Payments: Human Design Professional Certification (Includes Foundations)

Payments: Human Design Professional Certification (Includes Foundations)

300.00 every month for 1 year

This is a year-long series of official Human Design System mentoring and classes that includes:

Living Your Design Guide Professional Certification Program (2-3 classes per week for 3 months- 30 classes $1800)
AND all the Human Design Foundations courses:

LIVING YOUR DESIGN (weekly classes for 2.5 months $350)
Foundation Reading (customized presentation & 2 hour session $497)
RAVE ABCS (weekly classes for 2 months $450)
(bi-weekly classes for 4 months $850)

Please email if you would like an invoice for $3300 which is a prepay discount of $300.

Please click those links for descriptions of the required foundations to become any kind of Human Design Professional.

The Living Your Design Guide (LYDG) training is designed to educate, prepare, and certify Living Your Design Guides to support newcomers in the experiment of living their design.

The Living Your Design Guide Training is designed to effectively teach many of the basics of Human Design as it relates to type, strategy, authority and conditioning. This course offers 3 distinct components which provides students/Guides in training with the information and techniques necessary to assist newcomers in starting their 7-year deconditioning process. In this course Guides will learn how to assist others in understanding their own personal conditioning by using examples, experiential techniques, discussions and personal experiences. Certified LYD Guides also qualify for Professional listings on the International Human Design School and Jovian Archive websites, and where appropriate, on the Human Design National Organization website of the country where they reside.

Duration: This course is offered as an interactive workshop (online participation available) combined with an online program. Live, in-class participation scheduled over 1 semester. Completion of certification requirements dependent on student delivery and LYDG teacher approval. Total course time is estimated at 50 hours.

Beautifully illustrated professional slides to be used for the delivery of this course are available for purchase from the International Human Design School.

Living Your Design Guide Certification – Four Components for Success

Focus One: Building Your Knowledgebase! Theory and Methodology
In this focus, the methodology and content of a LYD workshop is covered and reviewed, including the following:

• Guides are taught how to present this material in such a way to encourage a newcomer’s awareness of their conditioned patterns.
• Guides will be trained to teach newcomers about their personal strategies and special techniques to support them in their 7-year deconditioning and experimentation process.
• There will be an emphasis on how to present the content while exploring various teaching tips and techniques.
• Education gaps will be filled while deepening the Guides personal understanding of their own design.
• Guides will dive deeper into their own ability to live and model their design.
• We will explore proven methods for content delivery and flow.
• We will use personal examples and techniques to help the newcomer further understand this journey of self-exploration.
• Guides will receive downloadable audios covering the theory and methodologies originally established by Ra Uru Hu in 2005.
• These audios cover Ra's approach for properly initiating a newcomer into the experiment of following one’s strategy and authority.

Completion Requirement: Participation in class discussions and review of all downloadable materials.

Focus Two: Guiding Your Guidance! Preparation and Practice

In this focus, students are given instructional support for the preparation and practice of delivery of LYD content, including the following:

• Guides will be supported in their planning and delivery preparation as professionals.
• In the practicum portion of this program students prepare, practice, live presentation skills and deliver LYD modules.
• This work is done with recorded homework assignments and also with live presentations to fellow class participants.
• There will be interactive class discussions, feedback sessions, and private written online discussion forums requiring live participation.
• The emphasis of this segment of the course is on gaining practical experience.
• You will receive and offer collaborative support in class, while increasing self-confidence and clarity about your own unique style/voice as a Guide.
• Within this program we will review enrichment topics that encourage professional planning and preparation of your own LYD workshop to take place once this certification process is complete.

Completion Requirement: Demonstration of live presentation skills, and presentation/delivery of LYD modules. Delivery classes are scheduled for Fridays,
September 21st for 8 weeks. Classes can be made up if you miss one.

Focus Three: Observation of a real Living Your Design Workshop

In this focus, students will participate and/or audit a live Living Your Design workshop conducted by any IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide Teacher of your choice. Q & A after classes required
Completion Requirement: Written or verbal observations of class room dynamics while auditing or participating in a live Living Your Design Workshop.

Focus Four: The HD Career: How to be a Successful Living Your Design Guide  
In this BONUS focus, you will receive training on how to make money in the way your design is aligned to be successful, with bonus social media marketing by design. This information is an Intro to my Profit Center/Money Lines Analysis and teaches you what you need to know to do your own. Bonus training adds course time of 2-4 hours depending on number of students participating.

Audit (Repeat) Pricing:
For students who have taken this with someone else: 50% off the regular price
(reply to you paid invoice with the name of your teacher after you receive the discount using code AUDIT4U).

For students who have already taken this with me:
70% of the regular price (use code AUDIT70)

Required Manual is the Living Your Design Instructor Manual