Projectors: Living Your Design Success Secrets

Projectors: Living Your Design Success Secrets

225.00 every month for 4 months

Deepen your Human Design Educational Journey... in a private live group, 3-month format designed especially for Projectors. Most Projectors have been studying HD on their own extensively, maybe even taking LYD from another teacher before they find this class. Although it is comprehensive enough of the basics that it is appropriate for newcomers, we dive deep into your design over 12 weeks (there are 11 live sessions and one break week). The point of this class is not certification, although you may take it towards that goal. It is a spiritual recognition of our true powers, gifts, talents and the secrets to our success as unique beings.

Next class scheduled for September 20th, 2019. Once you purchase, you can join us in our private, member only group with access to extensive resources on how to be successful in living your design, and regular Motivation study groups to commune about the Human Design Experiment with other like-minded Projectors.

All classes recorded and available for download in case you miss it; you can send me your questions in a voice message or written on Messenger if you can’t make it live. If you choose to attend via recordings, and sending in your questions/comments, your chart will be used in the live classes so you won't miss out on learning more about your design in detail.

In these group coaching classes, we go into deeper layers than a regular Living Your Design, because I give very specific advice according to your designs. I am a certified BG5 Profit Potential Consultant so I will coach who is in the group on the profit potential of your undefined centers, and the way we are designed to be successful in career/business. I have also taken the OC16 (large business training) and am in my 2nd year of Differentiation Degree Training (Primary Health System and Rave Psychology).

A recent addition to the evolution of this experience is having guided study groups for us to share about our color motivation, to help us determine how to discern whether the other person is right for us. This is an experiment in letting you know about an aspect of our Rave Psychology, a valuable tool Ra delivered especially to us Projectors.

Sound interesting? Join us!

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Are you ready to stop the cycle of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment that colors your life?

Get ready to learn why and how to experiment with your genetic keys that can unlock your unique potential!

Experience a Living Your Design Awakening to:

  • Understand how a chart is created and how to navigate it

  • Set yourself up for Success in your Human Design experiment

  • Gain renewed inspiration and support in living/loving your Design

In this program, you’ll discover How to Live Your Design:

  • What Human Design is & Why to Experiment

  • The 9 Centers, How they Function and signposts of Alignment or not

  • The Aura Types, Strategies and Inter-Type interaction

  • How Authority is activated and can be followed in decision-making

Essential principles you need to know in order to successfully experiment with your Human Design Strategy and Authority in decision-making are covered in depth. Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation courses in Human Design if you want to become a Professional.

Includes membership in a private Facebook group and participation in live study groups to connect with others studying the Human Design System at the foundational level.

New to my teaching?
Free Projector Type Webinar available in the Human Design System Facebook Group here.

Class Outline for weekly format (subject to flexibility in presentation order). Live Sessions Scheduled:

  1. Authority/How Centers Function + Introductions

  2. Throat Center Shadows to Success

  3. Root Center Shadows to Success

  4. Splenic Center Authority & Shadows to Success

  5. Ajna/Head Center Outer Authority & Shadows to Success

  6. Solar Plexus Authority & Center Shadows to Success

  7. Heart Center Authority & Shadows to Success + Definitions

  8. Sacral Center Authority & Shadows to Success

  9. G Center Authority & Shadows to Success

  10. Successful Aura Type Interactions & Connection Chart examples

    Audit (repeat) Pricing is available for this class if you’ve taken Living Your Design with another teacher - Email for a 50% off invoice!

    Membership included in the Projector Success Secrets FB group.

    New to Human Design? YouTube Class: The Fundamental Principals of Human Design