LYD Intensive: Dismantling Your Not-Self and Awaken Your True Self

LYD Intensive: Dismantling Your Not-Self and Awaken Your True Self


This is a specialized, focused, intimate and experiential weekend experience where we will dive DEEP into your mind to bring it’s illusions to light in a weekend course. Two-day course happens with 6- 10 participants! Next available dates: Sundays April 21st & 28th, 9am to 5pm with breaks every hour and an hour lunch. Promotional Livestream on the 14th in the afternoon, time tbd.

In this way of looking at your mind’s NOT-SELF PURPOSE, we can help to shatter your false belief systems about yourself and help you learn to trust your personal process of authority instead of using your mind to decide.

We will also:
- unveil your mind’s false judgements of self/other
-includes membership to a private FB group for additional live support groups

We investigate deeper layers of your psychology in this course. The first people to experience this new way of teaching went through a two-day intensive. Approximately 16 hours total.

Limited to 10 participants (live or participating via recording). This is to ensure we have enough time to focus on each person’s chart completely.

Pre-Requisite: MUST have had a Living Your Design, Human Design Overview or Foundation Reading with a Certified Analyst.

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The weekend intensive is very different, in that I do not use slides for taking people through the information covered in LYD.

Instead, we will speak directly to each person's charts in the program, and I do not spend much time on other Types, Authorities or Definitions. Basically, it's a group evolution of the coaching style I've developed over the years of working with people. It's all about Living YOUR Design, your unique configuration so every class will be different depending on who is in it.

If you did LYD with me, do you remember when we did the fear gates and went to each person's chart? This class is kind of like that, only the whole time we go deeper into the mechanics.