Alpha One Leadership Analysis

How are you designed to lead in business - in small or large teams, and one-on-one? What is your Alpha One Leadership Style? Each of us has a inherent way that we are best designed to delegate and inspire loyalty in others at work. If you are trying to emanate another's leadership style that does not feel authentic, likely you are not getting the kind of results and success you deserve.  In this BG5 Alpha One Leadership Consulting package you will gain access to your Alpha One Leadership Style that is your most powerful way to garner respect and admiration whether you are leading your team, your business, your corporation, or your family. 

A BG5 Alpha One Leadership Analysis allows you get the results you want without the guesswork. There are many layers of Human Design that can pinpoint your most profitable, successful way to getting the results you want from your partners, teams and colleagues.

In our BG5 Apha One Leadership Consulting we can…

  • Learn how to best make decisions with confidence to lead teams for the most engagement and profit

  • Learn how to best interact with your team or employees for the maximum results

  • Explore your natural leadership skills and style to facilitate you and your teams' success

  • Lead others in a way that maximizes your strengths and gets the best out of them

  • Understand potential pitfalls to avoid and your personal shadows that can unconsciously undermine your leadership effectiveness and credibility with your team or employees.

This Alpha One Leadership Consultation Package is designed to give you profound insights, practical tools and techniques to move you up the leadership ladder at work.

Sessions are held virtually via online conferencing and are presented illustrated with your highly accurate, relevant and personal data, provided to you in video and audio format. 

Alpha One Leadership Consulting Package Includes:

  • Full Color PDF Design Reports of all the information covered in your sessions for quick and easy review.

  • Practical Insights and Tools to move your life forward successfully.

  • Session Recordings – Each session is highly detailed and packed with practical information. Most people don't absorb all the leadership analysis information during the initial session. I suggest you listen to the sessions more than once to help you gain more insight, integrate the knowledge at a deeper level and help you understand how to best utilize the information shared in our time together.

  • Weekly Sessions to answer questions, apply the information learned. Take advantage of this complimentary follow-up coaching to help you ground the details in a practical way, and give you a taste of the next steps in exploring how to best manage your team(s).