Bernie Sanders - Warrior of the Wa

“I am going to do my best to try to create a country in which children are not living in poverty, in which kids can go to college, in which old people have health care. Will I succeed? I can’t guarantee you that, but I can tell you that from a human point of view it is better to show up than to give up.” ~ Bernie Sanders

Formerly an apparent underdog in the battle for the next U.S. presidency, Bernie Sanders is a strong competitor in the major fight for the Democratic nomination ahead. Sanders has a highly rare Human Design—that of a pure Ego Projector.

In the career language of BG5, the business aspect of Human Design Analysis, Bernie Sanders is a natural Alpha leader as an Advisor Type. Projector leadership is very different from the leadership style of the Manifestor with their Impact. The Projector's power lies in their unique energetic functioning, which provides a laser-like focus, aware perspective, and ability to guide other people or processes to higher efficiency or effectiveness.

Like all Advisors, Sanders is here to help others experience success. His energetic presence is designed to penetrate and absorb information to know how to advise people. He has a focused presence that gets to the core of the person he is with, asking the right questions at the right time to get them to the heart of the matter.

Advisors can become exhausted from too much energetic contact with others, or from over-working and trying to get out there and make things happen. Their decision-making strategy is to engage with what and who correctly recognizes and invites them first, rather than initiating. Since his Heart/Ego Center is defined with everything below open, Bernie can make sound decisions that he can trust when his expression of willpower is followed when he is invited to do so by others.

There are two kinds of Ego Authority - Manifested or Projected. Less than 1 in 200 people have Ego Projected authority. Sanders's authority is Ego Projected because the energy of his Ego does not reach the Throat in his Human Design.. Only 35% of the population have a defined ego like Bernie, able to make correct promises and keep them consistently. Very few people have this center as their Authority—just .49% have Ego Authority.


Bernie Sanders’s Competitiveness

Bernie's Ego and Identity Center connect through the channel of Initiation—"a Design of needing to be First." This channel is the only one in the Human Design bodygraph that Bernie has defined, so what he can trust is an invitation to initiate when his willpower agrees to it. People with this channel are very powerful forces for other people. Bernie's key to success requires that he wait to be recognized and invited to bring the competitive edge for others.

You don't get to a place of possibly being the next President without some competitiveness, and this is where Bernie's life force is consistent.
In fact, his Channel of Initiation is one of only six that are organizing forces in a Wa (a group of 16 people). Group dynamics like Penta and Wa are homogenizing influences that program our survival.

As an individual, Bernie's conscious driving force (Moon in gate 51.5—Symmetry) is competitiveness with an instinctive ability to tackle and adapt to ‘the unknown’: "The ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation." He brings courage to stand up and shock others with unexpected actions or the robust strength of his warrior spirit. In the Wa, this energy provides the willpower for competition, which handles challenges to expand our horizons and allow breakthroughs in experience.

Bernie's unconscious South Node is in gate 25.1 Selflessness. This gate brings the shaman/priest energy of the Spirit of the Self, Innocence; "the perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature." Bernie's unconscious imprinting leads him to fulfill his purpose in a large organization to provide it with the capacity for a competitive spirit.

Together, these two gates comprise Bernie's channel of Initiation, which is about his ability to initiate others when recognized and invited, using his willpower.

Being initiated into action gives Bernie the opportunity to discover the essence of his warrior spirit. People with Bernie's definition are the ones who stand up for and defend the leader of the Wa—the person with channel 21-45. Can Bernie maintain his fighting spirit for himself and our country as an active leader (with the 45th gate as his unconscious Sun and conscious Jupiter) if he is in a large group with another 21-45 in the room?


Bernie Sanders’s Life Purpose as a Left Angle Cross of Dominion

Because he was born in the Quarter of Duality, Bernie's purpose is fulfilled through the bonds he creates with others. As a 5/1 Profile, Bernie has a Left Angle Cross. He has the potential to alter other people’s movement through life as well as have his movement changed through interactions with others.

Every person Bernie meets as a Left Angle has not only a karmic connection but also value for him that requires interaction and bonding to fulfill his purpose. His 5th-line Personality is here to bring others success by universalizing what is practical. Bernie bears the responsibility of transforming the discoveries of the Right Angle profiles into knowledge that can be of value to others.

Positions of authority and power are a natural fit for Bernie as a Projector on the Left Angle Cross of Dominion. Bernie Sander’s conscious Sun is in Gate 64, line 5—Promise. This gate is his personality expression: "Before Completion—The Gate of Confusion: Transition, like birth, requires a determined strength for the passage through."

His heresy about our history has had a substantial effect on our view of society. Bernie has an ability to educate and advise us with his values and keep his promises. His unconscious Sun is in gate 45, line 1—Canvassing: "The ability to promote and develop gathering together through the education of the uncommitted. The material direction lies in education."

Bernie is here to educate others and express his individual uniqueness as a conscious General/Savior/Heretic/Messenger (5th-line personality) who has a solid foundation (1st-line body) in the world of politics—his area of chosen expertise since his school days more than 50 years ago. Life has brought him the people and experiences he needs to master the political system. System mastery is what all Projectors are here for.

Because he does not have consistent access to generating or manifesting energy, Bernie needs to partner with people who will do the work while he guides the process. If Bernie becomes President, it would be wise of him to ensure that he is using his individual willpower energy to his advantage by focusing on interactions outside of a small group in important meetings—one person at a time is where his real power lies. 

by Andrea Abay-Abay

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