Image Credits: home of the Human Design System founded by Ra Uru Hu

Image Credits: home of the Human Design System founded by Ra Uru Hu

Human Design Life is about


to reach your authentic, highest potential.


What is Human Design?

The Human Design System is a synthesis of several mystical systems we use to understand our world: 


the Chinese I-Ching

the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System

the Judaic Kabbalah

Human Design also incorporates the modern day biological sciences: 

genetics, physiology, and psychology.

Human Design has been experimented with by millions of people worldwide, providing a powerful tool for:

How to make Decisions





A chart reading with a Human Design Analyst

gives you profound insights into your genetic makeup.

You can learn about:

Your best strategy for interacting
with others

how to choose the right
course of action

Other information about you in your human design chart:

  • How your body digests your food best (helpful for nourishing your difference)
  • What kind of environment is best for you (helpful in giving you a life of longevity with less resistance)
  • How your mind and psychology works (helpful for optimal learning and seeing the world accurately)

Discover your Human Design and see what makes you unique. 


Most of the world's people are lost in "homogenization".

Remember the arcade game, TETRIS? I loved that game when I was a kid, playing it at the bowling alley while my parents did their league nights.
When you successfully fit pieces in a row, you'd disappear... 

 You are not a Tetris piece, not here to disappear into the background of life; you are here to live as the star of your own "movie" with
vibrancy and vitality!

You have the potential for true AUTHENTICITY... 

Not to be like everyone else -
not even similar to anyone else.

You are here to be unique
and very different. 

Human Design can empower and uplift you if you are looking for
the key to living a fulfilled life.

Through using the tools of the Human Design System
as taught by Ra Uru Hu, founder and messenger,
results are profound and sometimes shocking...
to truly inspiring and unique. 

Want to read testimonials
of people I've worked with? 

The self-knowledge you receive from experimenting with the Human Design System gives you an enhanced awareness of your purpose and place in the world.

Using Human Design, you can peel back the layers of conditioning your life experience taught you up to this point for the enhancement of your life.

Doubt, confusion, and negative stress are common in people who aren't living their authentic nature.

Deconditioning from the adaptive strategies that cause resistance (frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment) is simple, not easy; and worth the effort to learn why and how with a Living Your Design Awakening.

Human Design and it's evolution, BG5 (the career and business application) gives you powerful tools for making choices you can trust in life to lead you to true fulfillment. 

This journey is taken by you alone, but you don't have to be lonely or struggle though it.
Sharing experiences, feelings, tips and tricks

can make "deconditioning"

(unlearning habits, behaviors and patterns
of adaptive strategies your mind uses
to deal with life)


Find out how you are needed to be a part
of the awakening of Humanity
and the enlivenment of your true self
in a highly practical way.

Discover and learn how to Live Your Design.

All photography of the Mount Shasta area by Laveena Lovick



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