Laveena Lovick Human Design System Teacher, Analyst and Mentor


Welcome to my
Human Design Life. 
I desire to empower those I serve with information that leads to you embracing your uniqueness, through experiential self-discovery of your Fate.  

Giving you the keys to your genetic code to live an inspired life with growth, change, self-acceptance and unconditional love of self.

As a 3/5 Cross of Contagion, I provide the strengths of imagination and inspiration to guide you through times of uncertainty to spotlight the hope in any situation. I teach by example, in my 6th year of the Emotional Projector lifestyle experimentation.

Ready to transform your life?

How to Live Your Human Design Life Purpose Fulfillment

Living Your Human Design Awakening Free Introductory Class

In this video, I introduce you to some key Human Design concepts so that by the end of it you know "What is Human Design?"

BG5 Workshop: How to Transform Pressure and Stress into Fuel for Success

How to Level Up Your Career Strategy with Human Design