Hi there,


I see that you've scheduled a Human Design Consultation with me but didn't follow through on paying to confirm your session.

Likely you aren't aware that in order to ensure we have the best possible experience together, I need to spend some time studying your chart from the perspective of reason why you are getting a consultation. This time spent is also a creative endeavor to create a custom presentation - think of your upcoming session like a private, customized class for you. The presentation helps with your analysis and the process of guiding you through recognizing the situation and solutions. 

What I'm really good at is assimilating the graph of your genetic imprinting and translating it into a way for you to understand and accept the structure of your life.

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If you're committed to yourself, I invite you to hit the back button to follow through on booking your session. I'm here to help you change your fate by learning, experience and discovery through times of uncertainty, to recognize feelings and point you to the hope in your situation through my creative expression of collaborating with you to uncover your inner truth.

Should finances be the only thing holding you back, feel free to write me to suggest a partial trade. I look forward to guiding you through living your authentic self! Much love, Andrea