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What is the BG5™ Success Code?

What is the BG5™ Success Code?

How often as a child were you compared to someone else by a family member, mentor, or friend?

How often have you compared your career or your life to others?

Comparing ourselves to others creates an unsettled sensation that it's not okay to be who we are. Trying to change ourselves or adapt how we act to suit others, further damages our ability to succeed in living a fulfilling life aligned with out highest purpose.

The BG5™ Career Design System is the career and business methodology of The Science of Differentiation. This revolutionary system was developed by Ra Uru Hu, who spent 25 years establishing its foundations while simultaneously experimenting with it, and over time, proved its empirical validity in the world.

The BG5™ Success Code could be described as a cross between a personality typing system such as the Myers-Briggs' Type Indicator (your personality) and Genotyping (your genetic identity).

BG5 describes our psychological inclination, showing how we perceive the world and make choices. It reveals the specific way our genetics operate, which makes each of us utterly unique.

The most materially practical aspect of the Human Design System is BG5 (Base Group Five, the building blocks of humanity).

Do you know how cells are organized within our bodies to create different kinds of tissues and organs? As a BG5 consultant, I can immediately see the problem areas within a business (cells out of alignment) and offer practical solutions to the challenges of productivity and profitability that arise. With this revolutionary new system, BG5 Success Codes, timelines for creating a profitable business can be dramatically shortened.

Several of the businesses I consult with are “solopreneurs,” a few are partnerships, and many are made up of working teams of 3-5 people or more. In BG5 language, a group of three to five is called a "Penta" or Unified Group. It is responsible for a conditioning dynamic that creates a healthy competitive atmosphere.

When a business is constructed through a correctly engineered Penta or Unified Group, the company works well because it is "functional." In our BG5 terminology, functional means there are no gaps in essential business skills. When everything is well represented, the company fruitions with growth and financial rewards.

Unified working groups aka "Functional Pentas" help to neutralize potential friction or tension within a company. This allows each person's unique differences to work together to build a productive team. Having a correctly engineered team harmonizes everyone so that we can deal with issues that arise and respect each other's roles.

Each individual and company has an inherent need to demonstrate their core abilities and achieve success. The nature of Pentas are competitive; which creates forward momentum for the business and attracts the attention of other companies. Our material world is fueled by competitiveness that motivates us to innovate and deliver on our promises.

Building a team with the most reliable members you can find, who work well together is a smart business strategy. Practical demonstration of success and satisfaction through coordinated action is the sign of a successfully engineered business.

BG5 shows you your Career Success Code

BG5 shows you your Career Success Code

Successfully organized businesses are well-resourced and have a clear vision. Companies who care about their employees have more reliability and commitment, culture and accountability, and internal management. Successful companies have an effective sales strategy to attract attention and deliver the service and/or product. Without sales, you have no business. Thoughtful planning, proper administration, stellar customer service, and productive relationships with other companies are also paramount.

The Human Design System's Science of Differentiation solves the mystery of why certain things in your career and business work the way they do! It shows you why some situations never work out the way you think they should. It gives you objective information about how you are designed to be your best self and combine your highest potential to profit with purpose.

In BG5, we learn how to engineer the business to be appropriately designed for material success. When these groups get more substantial than nine people, we call them "Wa" or OC16, because of the dynamics at work shift from a small group to large organizing forces.

Many types of personality tests require long, repetitive questionnaires. Answering is subjective, and results are dependent on your mood or attitude, as well as skewed depending on your reason for taking the test.

Furthermore, the scientific and medical community interprets genetic testing within a narrow frame of reference.

Image by  Ruth Brennan

Image by Ruth Brennan

The Human Design System's Science of Differentiation compiles a complete picture of any individual which surpasses the results of either personality or genetic typing with a precise methodology. To determine your BG5™ Success Code, we ask you a question – what is the date, time, and place you were born?

The answer to this question gives us the necessary information to determine your BG5™ Success Code. This is going way beyond Astrology.

The Science of Differentiation behind The BG5™ Success Code is complex and includes components of ancient esoteric wisdom and modern exoteric science. A mathematical correlation exists between the structure of the I'Ching hexagrams and our Genetic Code composition. We now have a deeper understanding of the prime conditioning factors of our mental and physical consciousness.

The Human Design System provides a sweeping view of how to synthesize large amounts of data to show our genetic potential conclusively. At (I have been a social media writer for Jovian since 2014), we now have 30 years documenting the Human Design System. Our statistical database has been gathered through surveying over 8 million individuals. Enthusiasts and professional practitioners empirically test this method of analysis.

Human Design gives us objective and accurate information detailing what you were born to be, both at a conscious and an unconscious level. No other system can accurately paint the picture of someone's genetic gifts so clearly and precisely at both of these levels.

BG5 has developed practical tools you can use in your everyday life, relationships, and career. Through empirical testing, we've discovered the BG5™ Success Code is an accurate coding and synthesis of both our conscious (Personality) and unconscious (DNA) levels.

The Business Skills of a Functional Unified Group

Here are where the 12 Primary BG5 Business Skills come from. Image via

Here are where the 12 Primary BG5 Business Skills come from. Image via

Here are the Twelve Primary Business Skills that create a functional and successful business. Some people have a few of these traits; some have other strengths. Each person is unique, and sometimes, people are not equally vital in the overall dynamic of the whole group. Understanding each person's role is critical. Missing any of these skills creates gaps that can either cripple or kill a business' profitability and therefore, existence.

Want a Comprehensive BG5 Small Team Analysis?

Want a Comprehensive BG5 Small Team Analysis?

1) Capacity: Trait 14

2) Vision: Trait 2

3) Implementation: Trait 1

4) Public Relations: Trait 8

5) Reliability: Trait 15

6) Culture: Trait 5

7) Coordination: Trait 46

8) Commitment: Trait 29

9) Planning: Trait 7

10) Administration: Trait 31

11) Accounting: Trait 13

12) Oversight: Trait 33

  • To create sustained success, all of these areas must be fulfilled by people who are genetically suited for, educated in and satisfied by their essential role.

  • When people who have these traits are correctly unified (not haphazardly thrown together), it is an incredible group phenomenon of satisfying success.

  • When each person plays their correct role, everyone in the group feels fulfilled and receives appreciation for playing an integral part of the momentum of growth.

Contrary to how primary school educated us, each individual is meant to be different from everyone else. With BG5, we can see and capitalize on those differences.

We humans feel fulfilled when our inherent gifts and talents are uniquely expressed in life. Understanding how to access our highest potential can lift a tremendous pressure from our minds.

Unlock your fullest potential by using the BG5, the Human Design System's career, and business application to live out your highest expression of your genetic gifts. Dare to Differentiate!

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