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An Introduction to Hexagram Line Substructure: Color

An Introduction to Hexagram Line Substructure: Color

"Very few people have a connection to this system at a level below the Hexagram line. Below the line is where the science is—the verification of Human Design at its deepest level."    Ra Uru Hu

"Very few people have a connection to this system at a level below the Hexagram line. Below the line is where the science is—the verification of Human Design at its deepest level." Ra Uru Hu

Once you have experimented with your Strategy and Authority for at least 6 months to a year, you may be ready to move deeper into discovering yourself.

Would you like to dive below the Line to discover when you are operating correctly, and when you aren’t?

Color gives you a powerful tool to help you live as yourself, stay healthy, and take your Human Design experiment and the experience of your life to a deeper level.

Why should you care about your Color? The benefits are many. It can make your life easier by helping you understand how best to feed and care for your body, and what qualities of the environments you frequent are most nourishing to you. How do you see the world differently? How are you best motivated to take action?

“Color” describes the neutrino expression from being filtered by your Personality and Design crystals—it is what determines the secret codes to unlock your highest potential in terms of your physical health and psychology.


The Substructure of the Hexagram Lines

Underneath the level of all hexagram Lines, the Human Design System describes further nuances of each Gate—labeled Color, Tone, and Base. Each Line of every one of your Gates carries has a ‘substructure’—containing one of six Colors, further differentiating those colors to one of six Tones and below that, one of five Bases.

Primary Health System (the Unconscious Design)

1. Dietary Regimen
2. Environment

Health problems seen in the symptoms of a body that isn't functioning at its optimum can be encouraged back into alignment using Strategy and Authority, then looking below the line to the Design Crystal, at the Color level.

Color exiting the Crystal correctly or not can either bring you towards or away from what is right for your body. This leads you to take in the nourishment for your body on the inside or outside that either supports your differentiation or homogenizes you. The ‘transference’ shows what you’ll be attracted to that has the power to homogenize you.



Rave Psychology (the Conscious Personality)

3. Perspective (View)
4. Motivation

Color transference is called “distraction” when it happens in the Personality Crystal from the nodal perspective, causing distortion in your perception of reality. When it happens from the Sun/Earth level, it's called "transference", and can lead you to be motivated to action incorrectly.

One of the most exciting and fascinating things to witness in your experiment is when you get to that place of actually catching yourself in transference/distraction, because it leads to the passenger being aware of whether actions are correct, and to awareness of the helplessness of being consciousness in form. It’s an alert to the mind that something is “off” that is subtle yet profound, and it’s then that Ra tells us to ask ourselves “Who’s watching?” This brings us in touch with being the witness, the passenger in our bodies, watching the movie of our lives.

Again, first before experimenting with this information: be correct at the surface before moving down below the surface of the line, and you’ll find this depth of the knowledge much richer and more rewarding.

Time to Wake-Up to Yourself

We have the techniques to realize our differentiated uniqueness, to witness life as an awake being. We have the potential to be aware filters of the neutrino field flowing through us. Everyone alive now is here with the possibility of experiencing that neutrino field when it filters through our Crystals as authentic, unique, individuated and empowered inner truth. Experiencing your own self-reflected consciousness in form is quite a thing to witness.

To discover your personal truth, experiment with your Strategy and Authority, and if that leads you to Color, explore the Four Transformations. Find out for yourself what it's like to journey a path that is only yours to tread. You’re not here to be copied: with no footprints to follow, no one to carry you, and leaving no trace, your journey is a grand adventure, and you’re its sole primary witness. We are all of us alone on this journey, waking up individually, one person at a time. Enjoy your movie!

How to Make Correct Decisions: Human Design System Authority Hierarchy

How to Make Correct Decisions: Human Design System Authority Hierarchy

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