Chiron (Kiron) Return Human Design Chart & Written Analysis

Chiron (Kiron) Return Human Design Chart & Written Analysis


Ready to see what the weather has in store for you in your full flowering of maturity so you can know and understand how you are here to express your gifts to the world? Want to see the correct conditioning that will be with you for the rest of your life?

This is not an automated service and must be run manually, so please allow 7-10 days for delivery of your Kiron Return Life Cycle Human Design Chart Analysis. People like this to print out for reference and self-study.

Using official Human Design Human Design Software, your Saturn Return Chart PDF is created manually (this is not an automated report). You may ask one question about the upcoming year to be addressed in your analysis.

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Had a Foundation reading? Want to know what your 50's have in store for you? A Chiron Return session is recommended as a "must have" reading in your life after you have had time to decondition (I recommend at least 3.5-4 years in the HD experiment) and around age 49. This session helps you to see where you will find will the next chapter of self-expansion BEYOND your initial HD reading and what has to happen for the fullest expressions of your gift to manifest. Your Chiron placement always reveals a profound gift.

  • You have a childhood wound, where you were misused, left behind or doubted in some way that can be turned into your greatest contribution to the world when healed. Chiron return readings allow us to see the path to resolving the wound and where the status of our healing of this gift is in our life.

  • Chiron is about integrating the experiences that make us aware of our true selves, our role in the community and our relationships with others. This cycle can help us reclaim some cast-off aspect of our existence.

Are you ready to comprehend the flowering of your full potential? This reading can be experienced once you've had a solid foundation in your experiment and can happen whenever your authority says it's time.

Once you've had enough time to experiment with living your human design you may want to dive into what your Chiron Return is all about. This reading specifically focuses on how the flowering of your full potential arises in your Chiron Return, in context with your profile, Type, Strategy and Authority. Reading is approximately 60 minutes long and includes an audio/video recording and pdf of your design details.