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Employee Engagement Issues? Problem Solved with Human Design's BG5


Your company’s largest financial investment is typically your employees. Harvard Business Review declares your greatest asset is how you empower those employees with core business practices to work together towards group goals and overcome collaboration challenges. An engaged workforce is critical to maximize financial gains.

But there’s a huge problem facing the business world today. Three years ago Gallup found that seven out of ten American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work; meaning emotionally disconnected people populate your workplace and are far less likely to be productive. In another document by Gallup titled The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, they report that “Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged.”

Gallup's findings mean that 87% of the workforce currently experiences a loss of real potential. People are frustrated and bitter in jobs and in partnerships or with teams they don’t feel successful with. Between things like employee departure and disengagement, employee’s stagnating levels of engagement costs up to $550billion annually in the US alone.

Can you imagine your workforce almost 90% more productive, and what that would do not only for your company culture but also the bottom line of your business? The solution according to Gallup is to create a culture of engagement; “Boost engagement levels with strategies to hire the right employees, develop their strengths, and enhance their well-being.”

Using BG5 is a smart strategy that addresses all three solutions. BG5 is the world’s only objective assessment tool that helps you know the Who and Why of your people to determine:

  • If you are hiring the right employee for the job based on innate strengths/natural talent

  • How to enhance their gifts and wellbeing by treating them according to their nature

  • How your people are designed to work and interact best for highest potential and profit

BG5 is at the cutting edge of Business Consulting and Coaching for it’s precise accuracy as a completely objective assessment tool. Results of using BG5 framework to implement Gallup’s solution for the problem of employee disengagement are:

The 12 Critical Ingredients for a Small Business to be Materially Satisfying and Successful

The 12 Critical Ingredients for a Small Business to be Materially Satisfying and Successful

  • A more effective and efficient workforce getting along better for increased productivity
  • Employees less likely to leave because they are more likely to feel fulfilled in their work
  • Higher customer satisfaction and a better bottom line for everyone

Ten years ago people would resort to business coaching as a last-ditch effort before the firing or career change process. Today, companies of all sizes use coaching as an organizational and leadership development tool. Coaching is not only an accepted strategy for the top Fortune 500 companies’ C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO), it’s for any manager or team leader. Coaching also has documented, measurable benefits for employees in any company.

Whether operating a small family-run business to mid-size and larger firms, decision-makers of any level - from the business owner, to their management team, to staff members and employees - can experience the value of BG5 career and business consulting and coaching.

With BG5, there’s no long surveys and pigeonholing people based on subjective opinion and cookie-cutter frameworks. No other business tool gives such an accurate and complete picture of people, much less all the factors of each specific individual’s interaction with one another or in small to large groups.

Employee Engagement is a big problem in the world today

Employee Engagement is a big problem in the world today

How BG5 Helps Solve the Biggest Business Challenges:
Discovering the Who, Mastering the Why

There are four parts to a business problem’s solution. Each component is equally important to the efficacy of the solution and its implementation:

The What: an analytical assessment of the problem and its potential solution. The What is something CEOs and leaders will have a good grasp of. Their significant amount of education and proficiency in their field, as well as familiarity with big-picture issues facing their industry and organization gives them this advantage.

The Why: 70% of the world is pressured to solve the Why of things in life. Collaboration determines our material success, allowing us to discover the truth of why a problem exists. Through conversations with its people, most CEOs and leaders have a sense of the why’s surrounding the challenges in their business. Each business problem’s source or the Why can trace back to a lack of one or more of 12 essential business skills - at the core of the reason why 8 out of 10 businesses fail.

The Why is where BG5 can provide a business analysis of your organization’s people to show where there are “skill gaps” in your team. Gaps show why your team is underperforming. When there are gaps, the team is not representing critically needed skills and therefore drain your business’ finances and ultimately can lead to the demise of your firm.

The How: is how you get things done to solve the problem. This How tends to be industry-specific; something certain people with particular skills have the experience or know how to get done.

The Who: is critical to the implementation of the answer. A BG5 analysis produces the Who of the executive, team leader, manager, high performer, all the way to key characteristics of who should be your next hire. It can also describe how your team members impact each other at a level of detail like no other tool in the world can. BG5 clearly shows the issues and source of conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to insights on how to resolve them. BG5 provides a map detailing your group dynamics, as well as the way to level-up our performance.

BG5 shows us you who you are here to be for yourself and your team. Using this knowledge leads not just to success but fulfillment of your purpose as well. Though as an MBA you may have had education touching on who your are as a leader, often there are blind spots in your assessment of yourself and your people; particularly in how to get the most out of your people. The Who covers how your people relate, how they can be mobilized and motivated, how they interact and assimilate information to best move your business forward in the most efficient way.

The Who is where you can have your BG5 consultant dive deep into recognizing the strengths, talents, and gifts of your biggest financial investment. Describing everyone’s most effective personal interaction style, and the interpersonal dynamics at work, a BG5 consultant can immediately point out the potential hot-spots in employee interactions. The BG5 consultant can identify who the best candidate is for the job, coach you and your leaders on how to get the most out of your people, and guide everyone to maximize individual characteristics and qualities to their best advantage for themselves and your company.

Employee engagement can be addressed with Human Design applied to the Workplace using BG5

Employee engagement can be addressed with Human Design applied to the Workplace using BG5

“Creating a culture of engagement requires more than completing an annual employee survey and then leaving managers on their own, hoping they will learn something from the survey results that will change their daily behavior. It requires a company to take a close look at the critical engagement elements that align with performance and with the organization's human capital strategy. Managers and leaders should keep employee engagement top of mind -- because every interaction with employees can have an impact on engagement and organizational performance.” Gallup: The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, 2016

A BG5 Consultant can engineer and educate people on how to work best together as a cohesive group to increase organizational performance. Knowing where to capitalize on not just everyone’s brilliance but also their shadows, helps create a culture of correct engagement and encourages your team to reach its highest performance ability.

BG5 Business and Career Consulting takes coaching to a whole new level. As one of the world’s most accurate people assessment tools, BG5 accurately helps business solve their toughest problems of employee engagement - resolving our pressing people issues of how to boost fulfillment and productivity.  

Do you want to know how best to treat and organize your employees into working teams or partnerships for maximum work efficiency and fulfillment? BG5 has the answer. Experience the transformational power of BG5 to impact your bottom line positively.

Individual, Partnership or Team Analysis using the BG5 framework can help you get to the bottom of how to build a ridiculously successful career and business.


Certified BG5 Consultant Laveena Lovick has worked with the BG5 Business Institute since 2016. Laveena enjoys delivering BG5 Career Advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners of all ages who are interested in learning how to market themselves and successfully engineer and lead teams to higher levels of efficiency and profit.

Laveena has a Human Design System Teacher’s Certification, Analysts’ Diploma and dozens of years’ diverse experience as an entrepreneur. If you want a meaningful career that satisfies your need for life purpose fulfillment by merging your passion with your work in a financially rewarding way, contact Laveena.

She'll guide you to connect your strengths, skills, and the way you work with others for the big picture of how you fit into the workplace successfully, and the secrets to mastering your business relationships. Her design enables her to contribute imagination and inspiration to get you on track to your highest and most productive self. Get started with BG5 and discover your Successful Career aligned with your Life’s Work! 

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