Continue: Rave ABC's - Diving Into the Matrix

Continue: Rave ABC's - Diving Into the Matrix


Next class start date: Fridays at 12 Central/10 am Pacific for 8 sessions (break after 7th session; 8th is a bonus TBD as you’ll be presenting your personal keynoting assignment).

Although it may be enough for you to go through the experience of the Living Your Design Awakening program, for some people it is just the beginning. Many students who are passionate about learning more about themselves find the Human Design System provides accurate answers. Whether you want to become a certified professional or simply more informed in using this system for yourself, the Rave ABC's course is the next step.

Rave ABC’s is the first level of the IHDS professional and general educational tracks. This course is designed to satisfy your curiosity about the basics revealed in a bodygraph. It also provides the required educational foundation for your development as a skilled analyst, Living Your Design Guide, and the many other possible avenues you can explore beyond.

In the Rave ABC's we will discuss more of the origins of Human Design. We'll also delve deeper into the fundamental components that make up the profound synthesis known as the Human Design System. Rave ABC's is designed to show how all these pieces fit together to form the bodygraph and help you begin the process of learning how to analyze a chart.


  • Black – Red, Personality and Design

  • Circuits and Circuitry

  • Hexagram Structure

Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation

Foundation Reading

Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition

Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation course in Human Design, Rave Cartography, if you want to qualify for any of the Professional level Human Design specialties.

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