Laveena Lovick, 3/5 Emotional Projector 


I desire to empower those I serve with information that leads to you embracing your uniqueness, through comprehending an experiential self-discovery of your Fate.  

So that you know your genetic code to live an inspired life with growth, change, self-acceptance and unconditional love of self


How I Guide

Through teaching online and in-person, I encourage you to see the hope during challenging life cycles. I inspire you to imagine how you can be nurtured and persevere in the face of uncertainties.

What Guidance I Contribute

Integrate systems of ancient and modern energetic, psychological and spiritual knowledge into my teaching and consultations, collectively known as the Human Design System.

Benefits of My Service

 Laveena with Naia and Lotus

Laveena with Naia and Lotus

  • Foster personal awareness of inner truth
  • Support your process of releasing the need to control  
  • Committing to yourself through authentic behavior
  • Meet your desire for mutual-respect in relationships   
  • Transform criticism into understanding & connection
  • Maximize your personal growth to fulfill your potential

My Story

A decade ago I was at one of the lowest points in my life. 

It was all I could do to keep myself from hurtling off the balcony of the 17th floor Little Italy condo in downtown San Diego. My real estate and mortgage brokerage went belly-up; loosing three California properties, and all my retirement -millions of dollars worth of property and investments- when the market crashed nearly crushed me. 

I found myself scrambling for a job, carless, living in a trailer with a toddler, a disabled and depressed husband, and we were in bankruptcy court. I was embarrassed to be on welfare and getting therapy to battle suicidal thoughts. 

Life coaching wasn't as big of a thing back then. But within a few years, I was intuitively guiding others to use their energy.

 BG5 Career and Business Consultant Certification

BG5 Career and Business Consultant Certification

I discovered that doing "that thing" I do; the tendency for people to turn to me for leadership and help, with me being able to counsel them without a degree had a name - Life Coaching.

So I took a certification program and read blogs and books on how to be a life coach, like Co-Active Coaching. When I found the Human Design System in 2012 I began my education and understood why I was so good at knowing and helping others.

My Career Type is an Advisor.

As a Projector-Type human, I'm here to master systems, advise and guide, when recognized and invited.

When I found the Human Design System I fell in love with it. For the last four years I've devoured everything I could, getting readings, taking classes, even auditing them repeatedly.


 Laveena Lovick Living Your Design Guide Certification

Laveena Lovick Living Your Design Guide Certification

What is this all about?

Once you grasp the foundation of Human Design (taught in the Living Your Design Awakening Program), what you find is that most people are operating from their mind's conditioned set of opinions, beliefs and what it thinks it knows. Most are not honoring their authentic self and are lost in the conditioning brought on by dealing with life's lessons incorrectly.

The beauty of Human Design is that we have a map to your true nature.

Gone are the days of filling out lengthy questionnaires, the answers varying based on your mood and attitude, or the reason for doing them (to get a job, etc).

 Laveena Lovick Human Design Chart Analyst

Laveena Lovick Human Design Chart Analyst

When I guide someone, I delve into the whys and hows of what's going on in relation to their authentic self but always bring them back home to how they really can trust their own decision-making process. 

Over the years I noticed I was attracting more and more clients who were Projectors themselves. In almost every situation they were struggling with getting to grips about how to be themselves: in their careers, or their relationships - often both.

It became apparent that most Projectors wanted to help others, often studying the great mysteries of life. And even among those who had taken formal training, becoming Psychologists, Healers, Chiropractors were still uncertain, or even confused and aching to be recognized financially in a world that didn't see how we are here to help the other succeed.

 Laveena Lovick Human Design Partnership Analyst

Laveena Lovick Human Design Partnership Analyst

In the years since then I have personally worked with over 100 people in private sessions and thousands through my webinars and videos. Well over half of my clientele are Projectors (which is a lot since only 20% of the population are this type) and regardless of Type, I saw the truth of where I could help the people who approached me the most.

It all comes down to the bottom line: no, not money. 

Decisions that are aligned with your true nature positively affect all aspects of your life...

  • Living Your Highest Purpose
  • Loving and Work Relationships
  • Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem
  • Identity - Discovering Your Higher Self
  • Facing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change
  • Self Care - Getting Your Needs Met First
  • Personal Balance - Living a Fulfilling Life
  • Food, Nutrition, Exercise & Optimal Health
  • Parenting with Integrity and Mutual Respect
  • Creative Self-Expression - Life as Art - Creativity
  • Homekeeping, Homesteading, Home Environment
  • Career Changes - Creating Workplaces That Work for You
  • Managing Emotions - Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress
 Laveena Lovick Human Design Incarnation Cross Analyst   

Laveena Lovick Human Design Incarnation Cross Analyst


Everything we do in life can be traced back to personal discernment, HOW TO CHOOSE.

That's why I use the Human Design System in my Life and Career Coaching practice. I know it's deep enough to address so many of the great "Why's?" we face, and simple enough that anyone, even children, can grasp the core of how it works. Anyone can experiment and discover for themselves not just that it works, but how very well it works.

It takes a bit of learning, some courage and a commitment to experiment with it.



That’s a great question as there are a lot of people offering to help others, so what makes me different? Ultimately it comes down to you choosing who you are drawn to, and who you can really get value from. If you are drawn to me and need some background first before working with me...

 Laveena Lovick Human Design Life Cycles Analyst

Laveena Lovick Human Design Life Cycles Analyst

I've been recognized and invited to write dozens of Human Design Articles for Jovian Archive, home of the Human Design System. I also began interviewing Human Design Professionals and helping out at the International Human Design School and BG5 Business Institute, where I am now teaching the foundations of BG5.

I can point you to my extensive Human Design educational Journey,  the classes I've taught, and my professional intentions. Currently, I'm a Professional Analyst, a Living Your Design Guide, Rave ABC's teacher and Cartography Teacher candidate, as well as a BG5 Business Institute Certified Consultant.


I can guide you around the Human Design industry and have recently been a part of writing a free e-book on Human Design for publication by Jovian Archive, as well as content on their online software site,

 Laveena Lovick Human Design Rave ABC's Teacher

Laveena Lovick Human Design Rave ABC's Teacher

I can take you privately or in small group format through the Foundations of Human Design to prepare you to become a professional. 

I can share with you my track record of success. Now that you're here, I know I can help you get to the core of what you are here to be, yourself. 

In short, I have done my best in walking my talk, and it's brought me fulfillment in the form of an amazingly rewarding lifestyle.


 Laveena Lovick Human Design Rave Cartography Teacher 

Laveena Lovick Human Design Rave Cartography Teacher 

"HOW DO I LIVE MY DESIGN?" you ask...

The format of the Living Your Design course helps you awaken to your true nature. But if you're in a hurry and need one-on-one help NOW, here's my Human Design Services.

What Human Design Questions Can I Help You with?

Drop me a line by using my contact form, or give me a call at 530-955-0444.

As a 3/5 Energy Projector with Emotional Authority on the Cross of Contagion, I enjoy sharing my discoveries and feelings as an inspirational creative role model in my Human Design Experiment.

My social media outlets on FacebookTwitterYouTubePinterest and Instagram help me connect with others around the world who are learning along with me what it means to "Live Your Design". We are all breathtakingly unique - so here's to a lifetime of learning!