Laveena Lovick Human Design System Teacher, Analyst and Mentor


Welcome to my
Human Design Life. 
I desire to empower those I serve with information that leads to you embracing your uniqueness, through experiential self-discovery of your Fate.  

Giving you the keys to your genetic code to live an inspired life with growth, change, self-acceptance and unconditional love of self.

As a 3/5 Cross of Contagion, I provide the strengths of imagination and inspiration to guide you through times of uncertainty to spotlight the hope in any situation. I teach by example, in my 6th year of the Emotional Projector lifestyle experimentation.

Ready to transform your life?

Ready to Stop Agonizing over your Love Relationships?

Ready to Stop Agonizing over your Love Relationships?

Discover how you are Designed to be Different from your Partner

It's time to stop the blame game, the fault finding and guilt tripping. Differences are seen in our mechanics. Get your Human Design chart and settle in for some #freeHD time. Are you ready to learn how to accept and love yourself and your partner?

How do we Connect with Human Design in Relationships?

Video by International Human Design School certified Guide, Professional Relationship Analyst, Andrea Abay-Abay. 

Comments? Feedback? Please post below and feel free to connect with me for more Human Design!

Apologies for the slight "off" timing on my presentation, I am in the process of an emergency move due to my house flooding and did not have the energy to fix it. 

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Ready to really dive into how you are designed to love?

Join me for an intimate, LIVE Relationship Workshop! This is not a certification class. Rather, it is an experiential journey into your partnership charts in small group format, allowing us all an educational experience using Human Design as our guide and teacher. Click the link at right and Sign up now!

Human Design Parenting Benefits

Human Design Parenting Benefits

How Do You Know Your Ideal Work Identity and Direction?

How Do You Know Your Ideal Work Identity and Direction?