Continue: Rave ABC's - Diving Into the Matrix

Continue: Rave ABC's - Diving Into the Matrix

150.00 every month for 3 months

Begin to learn to read Human Design Charts, including your own! Next classes beginning 9/15/2019 Sundays at 1pm Pacific.

There are 7 video lectures plus 7 livestreamed classes in this course. Plus a bonus guided study group session to deliver and help you with your personal chart keynoting! Additional recorded live study groups available below on various ABC level educational topics as well as occasional meetings to practice chart keynoting in the future.

Rave ABC's is an extension of the Living Your Design Awakening program.

ABCs is one of my FAVORITE programs to teach! This is because it's got tons of empowering information that educates and inspires you to start working with charts of other people and understand more how your own design functions.

As a student who has decided to enter into ABCs, your either curious or passionate about learning more about yourself and you recognize the value in what the Human Design System gives you in providing accurate answers.

Whether you want to become a certified professional or simply more informed in using this system for yourself, the Rave ABC's course is the next step. Sign up to access immediate video trainings and join the live study groups on Facebook!

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  • Black – Red, Personality and Design

  • Circuits and Circuitry

  • Hexagram Structure

    Program Outline:
    1) Rave ABCs Intro and Overview Class
    2) The Synthesis of the Human Design System
    3) The Crystals of Consciousness
    4) The Red & The Black - Conscious & Unconscious
    5) Specific Circuit Groups
    6) The Streams of Awareness
    7) Hexagram Lines
    8) Personal Keynoting Assignment Presentations

    Example BONUS CLASSES:
    1) Recorded Study Group: Circuitry Quiz + Q & A
    2) Recorded Study Group: Deaf Channels

  • Once you are an ABC student of mine, you are invited to participate in future live study groups to deepen your awareness and connect with our human design community

Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation

Foundation Reading with an IHDS certified Analyst

Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition or paid version of

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Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation course in Human Design, Rave Cartography, if you want to qualify for any of the Professional level Human Design specialties.

Payments: Join Patreon for affordable payment plans on the weekly course (pay between $89-149/mo)

Audit (Repeat) Pricing:
For students who have taken this already: 50% off the regular price
(reply to your paid receipt with the name of your teacher after you receive the discount using code AUDIT4U).

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