Uranus Opposition Human Design Chart & Recorded Analysis

Uranus Opposition Human Design Chart & Recorded Analysis

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Ready to see what the weather has in store for you in your middle-aged maturity so you can be prepared for the changes ahead?

This is not an automated service and must be run manually, so please allow 48-72 hours minimum for delivery of your Uranus Opposition Life Cycle Human Design Chart.

Using official Human Design Human Design Software, your Uranus Opposition Chart PDF is created manually I can do my best to get a recorded analysis delivered to you electronically within 3-4 weeks.

People like this to print out for reference and self-study.

NOTE: EXACT birth time is critical for this chart to be accurate.

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Had a Foundation reading? Want to know what your 40's have in store for you? A Uranus Opposition session is recommended to understand your "mid-life crisis" and learning. This is where the maturing phase of our life takes place, to set us up for the flowering of our gifts at 50.

Once you've had some time to experiment with living your human design you may want to dive into what your Uranus Opposition is all about. This reading specifically focuses on your Uranus Opposition Cycle in context with your profile, Type, Strategy and Authority. Reading is approximately 60 minutes long and includes an audio/video recording and custom created presentation of your design details. This is such an important life transition, get the details to make the most of it!