Your Uranus Opposition Human Design Chart

Your Uranus Opposition Human Design Chart


Ready to see what the weather has in store for you in your middle-aged maturity so you can be prepared for the changes ahead?

This is not an automated service and must be run manually, so please allow 24-48 hours for delivery of your Uranus Opposition Life Cycle Human Design Chart.

Please note that the software does not explain what it all means; you need to be a student of Human Design through self-study at, take official classes, or get a reading from an analyst to understand everything about this advanced chart (ie it is not an explanatory report).

Using Maia Mechanics Advanced Imaging, the official Human Design Human Design Software from Jovian Archive, your Uranus Opposition Chart PDF is created manually and delivered to you electronically.

People like this to print out for reference and self-study.

NOTE: EXACT birth time is critical for this chart to be accurate.

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