BG5 In-Depth Business Team Analysis & Engineering

BG5 In-Depth Business Team Analysis & Engineering

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Time is Money.

When you need support to build the most profitable, successful team possible, BG5 engineering is the way to go.

Change is the only constant in life. The uncertainties and risks don't have to cause you setbacks and pain when you've got a working understanding of how your business is designed to be successful. 

BG5 is a revolutionary personal and team assessment tool that gives you a blueprint of how you best make decisions and maximize your potential. o For more on how valuable this framework is and why it's important to you and your business, read this article on how BG5 Solves Employee Engagement Issues.

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Laveena’s Qualifications:
Human Design Analyst & Teacher, BG5 Consultant, Profit Potential Certified, completed OC16 training.

Individual BG5 Career Design Profile Analyses


Full Individual Career Design Profile Analysis for each member:

In this two-hour individual private session with each team member we will…

  • Dive into further details beyond the Introductory Overview - how you are designed to operate best and most effectively within your work environment

  • Explore your unique public role, business skills, strengths and shadows

  • Unlock your potential to utilize your gifts for the greatest satisfaction and success in your work

  • Give you insight to make correct decisions that overcome work frustration and bitterness

Alpha One Leadership Analysis


Custom Presentation specifically designed for the team leader, owner or manager to explore how you are best designed to lead your employees in a team environment.

In our individual private sessions we will discover…

  • How you can make decisions with confidence in leading your team to success

  • How you best interact with your team / specific employees for maximum results

  • How to identify skill gaps within your business to help you hire the right people

  • Your unique leadership style and strengths that you can depend on

  • Shadows to understand that can undermine your leadership effectiveness


Business TEAM (Penta and WA) Analysis

(Designed for the Entire Team)

This component supports the entire team to understand the group dynamics at play when working together. In these Group Sessions we…

  • Explore how everyone works best together

  • Understand how to best communicate within the group and with each individual team member

  • Examine how the team can achieve the most success and satisfaction in working together

  • Bring attention to potential pitfalls and frustrations and how to avoid or overcome them 

Follow-Up Support

  • These follow-up sessions can be applied to addressing the entire team or to you as the team leader and are designed to support you and/or your team in implementing the information from initial sessions. Integration and accountability are our primary aim here.

  • Reports: Each session includes a full-color custom pdf with charts and data on all the information covered for easy referencing.

  • Recordings: Each session is recorded via MP4/MP3 so you can review the information multiple times. So much information is communicated in each session that sometimes it is necessary to listen to the recording multiple times to deepen your understanding and integrate the information into your work and daily life.

  • Email/Zoom Support with Questions: You have access to me via Zoom or our private workspace for quick questions and clarifications to support you in understanding and integrating the material covered into your work and business for the most success and satisfying results.

✓   18 live sessions over 3 months

✓   Prep tool to help you prepare and make the most of our time together

✓  Post-session accountability to deepen the learning and create new habits

✓  Recording of every session to access the learnings as often as you’d like

✓  Access to coach between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching

✓   Private Client Portal to keep you organized and so you can retrieve what you need when you need it to get better results faster

✓   Additional Resources to strengthen the transformation and results you experience

"Participate Or Get Your Money Back Guarantee!"

I hope you enjoy this Human Design coaching experience and the benefits. You have been wanting this kind of transformation possible and I do not want you to be delayed any longer. So that you can feel comfortable with your decision, let’s take away any financial risk you may perceive.

If, after participating fully in this program, you do not agree that the process of human design business coaching is worth every penny of the price you paid just let me know anytime within the first 30 days of your human design transformational experience and I can promptly make arrangements to refund your credit card for the entire amount you paid.

This human design coaching program is about you taking aligned action to experience transformation. If you participate fully, you show up for the session we schedule, you do the assigned process work, you'll make progress in your awareness and improvement in your personal comprehension of change and growth towards tranquility in the midst of uncertainty.

If you do not show up for the calls or follow through on the commitments we’ve made together to facilitate your human design experiment, the only guarantee is that it will not work for you!