Relationship Charts PDF & PNGs

Relationship Charts PDF & PNGs


Ready to self-study Your Relationship?

You'll get:

  • All kinds of images of your partnership charts 
  • Your Conscious & Unconscious Imprinting Split View
  • Your Full Partnership Rave Mandala
  • All of your Rave I-Ching descriptions are also included in this pdf report.

This is not an automated service and must be run manually, so please allow 24-48 hours for delivery of your advanced chart.

Please note that the software does not explain what it all means; you need to be a student of Human Design through self-study at, take official classes, or get a reading from an analyst to understand everything about this connection chart (ie it is not an explanatory report).

Using Maia Mechanics Imaging, the official Human Design Human Design Software from Jovian Archive, your Relationship Chart PDF and PNGs are created manually and delivered to you electronically.

People like this to print out for reference, and to use the images in digital or print artwork.

NOTE: EXACT birth time is critical for these charts to be accurate.

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