Business Partnership Analysis Consultation

Successful collaboration in a business partnership can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish with the rapidly changing world we live in. There are immense rewards to effective and efficient work arrangements and agreements, but the challenges bring great risks. Communication gaps, skill weaknesses and work incompatibility can all take time to be revealed, time that can undermine the success of your company. If you aren't able to spot the issue and mitigate the problem from the initiation of any project or business' inception, you risk failure and loss.


As a career and business consultant

I can assist you with making a pragmatic, practical assessment of not only the big picture painting your business success potentials, but also the finer details that could trip you up down the road. There are both conscious and unconscious relationship dynamics which need to be understood and addressed in a business partnership. Whether you are taking a look at the potentials your business partnership has in store for you before signing a contract or hiring a right-hand woman or man, or you are attempting to understand what's missing or wrong in the partnership, an analysis of what the underlying causes for friction and disagreements is a smart preventative to future problems.  

Human Design applied in your business relationship can:

  • Explore the differences and similarities in your genetic makeup to focus on where there is common ground, and how best to work together for ultimate effectiveness and material success
  • Literally show you where there are potential issues that cause compromises and result in anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment in the partnership
  • Reveal the magnetic pull that attracts you together to create strengths where you can successfully partner, and tells you who brings what to the table so that responsibilities can be shouldered by the person perfectly designed for them or be outsourced for highest ROI
  • Determine how best to generate resources and align with the highest profit potentials in the business partnership
  • Warn of the pitfalls in the relationship where shadow aspects can rear their ugly fears, insecurities, and motivations for control that is not in the best interest of the partnership or business, and help you recognize how to support each other's ultimate growth and development of wisdom in these areas
  • Help you understand the impersonal nature of the issues (despite their feeling quite the opposite) so that you can not only see and accept, but realize and surrender to an appreciation of the unique factors that define your relationship
  • Can be an eye-opening experience that brings not only relief and acceptance, but actualize the highest fulfillment of your business partnership potential

Your Business Partnership Analysis Consultation can give you exactly what you need no matter what stage in business partnership you happen to be in. I use the BG5 career and business language of the Human Design System knowledge to deliver a powerful and comprehensive assessment of the realities you face in collaborative work endeavors. Your analysis creates a valuable resource that when fully grasped, can save you not only time and money, but also reduce potential headaches, misunderstandings and miscommunication that can break a business. 

Your 2 Hour Business Partnership Analysis Consultation Includes:

  • Practical Tools to guide the successful evolution of your business partnership 
  • Full Color Presentation PDF of the critical information covered in your session 
  • MP4 Recording this analysis is packed with detailed information that you'll want to review to gain additional insights over time. Reviewing your session can help you recognize information that hits deeper and brings more recognition of how to apply it for increased success in your business
  • 30 Minute Follow-up Session within the following weeks to answer further questions that may come up and allow for further strategics on how best to proceed
  • In-Person or Convenient Virtual Sessions via Skype. 

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