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PRIVATE Human Design BG5™ Coaching Plans are the FASTEST WAY to get rewarding Results

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Are you recovering from a failed business endeavor or financial risk that didn't play out as planned? Are you struggling to trust yourself and career path judgment? Do you just want to earn more income, but don't know what's holding you back? I can show you your best way through this difficult time.

I use BG5™, the career and business application of the Human Design System. I am currently in the final week of my consultant certification program and a teacher's assistant for the foundation level classes at the BG5 Business Institute.


The full BG5™ Career Design Analysis is an empowering resource and a detailed map for the fulfillment of your highest potential. As your consultant, I can synthesize all aspects of your analysis together, as well as offer practical individual guidance in terms of how to incorporate this within your career and business scenarios.

Each session is custom tailored to your immediate needs, and does not follow a rigid schedule. Sessions may have a different emphasis though we will touch on many aspects of your unique design during our time together. This is an outline of everything we'll cover (depending on your level of interest and need).

Your Comprehensive BG5™ Career Design Coaching Package covers:


Your Full Career Analysis to begin, with follow up sessions for deeper detail and my collaboration with you to discover its practical application in your current work situation:

  • Full Career Analysis
    High-level overview of Your Success Codes
  • Your Career Type 
    How do you best express yourself in the world?
  • Your Personal Interaction Style 
    How do you best interact with others?
  • Your Decision-Making Strategy 
    What is your trustworthy decision making tool?
  • Your Life Theme 
    What are the important signposts to keep you on track?
  • Your Assimilation Style 
    How do you process information?
  • Your Environment Style 
    What work setting do you operate best in?
  • Your Business Skills 
    What abilities are easiest for you to consistently bring to the table?
  • Your Team and Business Attributes 
    What do you offer to small groups?
  • Your Functions 
    Which functions define your consistent strengths?
  • Your Shadows/Distractions 
    Where are you taken off track?
  • Your Public Role 
    How you manifest your purpose in the world?
  • Your Life Work 
    What is the overall theme of your purpose in the world?
  • Your Career Design's General Thematics 
    Are you focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support and how?
  • Your Strengths and Contributions 
    What are the gifts that you bring to the world?
  • Your Characteristics and Qualities 
    What is your unique expression of these gifts?
  • Your Large Business and Group Strengths 
    How do you fit in large groups if at all?

I also include information on: 
ALPHA One Leadership and Your Profit Centers and Money Lines (where your strongest material success potentials are).

  • 6 or 12 months of Customized Career Coaching
  • Weekly Sessions using your personalized Career and Business Design 
  • Audio/Video is Recorded for your personal replay 
  • Live Sessions + follow-up action steps + email support
  • Progressive consultations take you through the details of your Career Design
  • Focus is on how to improve your bottom line in the most fulfilling and successful way

To taste the power of your BG5™ Success Codes you can order a Career Map here and if you are familiar with the Human Design System language you can watch me explain them in the videos below. 

I synthesize the different aspects of you and consider your background for a comprehensive consultation and ongoing coaching. Ongoing mentor-ship is where we truly get an opportunity to help you shine. 

  • A high-level overview & detailed BG5 career design analysis with custom slide presentation over 2 hours, including your full automated written report. AEmail responses to answer any questions that come up in the next few weeks is included. Buy here now. 
  • A Career Design strategy consultation with custom slide presentation over 60 minutes. Ready to truly succeed in the work world? It takes a recognition of key factors - namely, how you make choices, work with others, your functions, shadows and your career role.  Meet your Career Design Success Codes Here
  • When you're ready to move beyond the first six success codes in the Career Design Overview, your next step is to book the second part of your career analysis to explore the rest of your career design in collaboration with me.  Discover the rest of your Career Success Codes to give you a complete picture of how you can best experience fulfillment in your work career.

After any of these initial sessions, If you would like to continue coaching with me, we can continue to go deeper with the package above for a term of 6 or 12 months if mutually agreed upon.



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