Custom BG5 Full Career Report

Custom BG5 Full Career Report


The BG5™ Career Design Complete Analysis covers your 16 Success Codes in detail, and provides you with the tools to understand your unique Career Design, and fully utilize the specific gifts, talents and attributes you are here to share with the world.

We each have a unique way of representing ourselves as part of the business world. Your uniqueness plays out in a practical way based on your genetics. Items 1-6 of your Success Code provide the foundation for how you’re designed to operate in the world. Your Career Type, Personal Interaction, and Decision Making Strategy provide the day-to-day tactics that will direct you to your individual work and life path. Life Theme, Assimilation and Environment Style(s) provide you with a roadmap to help you further understand how you function once on that path.

Items 7 – 16 of your Success Code provide the full range, and unique combination of abilities you’re here to express through your work and life. If you were able to look at the Career Designs of the entire planet you would see that there is no one exactly like you, and contrary to what you have been taught, you’re meant to be different from everyone else. You’re a quantum of all that your design represents, and it’s through the living of that quantum that your full energies and contributions will be experienced, and utilized by those around you.

  1. Career Type
  2. Personal Interaction
  3. Decision Making Strategy
  4. Life Theme
  5. Assimilation
  6. Environment Style(s)
  7. Business Skills
  8. Team & Business Attributes
  9. Nine Functions
  10. Shadows & Distractions
  11. Public Role
  12. Life Work
  13. General Thematic
  14. Strengths & Contributions
  15. Characteristics & Qualities
  16. Large Business & Group Strengths

To create your report you must know your Birth Date, exact Birth Time, and Birth City/Country.

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