you are designed to experience love and make decisions you trust when it comes to your romantic relationships.

I'm a split definition Projector. As a basic split Emotional Advisor, I'm designed to be an excellent guide and teach others what it takes to be in a relationship because I have experienced many of the mistakes in a relationship yet have a genetic imperative to work things out. Using the power of the Human Design System helps you discover the gift of acceptance and fulfillment in your romantic relationships.

Would you like to:

  • Learn about how the different definitions are designed to relate to each other?
  • Discover your "Love Gates" - find out how you are designed to be "turned on" when it comes to love relationships?
  • Understand where you are open to amplifying the love gates?
  • Recognize how you can get pulled away from the kind of love that is authentic and correct for you to experience?

A free introductory webinar is scheduled for February 14th at 12 pm Pacific.

When you commit to classes that take place consistently on a certain day and time, and there’s community, live interaction and Q&A about your real-world issues, you are far more likely to show up. The group participation and feeling of camaraderie means you will not only schedule the time for learning; but you will also participate when it's right for you, and get a whole lot more out of the experience. 

If you do want to learn something new and have it make the biggest impact in your life, live courses are the way to go. Ready to join us?


Happy Human Design Rave New Year!

Gate 41 "Contraction" the Gate of Decrease Line 1 "Reasonableness"

Happy Rave New Year!

Last Moments of the 2016 Rave Year! What would you like to share with the Human Design Community about this past day with the Sun in Gate 60, line 6... or the past year in general? Let's ring in the 2017 Rave New Year together and explore the new Jovian Archive site!

Posted by Andréa Abay-Abay on Saturday, January 21, 2017

How To Best Use Your Energy To Make Money AND Do What You Love!

Dear Human Design Friends,

Are you busy next week Tuesday?

Better question: what've you got planned next week to level up your profit potential... to build a work life worth living...and to get the fulfillment that gives you that amazing feeling of SUCCESS?

I ask because there's this very cool BG5 workshop happening on January 24th, 2017.

It's called:

“How To Best Use Your Energy To Make Money AND Do What You Love!"

And my colleague Karen Sherwood is hosting it.

Karen is the BG5 program director and teacher at the BG5 Business Institute.

She's got a solid foundation in the world of BG5 + knows the art of career consulting like the back of her hand.

And she's learned it all from a lot of studying, testing, trying, re-testing, and perfecting.

I want to point this out to you for this reason:

If you're NEW to BG5 (the career and business application of the Human Design System) can feel overwhelming to start, especially from the Career standpoint.

BG5 is very powerful.

The world of business can very competitive.

And you've got to get the basics of your design down if you want to see results.

Which is why Karen and I are offering this high action LIVE BG5 workshop next week.

So - if you find yourself feeling lost and not sure how to start on the path to success - join us.

It's 100% free.

It's 100% online.

And it's 100% actionable! No esoteric mumbo jumbo. Karen and I are ready to get you started with the right BG5 tools AND resources to rock your career design strategy.

Would you like to make next week an incredibly productive one for your career direction and business profitability?

Join us for a crash course in BG5 Foundations and how this knowledge can improve your life.

Hope to see you there!

Andréa Abay-Abay
BG5 Career & Business Consultant Human Design Analyst Living Your Design Guide

Improve Your Career with a FREE BG5 Consultation

Improve Your Career with a FREE BG5 Consultation

BG5 Certification Announcement by Andrea Abay-Abay

The BG5™ Business Institute’s mission is to train BG5™ Career & Business Consultants and Coaches to empower our individual clients to clearly identify their talents, skills and creativity, so that they know how best to foster their unique contribution to the world around them.

When you get a clear grasp of... 

  • your unique gifts, 
  • your ideal work environment, 
  • how to interact harmoniously and productively with those around you,
  • what work you aren’t suited for so that you can stop wasting your energy and time,

...then you can thrive in the business world.

Are you ready to enjoy a work life that is in resonance with your personal life and highest purpose? As a BG5™ Career & Business Consultant and Coach, I'm now trained to help you:

  • Provide a stable, productive and harmonious environment for your employees.
  • Recognize the unique gifts of each employee and how to best manage them for the highest levels of engagement and productivity.
  • Strategically acquire new talent and build teams according to everyone’s dependable skills and interaction style with other employees.
  • See how to design work environments that maximize the contributions of each member to the greater whole.
  • Know how to lead and delegate tasks in a way that fosters success in reaching your business’s goals.
Proud Member of the EPIC Alliance • Enrichment • Program for • International • Consultants We BG5 Consultants are aligned with our mission to empower our clients with a career and business they love. We connect regularly to collaborate as well as be empowered and supported in sharing experiences, building our consulting business and deepening our BG5 knowledge.

Proud Member of the EPIC Alliance

• Enrichment

• Program for

• International

• Consultants

We BG5 Consultants are aligned with our mission to empower our clients with a career and business they love. We connect regularly to collaborate as well as be empowered and supported in sharing experiences, building our consulting business and deepening our BG5 knowledge.

I know I can contribute to your business success by helping you understand your leadership blueprint that unlocks your specific gifts and shows you how to capitalize on your wisdom potential. Are you ready to get started on your path to fulfillment?

I completed my Human Design and BG5 Analyst Training last month and am now a Certified BG5 Career and Business Consultant. I can assist you in times of change and transformation, collaborating with you on your career and business to help you win at the game of life. I’m driven to help you improve your ability to know your true strengths, talents and gifts. 

Each of us has a unique part to play in the lives of those who seek our guidance. We can help them achieve success if we trust our decision-making strategy to discern when to share our gifts with those who are ready to receive them.

Your path to discovery of how you make decisions you can trust, how you fit into the work-world, your strengths, shadows and more can begin when you purchase a $10 BG5 Career Map. Your map is further detailed in automated career reports and in my BG5 Career Consultations, where I synthesize this information and collaborate with you to put your success codes into the context of your current age and situation.

Want to know your Successful Personal Operating Style?

In a one-hour BG5 Career Strategy Session, I consult with my clients using a customized presentation of their Human Design chart analyzed from a business perspective. Would you like to dive into the details of how you are designed to be materially successful?

We will cover your:

When You Join a 10-week Live BG5 Foundations Course here.

When You Join a 10-week Live BG5 Foundations Course here.

1. Career Type—How do you know when you’re on-track or off track in bringing your gifts to the world?

2. Personal Interaction Style—What is your best way to effectively interact with others?

3. Decision-Making Process—How do you make decisions you trust?

4. Information Assimilation—How are you designed to process information?  

5. Nine Functions—What energies and qualities are you transmitting to others in a dependable, reliable way?

6. Personal Shadows and Distractions—Where can you get caught up in fear, pain or suffering that causes you to make bad work choices?

How BG5 has transformed my life

Before I got involved with Human Design and particularly BG5, my self-esteem was low because of continual errors in judgment of people and situations and from business failures. I compromised myself continually by thinking I wasn’t good enough to “make it” like others could, unable to build a business or manifest my dreams without entering a  cycle of continual burn-out and exhaustion that led to bitterness, resentment and depression. 

I'll be joining Karen again as a Teacher's assistant next week, would you like to join me?

I'll be joining Karen again as a Teacher's assistant next week, would you like to join me?

Until taking the BG5 Certification Course, I had spent most of my life berating myself for not being able to do everything on my own, be consistent, keep track of my accounting and do other things I thought it took to be successful.

What a relief it’s been to let go of all the “shoulds” that conditioned my perception of what I thought my life was supposed to look like. Allowing myself to make decisions according to my specific career design was the shift that took me from bitterly complaining about my lot to now feeling seen, appreciated, valued and successful. 

I had to learn to restrain my mind’s over-eagerness to prove my worthiness. I learned to be more patient and use my emotions as a gauge for navigating big decisions rather than trying to be spontaneous. I began to collaborate for support instead of trying to do everything myself, and I learned to delegate more, outsourcing tasks that are not my part of my business attributes. I learned that I must be in control of my own material way: namely, what/how/when/and with whom I work.  

I feel wonderful every time I help a client come to an empowered realization about themselves, which happens any time we a session.

I feel honored by my clients, students and fellow team-members as I’ve been more successful through collaboration than I ever was working alone. And since I began working in partnership and virtual teams more often than alone—as is correct for my design—I‘ve experienced the kind of financial success I had when I worked in a small team as a Real Estate Broker over 10 years ago.   

Imagine Discovering Your Life Purpose

I have guided, coached and consulted for all types over the years, but I mostly focus on serving my fellow Human Design Projector/Advisor Type. Many Advisors who have hired me own and operate service-related businesses:  small businesses like acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, massage, writing, social media, business consultant and coaching practices of all kinds. Initially many Advisors are confused about the classic challenges our Career Type deals with. These issues typically revolve around how to succeed in a world that values action over awareness, and hard work over contemplation.

If I could paint the general picture of the challenges and pain I and many of my clients initially faced, it would be that we didn’t feel valued or appreciated for what we saw and tried to offer the world, and felt out of place with what most of the world is about. Nearly 80% of people are here to build and generate, innovate and initiate. We Advisors, on the other hand, are here to recognize how to guide others’ endeavors and facilitate their efficiency for greater success.

The BG5 Foundations Course:
Your Personal Operating Style

Last year I was Karen Sherwood’s (BG5 Faculty Member and a BG5™ Program Consultant for the BG5 Business Institute) teacher’s assistant for the BG5 Foundations Courses, as well as for the Consultant Course that covers how to perform these BG5 Career Overviews.  I am now taking the Rave ABC’s Human Design Teacher Trainer course and accepted an invitation to mentor during the upcoming BG5 Foundations class to learn to become an Assistant Teacher. For this reason, I am inviting you to consider joining me on this new teaching adventure with a great incentive.

As an Advisor, I Am Here to Guide You to Success.
Are You Ready?

You're invited to Join Me on the BG5 Business Community

You're invited to Join Me on the BG5 Business Community

I am Designed to Collaborate With You To Facilitate Your Success

Get a Free BG5 Session with me when you click this link to register for this course. See you there!

Get a Free BG5 Session with me when you click this link to register for this course. See you there!

  • Ideally One-On-One
  • In Small Groups virtually or for short periods of time

So here’s my offer to you do both with you for the next 10 weeks: the first five people to sign up for the BG5 Foundations Course through the link below can get a FREE BG5 Career Overview Consultation on your first six Success Codes along with your Map of all 16 Success codes, total value of $160.

Sign up here now and let’s get you on the path to a more materially rewarding and fulfilling career!


How Hillary Clinton Can Avoid Anger & Frustration

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Foundation Reading. Photo of Hillary by Gauge Skidmore

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Foundation Reading. Photo of Hillary by Gauge Skidmore

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Reading

If I was invited to advise Hillary Clinton on how to make decisions she trusts to avoid frustration and anger, this is what I would tell her... (provided this is her correct birth time 8:02am according to This was my submission for my Professional Human Design Analyst Certification Exam. You may listen to the audio recording on my Soundcloud channel, and add Hillary Clinton's Human Design chart to your Mybodygraph library. 

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Foundation Analysis Introduction

Hi Hillary, here is your Human Design Chart. See the outline of the person? This BodyGraph is a visual representation of the energies that are unique to you. How about we start with a little tour to show you around and introduce you to some basic terms, then we’ll dive into the details, okay?

Hillary Clinton's Human Design

Hillary Clinton's Human Design

First, do you see how there are geometric shapes in the bodygraph that are colored in, while others aren’t? These nine shapes are called Centers. The Centers are energy and information hubs. Each have a unique, consistent functioning when colored in, or an inconsistent, flexible functioning when they are not. The four colored Centers are where you are energetically broadcasting who you are; this shows us your authentic, true nature. These Centers operate in a highly specific manner within you. Here are your reliable functions: 

  • the way you Respond to how life asks you to Act and Communicate
  • the way you Conceptualize and express your knowing
  • your Identity or the way you show up to others, particularly as a leader

Now see the lines connecting the shapes together? These are called Channels, they define your strengths and functions; what you transmit to the other. And on either end of the Channels, see the numbers in the Centers? Those numbers label the Gates; they give us the characteristics of your functions. When activated on either end of the Channel by a planet, the Gates get colored in and are what energize the Channel to create a consistent Life Force in you. Channels show us your strengths in life, the thematics of what you can depend on to be authentic to you.

We call the colored in Channels, Centers, and Gates connected to them your Definition. These colored in areas define your true nature - who you are for yourself, and how you are here to be self-empowered. Your Definition shows how you can rely on yourself to make the right choices at the right time, to lead you to satisfy your personal destiny fulfillment.

I’d like to show you where we get those calculations that create your Definition in your BodyGraph, ok? See planetary symbols and their numerical Gate activations here on either side? These show us how you have been imprinted to create your Human Design Bodygraph. From these calculations, your energetic “circuit board” creates this map of your genetic imprinting. We’re deciphering the map to show how you’re here to decide for and be yourself. I’ll integrate these details in context later.

Now, do you see the calculations to the right in black? These black activations represent thematics about you that you think you are. Here is your Conscious Personality, or what you think of as the determination of who you are. These calculations are based on the position of the planets at the exact moment of your birth. You are going to identify with these aspects of you in our investigation of your Human Design. My description of these themes that are defined will confirm what you always knew to be true about yourself.

Now, see the left side of your graph here? The red calculations were an unconscious imprint of your body in utero approximately three months before you were born. These calculations show the consistent energy of your Unconscious Design, your genetic inheritance. Red like blood, imagine they are like tunnels under the surface of your mental awareness. The red represents energetic qualities that are consistent and reliable in your body. Others tend to notice it about you while you don’t-unless it’s pointed out to you.

Sometimes the same Gates or Channels can be both conscious and unconscious like they are here. You can see that both Gates 12 (Caution) and 34 (Power) show up in your chart as red and black. That means these activated characteristics have both a conscious and an unconscious component to them.

Each Planet imprints the Gates for expression in one of six possible line values, and one or two sides of the same line. These lines have different qualities depending on the planet which activates it combined with the rest of the imprinting in your design. Lines show nuances about you that I’ll weave into your chart reading.

Your Type, Strategy, Authority and Definition

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Analysis

See that red square at the bottom of the chart, your Sacral Center? Notice how it’s connected directly to the brown square of the Throat Center? This Channel of Charisma (34-20) is what creates your Life Force energy, your Aura Type of a Manifesting Generator. Your dynamic presence is open and enveloping, always responding to life. Have you ever noticed how quickly your body reacts with a movement towards or away from things when offered to you, without you having even to think about it? Your response could also show up as an at the moment, articulated response to what you have energy for that just springs to your lips in the form of a yes, no or I don’t know. When this gut response arises without thought, that’s your truth.

Availability is how your Sacral Center is designed to be responsive to and generate life. When asked, your official answer comes from your body’s availability to engage with the people, situations, and experiences that are drawn to you. Whether it’s a seemingly involuntary movement, a noncommittal articulation, or immediate positive or negative reaction... when you’re asked, your body’s response brooks no argument. Your existential response is your truth; it how you are designed to make the right choice at the right time. Your strategy of waiting to see how your body responds to what life asks of you brings you excellent opportunities to act on. Your “gut” - this powerful energy resource - gets you to the bottom of what brings you discoveries of who you are for yourself.

Not only does this Sacral Center define you as a Manifesting Generator Type, but it also sets your decision-making strategy of Waiting to Respond. Making decisions according to your body’s response brings satisfaction of a job well-done. By waiting to respond (instead of initiating from what your brilliant mind thinks you “should” do) you avoid frustration, feeling stuck and quitting. When in alignment with your true nature, you can build a sound foundation around doing what you love with your energy. It's essential that you love what you do in life. Through using your powerful energy resource to experiment with responding to life, you can discover how you are here to experience being an influential, insightful democratic leader who can get things done efficiently.

Your Sacral Center is your personal Authority, telling you what you have the available energy to start and follow through to completion. This definition points to the fact that you have the power to both generate and manifest correctly in response, which can lead you to embrace satisfying purposeful life experiences. Your Authority responds to being asked. This Sacral Authority is a powerful motor; a mechanism which can be trusted to guide your actions. You can experience personal alignment with a life of purpose if you honor your responses and follow them. Resistance in the form of anger, feeling stuck or quitting out of sheer frustration is the signpost of wrong decisions. These show you something is “off.”

Photo by Guage Skidmore

Photo by Guage Skidmore

Remember to go with your gut response to what life asks of you, not what your mind says you should do. It is healthy for you to maintain daily patterns, life rituals that you enjoy, and you tend to vacillate between being able to stick to them or not. Don’t let others pull you out of your habits unless you are following your gut’s say-so. You can experiment with observing what happens when you try to push against the flow of your energetics, which are powerfully defined to attract and respond in the now. You are deigned to be selfish in your expression of nurturing—this may show up as feeling envious of others. You may have tried to build bonds and manifest based on what your conditioned mind thinks you should do—frustration and anger are red flags that you’re off-track and that you need to wait to be asked and trust your gut response. It can be helpful for you to have an honest, trusted advisor know how to help you investigate the tough life decisions you face. A laser focused question asked of you in a yes/no format is more efficient than open-ended or choice-based questions.

Let’s go back to the Channel of Charisma, which gives us your energetic Type and Authority. When you respond to what life asks of you, you generate a potentially manifesting force that self-empowers you. This empowerment to be yourself can align you with your often unexpected purpose which builds a meaningful life for you. You love getting down to the details, getting things done without delay and can be quite unstoppable. You are highly efficient and charismatic when you’re busy doing what you love! Do you recognize that being able to “just get things done,” even skipping steps to do so, is a strength? With this channel as your nodal environment, your body has experienced a solid foundation of the risks of what it takes to be this quick to put your power into action. In the first 39 years of your life, you may have been sensitive to seeing a lot of bullying happening. In moments of sheer anger and frustration, you may even resort to indiscriminate displays of power.  What have you learned about power in relation to the greater good?  

Photo by Lorie Shaul

Photo by Lorie Shaul

""If you see bigotry oppose it. If you see violence condemn it. If you see a bully, stand up to him." Hillary Clinton, AIPAC on March 20, 2016

Would you like to see how you are designed to be a successful leader others can recognize by electing to follow?

This, here, is the Channel of the Alpha (7-31) which defines your Identity and how you are here to communicate and act. Your Alpha strength connected to your other two channels gives you the potential for a forward-thinking style of powerful, efficient leadership. This Jeffersonian style of direction is based on determined experimentation to establish and validate which plans are for the greater good. You're able to explain to us how to get to a more secure future when you respond to the invitation to do so.

In these situations you’ve responded yourself into, you have the ability to wield influence and be a resilient administrator. In small groups, this determined logical recognition of where your leadership needs to take the team for everyone's benefit is your strength. Your adaptable and efficient capacity to lead through selective association with the right people can have a widespread, revolutionary effect on society. Your energy dynamics here lean towards authoritarianism; psychologically, you are a natural Democratic planner. You are someone who has the unconscious, expansive quality of attracting society with your creative self-expression. You have a need to work alone but often abandon aloneness to lead based on the recognition of trends and the needs of the people. Your body carries a need for creativity and your voice a quality of influence, but you must remember to wait to respond so your energy is available to earn trust and be recognized and elected by the majority. This decision-making process attuned to your response empowers you enter into situations where you can learn through the school of hard knocks what it takes to be identified as a successful leader. 

Wikipedia: Official State Senator Photo

Wikipedia: Official State Senator Photo

Your Channel of Structuring (43-23) brings the awareness of recognizing Insights and the ability to Communicate the concepts you Know when invited. This energy operates in a pulse, where the knowing is not always there but then suddenly, there’s a breakthrough, and you just know. When people invite you to speak, and you do through your sacral response, your way of communicating unique concepts and explaining yourself can sometimes express as keen insight. If you try to define your acumens when you haven't been asked, others may dismiss your knowing and their condemnation can cause you question your insight. Wrong timing can have your ideas ignored and leave you feeling misunderstood, though when you respond with your certainty, you can withstand the condemnation of others dismissing your answer as odd or strange. You may get moody and think “why should I bother explaining?’ as people may not get your brilliance. But when you’re recognized and invited to share your insight, and you respond to being asked, you communicate to establish a new order with expediency as a role model genius.

You're drawn to recognize people who are role models of knowing insights, with this channel defined as your nodal environment. Your purpose can be fulfilled in this setting. You are attuned to see the potential in spontaneous breakthroughs which, with correct timing and through response, can be expressed as unique answers to make things more efficient. Your strength is to explore what is unknown, then suddenly recognize and conceptualize real knowing for others. At times, insights you are attuned to can empower others, appearing to be light years ahead of the game. You can evolve over time to develop a proficiency for how to explain things clearly to be an effective communicator and achieve success. Relax and let go of any mental pressure or anxiety to know, allowing your mind to take it’s time think about all the details and reach certainty in answers you and others can trust.

Determined influence is the core essence of your body's power. Your influence manifests when you respond to produce an environment of synthesis and teamwork. When the opportunity arises to share lessons of the past, you may find you use calculated caution and superficial slogans comprised of values you share with your network have an impact on those gathered. When necessary, retreat with dignity or you may have an inability to “let go” and achieve restoration and renewal in those inevitable times of withdrawal. Your powerful influence has a transformational effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. Rather, it has a natural impact when others invite your voice of knowing and ability to recognize and project logical plans that are of mutual interest to successfully shift other’s mindsets. When asked and you respond with a clear explanation of why a course of action is essential for the other’s success and your own, you establish yourself as a thought leader. You gain influence through selectivity and being thoroughly prepared through knowing what details are crucial to establish your solid foundation in clarity of purpose. You energetically transmit to the other that you are a leader who knows how to be adaptable and resilient in your administrative capacity.


The Potential for Wisdom & Shadows that Condition You

Hillary Clinton's Openness

Now let’s shift gears to focus on the shadows that can throw you off balance, okay? Do you see all these areas that are white in your bodygraph? All these uncolored Gates, Channels, and Centers are Undefined.  What this means is that in those white areas you have a more flexible nature. There’s not a fixed, consistent energy present. Think of these open areas as receptive - the Open Centers are amplifiers of energy. Here is where you are open to experience the energies around you and where you are receiving what other people are broadcasting.

As you can see here, you’re here to develop wisdom about five different key areas of life - Mental & Physical Pressure, Survival and Emotional Intelligence, and Willpower. When you are with someone who has something defined where you are open, you can take in and amplify their defined energy. The undefined areas are places where you, the student, goes to school in life to learn. The openness is where you are here to develop wisdom in this lifetime.

Let’s begin with your Root Center. You can see that this openness provides you with opportunities to take in the physical pressure of adrenalized drive and stamina. When it’s defined by the current positions of the planets or the person next to you, you develop the wisdom of how to manage the amplification of this vital energy. When you’re amplifying external energy here you may feel overly pressured to hurry up, find it hard to finish things or focus on one thing at a time, or one desire. Likely you find yourself talking about starting new things in an effort to avoid conflict but unconsciously provoking it (53.3). Can you remember that happening or relate to that? It’s what you are unconsciously, genetically predisposed to communicate about so you may not recognize it. This other characteristic of your Root Center is also unconscious, but it’s a part of how you’re here to learn. How you balance your unconscious core essence of influence and ground it for physical expression can show up as either the fuel for personal, material ambition, or the recognition of sharing resources collectively. You may experience a rich fantasy life filled with dreams of sharing new experiences that involve a wide range of desires including but not limited to sexual ones. Remembering to wait to respond to life will protect you from incorrectly initiating new experiences and guide you to the right dreams for you to learn from.

Your undefined Solar Plexus Center is where your emotional intelligence is programmed to be consciously driven by getting to the bottom of what it means to share the experience of Crisis. This is the Crisis of inexperience, of insecurity in the face of change and can sometimes express as a resistance to change. You are very sensitive to the state of other people’s emotions and may at times feel touchy and nervous or even avoid confrontation and truth to not rock the boat and disturb the peace. You may have noticed that your emotions come and go in a rather inconsistent way. Can you relate to these descriptions of your moods and feelings? You are here to gain wisdom about what it takes to penetrate down to the core of a new experience and handle the collective insecurity of the shared crisis—and when this possibility arises you can share the emotional power to handle it, or not, which may lead to anger and frustration. Following your gut response leads you to engage in the right crisis at the right time, to be self-empowered to discover and experience the satisfaction of expressing your unique knowing and your logical leadership.

Your open Heart Center does not know what or who is worthy of engaging with in life, but it may tell you that you need to endlessly prove yourself and improve upon yourself. Have you learned to overcompensate by promising too much? It’s a slippery slope here with an open Heart because you can fall into the trap of letting your conditioning of over-promising and not being able to live up to those promises damaging your ego or developing physical heart or possibly stomach issues like ulcers in the process. You are attracted to others that have the capacity to take control or be in control, but your mind may tell you it’s best for you to be in control. Your past conditioning may lead you to think this is important to keep others from interfering. When you respond with your authentic life-force energy you find the right people who can maintain control of important situations. You personally have nothing to prove in this lifetime, though your mind thinks it’s imperative to endlessly improve/prove yourself. It’s impossible to measure your worth because an infinite cannot be measured. You’re worthy because you are alive, and because of your uniqueness. You’re here to gain the wisdom of recognizing who can correctly make and keep their promises. Following your Sacral Authority empowers you to feel the satisfaction of knowing your infinite worth.

Your undefined Splenic Center is the source of your survival intelligence, and you are very attuned to the state of your health and well-being. You may find yourself rigid and inflexible when it comes to preparations that you know must be made, solutions you confidently recognize as the logical one to share, and challenging authority to uphold fundamental human rights. This dynamic can cause you to cling to things that aren’t in your best interests. Can I share with you how to avoid these pitfalls? Learn to loosen up and let go of anything and anyone that is no longer serving you, that you are not responding to. Do not attempt to quell your survival-based fears of inadequacy, authority or not fulfilling your purpose with action initiated from your mind. Instead, when you wait to respond to life, you get to see the magic of your personal power arise to recognize which problems are yours to find satisfaction through solving with the other.

You open Head Center is here to develop the wisdom of recognizing and thinking about what is truly inspiring. You may find yourself often amplifying the mental pressure from others and thinking about things that do not matter to you, or wonder if something that comes across your field of awareness is supposed to be interesting. Never make a mental decision based on this pressure of confusion about the past, doubts about the future or search for inner truth right now. Only your Sacral Authority’s voice of empowered presence can guide you moment by moment through its response to taking life as it comes.

In summary, the dilemma for you is that when deeply conditioned, your mind is driven to get to the bottom of finding your life purpose through starting new cycles of experiences which lead to crisis more often than not. Your mind’s reasonings are based on a dream that if only you could prove yourself, you could get rid of the pressure to constantly figure your life out with what you think and do, thereby ensuring security and survival for you and yours. Decisions made from these places can hold you back from true fulfillment.

Resolving the Dilemmas of the Openness

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Analysis

Photo by Mike Motzart

Photo by Mike Motzart

Remember that you cannot make decisions based on these factors I’ve mentioned in the openness. You have an available, reliable, responsive GPS that can guide you towards personal fulfillment unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of before. It takes a determination to experiment with operating from your in-the-moment gut response. Be wary of burning the candle at both ends to try and overcompensate and let yourself trust your body’s response to do what it loves doing. Let go of anything that doesn’t allow you to do what you love. Let go of the things you think internally about what you should do as a method of navigating through life. Ready to give this way of deciding a trial?

It may seem scary at first to let go of your mind’s scheming to get what you think you need from life to survive. There may be a lot of resistance and fear to taking this step of trusting something that you may not have felt you could trust to get you to where you need to be. You can trust your powerful, empowered gut knowing to guide you if you wait to allow yourself the chance to respond to life as it comes to you, rather than trying to push so hard for what you think you need from it. Timing is everything, and in correct timing, you can discover the right choices empower you to discover who you are and how to be empowered as yourself.


Your Profile Alignment with Purpose

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Foundation 

Now let’s give you some signposts of who you’re here to be, the costume of your purpose in this life. See how the Sun and Earth gate calculations have the same line number here on the right side, line 1? This shows us your conscious personality is that of an Investigator. It gives you an ability to know your place in the world, as an authority on what it means to live a life of unexpected purpose.

Consciously, you might have noticed that you have a tendency to study behavior, watching how other people act you learn what works and what doesn’t work so that you develop a knowing of your place and how to act in any situation. You are good at letting others see what you think they need to see from you. It’s part of what makes you such a strong authority, and it’s what gives you the ability to blend in when feeling weak or insecure. Your core essence speaks of a deep insecurity, maybe even a fear of not being able to fulfill your purpose in life before your time is up. That fear is there to help develop the wisdom of intuitive awareness and give your gut data on what is important for you to investigate. When you respond, you can get down to brass tacks with everything you care about, being deeply empathic and able to study and research to build a solid knowledge base. Once you’ve established a firm foundation around the meaning life holds for you beyond just survival, you can feel that fear of what death could take away from you loosen its hold on you and the insecurity eases.

Can you relate to what I’ve just shared about the role you play in life? We call this the conscious aspect of your Profile; it makes your mind fundamentally introspective. The costume that you wear in this life is that of an Investigative Martyr (1/3). You saw how the first number comes from the right-hand side of the chart. The second number, the three, comes from the left-hand side of the chart and is your unconscious role, that of a Martyr, someone who’s here to experientially discover what doesn’t work and is willing to stand up and take the heat in telling others to watch out. Remember you may not associate this part of you as you, but it is something that others recognize in you just as much as you recognized the conscious role you play.

Wikipedia: Official Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Photo

Wikipedia: Official Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Photo

Unconsciously, there is a tendency for you to bump into people, situations, and things—literally and figuratively—to discover through the school of hard knocks what doesn’t work. You enjoy meeting new people and making new bonds with others, breaking them just as quickly as you make them. Remember to discern at the invitation of life to make and break the bonds with people you encounter according to your gut to ensure you are suitably selective with who is right for you. You’re here to establish a transformative kind of leadership, as someone who can recognize a potential mutation in the patterns very quickly and revolutionize through breaking things down and rebuilding them better than before. As a key catalyst of change, when you respond to life’s invitation of your leadership and dreams for a better future, you can stand up to challenge what isn’t working and bring your tenacity to sustain us through the discovery process. Although you can sometimes come off as socially inept or pessimistic, that pessimism is there to protect you as you’re not here to take life at face value. You’re here to dig into the material plane and experiment with it. You have an innate resilience and adaptability which allows you to discover through the trial and error process the crucial life lessons you need to bring dreams into reality. Remember if you wait to respond from your gut you’ll enter into the right things to go wrong until the time is right for success, which brings you fulfillment and satisfaction of a job well-done.

As a 1/3 Profile you’re here to be an expert or specialist in your chosen field which involves a collective leadership role filled with authoritative purpose. Your life role gives you strength to prepare for the possibility of an unexpected situation where you are elected to be an adaptable and resilient leader. You are designed to be a “selfish” self-provider first, and this gives you a solid foundation from which to build your authority upon. You swing between allegiance and rejection to make and break bonds to find security through coming together with the other in partnership or dependency. When the connection isn’t working, or there’s a “miss-take,” learning from those mistakes and breaking the bond gives you a greater foundation in what does and doesn’t work. These experiences develop relationships that you need to ensure yours and humanity’s future. When you respond, you can stand up and be self-empowered so that when you are elected to a position of influence you can lead with authority. 

Final Words of Advice

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Analysis

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

We’ve covered a lot of foundational information about who you are and how you’re here to trust yourself to make decisions that align you with your highest purpose. Remember you are here to not only be self-empowered in building the bonds that can sustain your moving forward but that you have a role to play as a democratic administrator who can explain unique insights with efficiency when others recognize you for that trusted, logical leadership role. You are a strong individual with a tendency towards melancholy; honor the mood and respond with activity you are passionate about keeping busy with. Your purpose is best achieved through interacting with others according to how you respond to being asked, rather than trying to make anything happen without an external trigger to give your gut something to respond to. Your inner authority gives you the guidance you can depend on through all of life’s unexpected twists and turns. Waiting for that outward signal that gives your gut the pull towards or push away from any thing, person or situation activates your inner knowing. And without the waiting, you are wasting your power on situations that can bring deep frustration and a lack or loss of achieving your true, authentic purpose. Does this make sense?

Hillary, I hope you’ve enjoyed this reading of your Human Design Chart. Remember you are built perfectly for the life you were born for, and no one can live it but you.

I hope you have experienced the satisfaction of a life well-lived, and now you know how to avoid anger and frustration by making decisions you trust.

Andréa Abay-Abay,
Human Design System Analyst

Know Who You Are: Human Design Foundation Reading

Familiar with your design but want a solid Foundation of who you are here to be, how you can make decisions you trust and what your role is for others in this life? This is the place to get guidance on those questions you have about who your are and how to live your authentic truth.

Prepare for authentic alignment with yourself. Interested in Human Design and want to be more aware of who you are? Here's your chance to get a clear and profound introduction to how to make decisions correctly, the role you're here to play, an in depth look at your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, how to honor, respect and love yourself. Session is 120 minutes long, includes audio and video recording with full-color chart illustrations and a pdf of your design details as well as images. Follow up email support included, and free membership to a private Facebook group with regular study and support group webinars as well. 

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Barack Obama - our Projector President's Human Design

Has Barack Obama Unlocked His Career Success Code?

As you read this blog post, you'll get an overview of some key elements of our 44th President of the United States' Career Design. In this article, we’ll focus on highlighting six of Barack Obama’s critical business skills and what it means to his leadership style in teams and one-on-one. The system used to analyze his design is called BG5 (Base Group 5). BG5 is the Career and Business application of the Human Design System. You can get a free introduction to your career success design here.

Obama is designed to be a profoundly wise and trusted leader, a patient source of imagination, hope and advice, sharing the lessons of the past and grounded in supporting the needs of his people to creatively, naturally guide us to a new empowering future.

Obama is an Advisor Career Type, designed to guide others to success through a deep emotional intelligence that gives him strengths of imagination and recognition of feelings. All Projector/Advisors need to lead through a Chain of Command. Obama clearly cracked his Success Code on his Career Type!

The drive and stamina our American president has exhibited in the last eight years has been remarkable to witness. As always, the stress and long hours visibly took its toll on him.

Photo: Dan Winters

“Eight years ago, I said it was time to change the tone of our politics. In hindsight, I clearly should have been more specific.” — Barack Obama, during the entertaining White House Correspondents’ Dinner, April 30th, 2016

About BG5:

BG5 is about analyzing individual career designs and engineering small businesses (3-5 people, a "Penta"). OC16, on the other hand, represents organizing channels of 2 to 4 Pentas plus an Alpha Leader ("Wa" is the term for 10 to 16 people) and covers the hierarchy and roles people play in larger businesses.

Whether you are considering becoming—or are currently studying to be—a Human Design Professional or BG5 Career and Business Consultant, my advice as you read the following is to consider what you know of President Obama and see if you can recognize how his design points to his leadership style.  Has Barack Obama cracked his personal Success Code? What additional comments would you like to share?



Barack Obama is an Advisor career type, designed to guide others to success. Throughout his life, one strength has remained constant: his imagination shared through a profound recognition of feelings and a desire for new experiences.

Like the next President, Donald Trump, Obama also consistently produces emotional chemistry due to his Solar Plexus definition and is designed to be correctly motivated by Hope. However, they have very different leadership characteristics and qualities. In this BG5 Career and Business article, we'll introduce you to an overview of the BG5 analysis of the way President Obama leads according to his design.

Obama is designed to share the value of patience when it comes to guiding the hopes and dreams of others. His design requires that he apply correct timing for speaking or acting, waiting to be recognized and invited into endeavors and then entering only when he has emotional clarity. For Obama to generate or manifest without exhausting himself, it is best that he work in partnership, one-on-one to be the wise role model that other people recognize as a leader they can trust.

Obama's magnetic, refined presence is designed to attract recognition and invitation from others. When you're the sole focus of his attention, he can penetrate deeply into you energetically to sense who you are. As an Advisor, he is a natural-born leader who rose to influence through education and experience. Both are critical for this type to develop leadership skills over time. For Advisors, their knowledge and relationships are vital to their success and well-being.

Since Obama is emotionally defined, he can discern who is right for him only if he waits for others to recognize and invite his leadership, then trusts the emotional intelligence of his Solar Plexus to guide his words and actions through careful, patient observation.


  • Oversight

  • Vision

  • Implementation

  • Commitment

  • Reliability

  • Administration

"These are innate skills, which doesn’t mean he is automatically good at them – but they are easy for him to learn and develop." - Karen Sherwood, Teacher at the BG5 Business Institute



Barack's conscious, core essence lends him the management ability to reflect on the lessons of past experiences and having secrets shared with him. Oversight is Barak's most critical business skill because this is how he fulfills his purpose: through the process of efficiently guiding manifestation. The American people voted him into the presidential office because of their recognition that he is someone with the oversight needed to rebuild our nation, and is designed to guide us as a trusted leader.

Oversight is the ability to oversee an entire operation and make sure everything runs smoothly. Obama is intended to develop wisdom over his lifetime through making mistakes in his first thirty years about what it takes to be the eyes and ears monitoring both the people he serves and fellow team members. Obama has learned to observe and monitor how things have been going to prevent loss of trust and capital. He’s here to make sure what’s supposed to get done, does! Barack can take past experiences and create policies, procedures, and effective practices to efficiently handle complaints or issues to foster loyalty. He can contemplate the big picture of what it means to be receptive to experiences and learn the lessons necessary to guide the collective to success.

Obama Finds Revitalization in Retreat

Barack likely recognizes the importance of having privacy and time alone to reflect on life’s experiences. He is genetically wired to “let go” in retreat and discover the revitalization that allowing regular breaks can bring him. Those who appreciate his presence can pick up on his gift of guidance and ask him to share his wisdom that is synthesized from collective memories with them. His depth of perception and emotional clarity over time helps him recognize what he needs to share with others when they invite his advice. With this right timing, he can have tremendous success in facilitating manifestation on behalf of those he serves.


Obama’s Business Skill of Vision

Barack has the natural ability to establish new directions for his team.  He points the way for how to spend money efficiently.  He empowers the team in knowing their products/service and overseeing the day-to-day operations. Barack helps the group decide how to best spend the money it has to . He also helps the group understand their resource capacity and guide them to using those resources wisely. This skill is what gives the enterprise the direction it needs. He helps answer the questions, “Where are we going now and how should we spend available resources to get us there?”

Obama Unconsciously Communicates Higher Knowing

Barack carries an un-learnable, natural alignment with empowering a new direction for others who invite him. As long as he is emotionally clear, Barack can correctly guide their actions when he is called upon. Barack’s life purpose requires interaction with specific others to activate his inner sense of direction. The direction he imparts can be about the path of life or work. When interacting, Barack has an inherent sense of where someone or something needs to go.  He can direct others’ distribution of the resources they need to support their creative endeavors. Barack is here to communicate the higher knowing of his unconscious gift of being a visionary, pointing the way forward in natural alignment with beauty in new, empowering ways.


Obama’s Business Skill of Implementation

Barack has the ability to get the team’s product or service out the door into the hands of the people. He can find innovative ways to creatively express the vision of his team. Barack can implement the mission of the group, a vital skill of sales. Implementation relies on people like Barack who can demonstrate the vision and put into creative action the message of the team so that it can be seen and experienced by others. He has the natural ability to attract attention to which allows his team to get new customers.

Barack Obama's Career Design (2).png

Obama’s Creative Self-Expression

Barack’s focused, naturally empowered vision is grounded and balanced with a deep need to express himself in naturally unique and creative ways. His body unconsciously embodies the archetype of the “artist” carrying and expressing himself with a real artistic flair. His art is his creative self-expression in working with people. Barack has the natural ability to inspire in unique and innovative ways. Simply doing his own thing attracts attention and can impact how others do their own thing. Barack’s creativity can empower others through its unique expression. Working alone yet connecting with others to delegate and guide works best for him.


Obama’s Business Skill of Commitment

Barack brings detailed networking ability to help a group commit to a goal and achieve it. Barack’s determined leadership helps everyone get on the same page and commit to a common purpose and the work that needs to be done to achieve this aim. He instills a "Three Musketeers" style loyalty, an All for One and  One for All” feeling. When Barack is around, people work for the good of the team to take care of their responsibilities and get along well with each other. He gives everyone a feeling of being an “insider” that encourages a sense of belonging, so they don’t share insider secrets—this is external integrity. With Barack around, people are willing to invest their time and energy to being dedicated to making the team work to build internal resources. His presence expresses the sentiment of "We’re all on the same page and committed to working together."

Obama’s Seeing and Sharing of Unusual Perseverance

An environment where people are determined, adaptable and resilient in making commitments is where Barack is designed to fulfill his life purpose of transpersonal refinement. Barack is sensitive to seeing people make mistakes in fulfilling their obligations, or commit to saying yes to the right things that may nonetheless go wrong, but that impart a valuable experience to discover. He is here to learn and share the insecurities of commitment and can persevere despite difficulties. Barack has an unusual way of saying yes to a new cycle of life, adapting to struggle as a necessary yet not-permanent state. Saying yes correctly when he is recognized for his leadership and invited to be a guide, and through emotional clarity allows Barack to persevere through whatever shows up on his path.

It is best for Barack to refrain from initiating new endeavors, and instead to wait to be invited for his gifts, and then to be very emotionally clear before committing his limited energy. It’s also helpful for him to remember let go of any expectation of outcomes and just enjoy the experience for the sake of discovery.

Hopefully Barack recognizes that if he is crystal clear emotionally before committing his limited energy to any endeavor he’s invited into, it goes well for him. It’s also helpful for him to remember let go of any expectation of the outcome and just enjoy the experience for the sake of discovery.



Obama’s Business Skill of Reliability

Barack embodies modesty and is a team player. Great leaders are people who build up other leaders. His networking skills can pull a group together into a reliable team.  Any group that invites him to lead is more stable and dependable with Barack around. Barack can magnetically attract and pull a diversity of different people together so that the group is cohesive. Having Barack present discourages turnover and instills a sense of everyone being connected to each other. Barack helps build a sense of friendship within the group. With everyone more reliable, the members logically share confidence in each other. Reliability and consistency build friendship and trust. With Barack around, people are more likely to trust each other, so there are feelings of teamwork and an assurance of safety. Barack can guide teams to increased efficiency and produce good work on a consistent basis.

Obama Consciously Values Modesty

Barack carries this archetype of the politician, valuing the love of humanity and expresses it to the people he knows. He has learned over his lifetime to use modesty as a shield against the exposure of inadequacy. He is logically receptive to patterns that are valuable to his network, yet he may feel uncomfortable when personally locked into fixed daily patterns that don’t allow him to express his extreme flow. Barack does not have set rhythms or patterns in his life when it comes to sleep, busyness, food preference He has an ability to adapt to the extremes of the daily rhythm of life, and in fact, it is healthy for him to have diversity and fluidity. Barack can accept other people’s extremes without judgment, so long as they are behaving in the way he logically recognizes humans should act for us all to get along. People are naturally attracted to his charisma.


Obama’s Business Skill of Administration

Barack can put logical plans into action by giving out and making sure everyone knows their roles to do the necessary work. He organizes the group to help everyone stay on top of things. Barack's here to consciously communicate his skill of guiding manifestation and action. Barack delivers influential, forward-thinking leadership to help administer the plans the team develops, sharing logical systems and policies for servicing the collective. When emotionally clear, he determines details to establish an effective chain-of-command and policies that make the team more efficient.

Barack’s Communication of Influence

Barack is designed to be a detailed, influential leader. Barack's skill is being able to investigate, discern and describe a logical path for a new direction and share his guidance on how to do it. Wise delegation is crucial. His influence comes from what he says when he is recognized and invited and is emotionally clear. Barack's ability to lead through his influence must take into account the needs of his followers.  For Barack, right timing equals greater impact. Being asked signals Barack that others are ready to hear what he has to say.


Obama’s Large Business Characteristics

In addition to these core business skills covered, Obama has several leadership characteristics and qualities that give him his big organization skills of Implementation, Structure, and Planning. This article is just the tip of the iceberg. Would you like a more detailed look at Barack Obama’s Career Design?

If you are a life or career coach, wouldn't you like to be able to provide accurate and in-depth consultations to guide your client to success in their work? We need people who are ready to make a real impact in the world to transform the way people make decisions and work in teams. Sign up to transform your own career with the BG5 Foundations Courses or others’ lives with the BG5 Business Consultant Training. It will radically change your perspective of how you help others to successfully navigate their career and business decisions for a healthier bottom line.

BG5 is the Hope of the Future

When people first encounter their Human Design Chart without an experienced guide to explain things, sometimes they are disappointed at having a lot of openness in their design, wishing they had this or that channel or a different configuration and oftentimes, Type. "Design Envy," we call it. If only these people knew the magic inherent in their perfectly unique designs. It's one of the reasons why I like the new BG5 Career Maps, because it eliminates comparison and breaks down the graph into easier to understand language.


Once in a while, you see someone with just one channel from the Root Center to the Emotional System, like Barack Obama. I find these kinds of open charts and the people who have them particularly fascinating because they have an enormous amount of inherent wisdom potential and flexibility in experiencing what life has to offer. What else do you notice about Barack Obama's Career Design? Do you have any insights you'd like to share on whether or not he unlocked his Career Design Success Codes?

You can't Judge a Person by Their Human Design Type


Why Does the Human Design System Label People?

Remember when you were a child and you were given the label of flower for those bright explosions of color that riot throughout springtime? You noticed that plants are different not only between species but also within, depending on where and how they were grown. Each has a Signature, the spirit of its life-force expression.

But something gets lost when we label things. Have you noticed how labeling leads to stereotyping? We think we know a thing from the label, and then we may take it for granted. It’s important not to get caught up in labeling people without taking the time to honor each as the unique masterpiece they are.

In regards to Human Design, what it all comes down to is that the Types were developed by the founder of this system, Ra Uru Hu, as a way of simplifying the bodygraph information, to make it easy for a newcomer to grasp the fundamentals of decision-making immediately and experiment. 

A common concern I've encountered in my professional work with Human Design: does my Type mean I can't do what the other Types do? For example, Generators want to know if they can guide others. Projectors want to know if they can manifest. 

Can't Judge a Book by it's cover

You know how everyone says...

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”?

This phrase of speech tells us that you can’t always trust what you see. It says look deeper, beyond outward appearances.

It’s a rare person who doesn’t draw some opinion about others based on initial observations. Rarer still are individuals who are skeptical of their original judgment of others’ appearance, behavior or the sound of their speech, allowing that perception to change due to evidence contradicting it.

You and I both know that when it comes to people, it takes mental work not to slip into this superficiality. Wouldn’t you agree that many people naturally draw conclusions about others based on what they say they do for fun or work? "I'm a lawyer," or "I'm a librarian," instantly conjures up judgments about who that person is. 

Generator Aura Type Image by JovianArchive. Click to read my article, "Art of Being A Generator."

Generator Aura Type Image by JovianArchive. Click to read my article, "Art of Being A Generator."

When I first came to Human Design, I was told:

“you’re likely a Generator.”

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a person by their bodygraph, and you can’t judge them by how they initially appear because many are not living their true selves. Every single individual is entirely unique, and Human Design can show you how to get beyond the homogenized outside appearances to the authentic nature of every person.

It turned out, I'm a Projector. Deeply conditioned to "work hard" my whole life, and burning myself out repeatedly in the process.

Human Typing Systems

If you take a look around you at the world today, you’ll see a lot of methodologies for “Typing” someone. Everything from blood typing to hair typing, to Myers-Briggs, Enneagram and Generational Types. 

But the Human Design System offers far more that just a Type. This system goes deep into the core of a person, showing us what makes each individual. It’s not about taking tests or answering a ton of questions—all that's needed is your precise birth time, date and location. Because this science is based on your genetic imprinting using a combination of modern and ancient observational sciences, you’ll find it a highly accurate tool for self-discovery.

Most people’s minds measure and compare how other people dress, what they drive, and especially how they talk—do they sound educated or not? Value judgments on whether or not it would be advantageous to connect with and know them or not ensue. 

Projectors, Are you ready for the ride of your life? Click image to read article.

Projectors, Are you ready for the ride of your life? Click image to read article.

I notice the same thing happens in the Human Design System with people looking at each other's charts. Whether it is projected, implied, misunderstood or a natural consequence of the hierarchical nature of our seven-centered ancestors that we are still in the midst of shedding the habits of, I see it occur.


Human Design Types

I feel you can't judge a person simply by their Type. Yes, the generalizations of Type are there to help us read and understand the map as well as how to navigate by it are based on the definition. But the map is not the territory. It is a snapshot of the energetics at your birth, the potentials that are there are up to you to discover. One of my favorite Human Design Analyst teachers constantly reminds us to go beyond the words to look at the energetics. What do the words point to?

To understand each other, we need to move beyond what we think we know about others from external appearances—and even their bodygraph. Human Design offers us the graphical representation of the energetics and the keys that point to what a person is. Just as a map is simply a piece of paper, not the land mass it represents, so too is the bodygraph a collection of symbols we analysts are trained to read. Like how every computer has a model number or name that indicate general characteristics, while there may be all kinds of software on there that differentiates it from others of the same brand, make and model. The map shows the binary of our hardware (design) and software (personality) and the synthesis of the two shows the likely potentials but is not the entire picture of the person it represents.

Yes, when you are educated in the Human Design System you can look at the bodygraph and see compelling and accurate clues about someone as far as what makes them tick. You can draw conclusions about them that can be very telling about the pain and suffering they've been through. You can even run their Life Cycle charts to see the learning programs they face and get the flavor of their current opportunities and challenges. 

We cannot judge anyone, even people we think we know—because our perception could never see all the elements at work in other’s lives. We can’t know exactly the scenarios of what life holds for them, we cannot know everything of their past or future. Even getting in their aura and spending a good amount of time with them, it takes years to know another, truly, deeply—and all you ever know is the version of them they become around you. 

Image from Jovian Archive.

Image from Jovian Archive.

Despite the fact that in the Human Design System we have four Aura Types—and in the BG5 business language that would be four Career Types—there are billions of variations of how each of these Types shows up. When you take it down to the deeper levels, we are all here with the potential to be vastly different. Even twins born to the same parents at nearly the same time are very, very different, seen at the depth of differentiation below the surface of the bodygraph that you can delve into with Primary Health System and Rave Psychology. The unseen aspects that make them unique are the fact that no two people can occupy the same space at the same time, and so the conditioning they experience further differentiates them.

Judging A Person By Their Type

Once you grasp who you and others are are here to be, “judging the book by its cover”—or a person by their Type—happens less as you open up to the possibilities of how everyone, every single one of us, is here to be like snowflakes; incredibly, utterly unique.

Still wondering about that common question among newcomers? Yes—energy types (Manifestors, Generators) can guide others. Many of them may have Projected elements in prominent places in their design, channels that are there to be recognized and invited to help others to success. Non-energy Types (Projectors, Reflectors) can manifest and generate, although it is generally in partnership with others. These rarer Types have no consistent access to energy (as the energy types do) and they are here to be specialists:

human design rave mandala copyright jovian archive
  • Projectors in advising the process of successful manifestation and effective generation, primarily in partnership with one person at a time, though a few are designed to perform group roles for short periods of time. 
  • Reflectors in evaluating who/what is different and being a barometer of how things are going in their community/business.


The Human Design Aura Types (the BG5 Career Types) give us the general thematics that show up in people and the way of understanding the energetic potentials. 

What Human Design Is Good For

Human Design is to help you figure out how to be and love yourself; it is not to provide a label for judgment. In fact, Human Design is an amoral system - there is no "good" or "bad" here. The labels simplify the layers and layers of complexity that is us. Human Design can be a tool to help us understand people, but is mostly and most importantly a system to help you navigate your interaction style and decision-making in the world. Others may be not-self or self and most are a mixture of both. We are not our bodygraph; we are intricately designed beings changing in the neverending now... with what we see, how we feel, who we are, what we do, how we act. Seeing our charts gives us potentials—it by itself does not show what we will or will not do with the possibilities there. We are the only ones who can experience how our design relates to us over time. You Design shows you what is most you, and others can never actually comprehend the totality of who you are. When you are operating in tune with your Design, you can live out your incredible uniqueness and differentiation, transcending labels. 

Andrea Abay-Abay Human Design Projector Advisor

Remember that the most practical use for Human Design is that it’s about our decision-making as ourselves. Commune with others when it's in alignment with your authentic energy flow, discerning by attraction, resonance, and harmony to find balance, fulfillment and joy. Does that make sense? Would you like to share your thoughts or experiences on this topic in the comments below?

By Andrea Abay-Abay

Your Human Design Center Functions (From Pain to Profit)

Human Design Profit Centers

Unleashing Your Profit Potential

So many people today in the western world live lives full of suffering and pain.

If you've been trying desperately to be everything you think you should be,
Accomplishing your dreams (or not)
You may find that either way you just don't feel fulfilled in life.
You've started to look for answers to these questions:

Why on earth are things so difficult?
Why can't I have the kind of life I love living?

Why am I suffering so much just to get by in the world?
Why is it that I have everything I thought I wanted and it doesn't feel satisfying, or successful?

These questions and many like them can be answered by deciphering your Human Design Chart. When you get your Human Design Chart you discover your Type, Strategy and Authority. You may have decided to opt for self-study, get a reading, or you may have taken a Living Your Design course. These are introductory steps to put you on the path to personal fulfillment.

When you're ready to unleash your profit potential, you're invited to experience the power of the Human Design System applied to your career and business in this deep-dive into the CentersFunctions, we call them, in BG5.

Here's a little secret: 

Take a look at your Human Design Chart. Imagine you're looking at the structure of a business. Do you see those white geometric shapes? 

Those are your potential profit centers. This is where you have the possibility of making money from the wisdom you've learned over your lifetime. It becomes more of a probability whenever you see particular line values activated by certain planets as dormant potentials. Whether you have it in that line value or not, there's a certain material way shows the thematics of how you become successful in your career and business in those areas.

The key to ensuring you're engaging with life in these profit centers is to make decisions from your strategy and authority. This allows you to come back home to your authentic self, and be smart about the decisions you make so you don't end up in the pitfalls of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment.

My career and business clients are guided to shift their mindsets about what they offer to the world when they invite me to guide them. I show them where the strength of their natural talents and gifts are, while aligning them to their decision-making strategy to be aware of how they are designed to engage with their personal profit potentials. Generally people are very attuned to the theme of the openness in their lives, and it takes synthesizing the entire chart for me to put it into perspective of how they can make a living as themselves in the profit centers. For a Profit Center and Money Line Consultation, you'll need to have had a BG5 Career Overview first.

I'm very excited to have been invited to be a part of the upcoming BG5 webinar series with Karen Sherwood at the BG5 Business Institute. BG5 is the Career and Small Business Application of the Human Design System. If you're ready for a deep-dive into your Human Design Center Functioning and would like to join us, you're invited! 

Unleashing Your Profit Potential
the BG5 Functions Workshop

  • Emotional Intelligence – Self Study Recording available immediately
  • Drive & Stamina – Jan. 18, 25, Feb 1 – 2017
  • Identity & Direction – March 1, 8, 15
  • Energy Resource – May 3, 10, 17
  • Will Power – July 5, 12, 19
  • Communication & Action – Sept 6, 13, 20
  • Inspiration & Conceptualization – Nov 1, 8, 15
  • Survival Instinct – Jan 17, 24, 31 – 2018
  • Emotional Intelligence – March – 2018

The first five people to sign up for this package are eligible for a FREE Career Overview with me and a 40-page Career Report (combined value of $650 when you register by Jan 1st). Let's go through a powerful transformation using the Human Design System Applied to Your Work Life!

Employee Engagement Issues? Problem Solved with Human Design's BG5


Your company’s largest financial investment is typically your employees. Harvard Business Review declares your greatest asset is how you empower those employees with core business practices to work together towards group goals and overcome collaboration challenges. An engaged workforce is critical to maximize financial gains.

But there’s a huge problem facing the business world today. Three years ago Gallup found that seven out of ten American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work; meaning emotionally disconnected people populate your workplace and are far less likely to be productive. In another document by Gallup titled The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, they report that “Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged.”

Gallup's findings mean that 87% of the workforce currently experiences a loss of real potential. People are frustrated and bitter in jobs and in partnerships or with teams they don’t feel successful with. Between things like employee departure and disengagement, employee’s stagnating levels of engagement costs up to $550billion annually in the US alone.

Can you imagine your workforce almost 90% more productive, and what that would do not only for your company culture but also the bottom line of your business? The solution according to Gallup is to create a culture of engagement; “Boost engagement levels with strategies to hire the right employees, develop their strengths, and enhance their well-being.”

Using BG5 is a smart strategy that addresses all three solutions. BG5 is the world’s only objective assessment tool that helps you know the Who and Why of your people to determine:

  • If you are hiring the right employee for the job based on innate strengths/natural talent

  • How to enhance their gifts and wellbeing by treating them according to their nature

  • How your people are designed to work and interact best for highest potential and profit

BG5 is at the cutting edge of Business Consulting and Coaching for it’s precise accuracy as a completely objective assessment tool. Results of using BG5 framework to implement Gallup’s solution for the problem of employee disengagement are:

The 12 Critical Ingredients for a Small Business to be Materially Satisfying and Successful

The 12 Critical Ingredients for a Small Business to be Materially Satisfying and Successful

  • A more effective and efficient workforce getting along better for increased productivity
  • Employees less likely to leave because they are more likely to feel fulfilled in their work
  • Higher customer satisfaction and a better bottom line for everyone

Ten years ago people would resort to business coaching as a last-ditch effort before the firing or career change process. Today, companies of all sizes use coaching as an organizational and leadership development tool. Coaching is not only an accepted strategy for the top Fortune 500 companies’ C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO), it’s for any manager or team leader. Coaching also has documented, measurable benefits for employees in any company.

Whether operating a small family-run business to mid-size and larger firms, decision-makers of any level - from the business owner, to their management team, to staff members and employees - can experience the value of BG5 career and business consulting and coaching.

With BG5, there’s no long surveys and pigeonholing people based on subjective opinion and cookie-cutter frameworks. No other business tool gives such an accurate and complete picture of people, much less all the factors of each specific individual’s interaction with one another or in small to large groups.

Employee Engagement is a big problem in the world today

Employee Engagement is a big problem in the world today

How BG5 Helps Solve the Biggest Business Challenges:
Discovering the Who, Mastering the Why

There are four parts to a business problem’s solution. Each component is equally important to the efficacy of the solution and its implementation:

The What: an analytical assessment of the problem and its potential solution. The What is something CEOs and leaders will have a good grasp of. Their significant amount of education and proficiency in their field, as well as familiarity with big-picture issues facing their industry and organization gives them this advantage.

The Why: 70% of the world is pressured to solve the Why of things in life. Collaboration determines our material success, allowing us to discover the truth of why a problem exists. Through conversations with its people, most CEOs and leaders have a sense of the why’s surrounding the challenges in their business. Each business problem’s source or the Why can trace back to a lack of one or more of 12 essential business skills - at the core of the reason why 8 out of 10 businesses fail.

The Why is where BG5 can provide a business analysis of your organization’s people to show where there are “skill gaps” in your team. Gaps show why your team is underperforming. When there are gaps, the team is not representing critically needed skills and therefore drain your business’ finances and ultimately can lead to the demise of your firm.

The How: is how you get things done to solve the problem. This How tends to be industry-specific; something certain people with particular skills have the experience or know how to get done.

The Who: is critical to the implementation of the answer. A BG5 analysis produces the Who of the executive, team leader, manager, high performer, all the way to key characteristics of who should be your next hire. It can also describe how your team members impact each other at a level of detail like no other tool in the world can. BG5 clearly shows the issues and source of conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to insights on how to resolve them. BG5 provides a map detailing your group dynamics, as well as the way to level-up our performance.

BG5 shows us you who you are here to be for yourself and your team. Using this knowledge leads not just to success but fulfillment of your purpose as well. Though as an MBA you may have had education touching on who your are as a leader, often there are blind spots in your assessment of yourself and your people; particularly in how to get the most out of your people. The Who covers how your people relate, how they can be mobilized and motivated, how they interact and assimilate information to best move your business forward in the most efficient way.

The Who is where you can have your BG5 consultant dive deep into recognizing the strengths, talents, and gifts of your biggest financial investment. Describing everyone’s most effective personal interaction style, and the interpersonal dynamics at work, a BG5 consultant can immediately point out the potential hot-spots in employee interactions. The BG5 consultant can identify who the best candidate is for the job, coach you and your leaders on how to get the most out of your people, and guide everyone to maximize individual characteristics and qualities to their best advantage for themselves and your company.

Employee engagement can be addressed with Human Design applied to the Workplace using BG5

Employee engagement can be addressed with Human Design applied to the Workplace using BG5

“Creating a culture of engagement requires more than completing an annual employee survey and then leaving managers on their own, hoping they will learn something from the survey results that will change their daily behavior. It requires a company to take a close look at the critical engagement elements that align with performance and with the organization's human capital strategy. Managers and leaders should keep employee engagement top of mind -- because every interaction with employees can have an impact on engagement and organizational performance.” Gallup: The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, 2016

A BG5 Consultant can engineer and educate people on how to work best together as a cohesive group to increase organizational performance. Knowing where to capitalize on not just everyone’s brilliance but also their shadows, helps create a culture of correct engagement and encourages your team to reach its highest performance ability.

BG5 Business and Career Consulting takes coaching to a whole new level. As one of the world’s most accurate people assessment tools, BG5 accurately helps business solve their toughest problems of employee engagement - resolving our pressing people issues of how to boost fulfillment and productivity.  

Do you want to know how best to treat and organize your employees into working teams or partnerships for maximum work efficiency and fulfillment? BG5 has the answer. Experience the transformational power of BG5 to impact your bottom line positively. Individual, Partnership or Team Analysis using the BG5 framework can help you get to the bottom of how to build a ridiculously successful career and business.

BG5 Workshop: How to Transform Pressure and Stress into Fuel for Success

Drive & Stamina Function Workshop
Live Jan. 18, 25, Feb 1 – 2017

We can't escape pressure and stress in our work and career lives. People handle stress in different ways. Understanding how you personally are designed to handle stress can support you in avoiding getting burned out, depressed or having other health issues. It can help you live a healthier and happier life, personally and in your career.

  • How do YOU handle stress and pressure?
  • Is stress and pressure causing health problems in your life, like overwhelm, depression or burn-out?
  • Learning how you are designed to handle stress can make all the difference.

Just curious? Get your free Introductory BG5 Report here. When you're ready for more, this workshop will explore how you are personally designed to handle stress and how you can transform it into the fuel for Success!

BG5 Instructor Karen Sherwood has invited me to assist her and be a part of this workshop series.

In this workshop we will collaborate together to:

  • Explore and understand specific unique aspects of your design that fuel your success
  • Have in-depth exercises in and between classes to practice
  • Learn to become the objective observer of the personal effects of stress & pressure
  • Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others
  • Ask questions and get answers

CLASS 1: Understanding How Stress & Pressure also fuels our Drive & Stamina

Gain profound insights into how you are uniquely intended to best handle the stress and pressure inherent in life and work.

CLASS 2: The Wisdom of Dealing with the Shadows of Stress in Healthy & Productive Ways

If you have the Drive & Stamina Function undefined it is important to be aware of how you can easily get rushed or pressured by others to take action.  We will explore how to handle the stress and pressure from others and turn it into deep understanding and wisdom.

CLASS 3: How to make money and promote your products or services through the power of your Drive & Stamina

We will explore the Drive & Stamina Function from a profit center perspective. What are the nine possible ways to make money and promote your business rooted in people’s the desires, ambitions and longings based in our human capacity for Drive and Stamina.

3 Class Online Workshop

Jan 18, 25, Feb 1 – 2017

10 am Pacific (17:00 GMT)

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Unleash Your Profit Potential
Functions Workshop Package – All 9 Workshops

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  • Energy Resource – May 3, 10, 17
  • Will Power – July 5, 12, 19
  • Communication & Action – Sept 6, 13, 20
  • Inspiration & Conceptualization – Nov 1, 8, 15
  • Survival Instinct – Jan 17, 24, 31 – 2018
  • Emotional Intelligence – March – 2018

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