Living Your Human Design


Human Design Life Coaching is the FASTEST WAY to get better results

Ready to experience an authentic life filled with more clarity, passion, empowerment, and uniqueness?




My Human Design Life Coaching Package is an empowering six-month individualized and detailed exploration of you for the fulfillment of your highest potential. As your personal adviser, I can synthesize aspects of your Human Design together, as well as offer practical individual guidance in terms of how to incorporate this within your current situation and life cycles.

Each session is custom tailored to your immediate needs, and does not follow a rigid schedule. Sessions may have a different emphasis though we will touch on many aspects of your unique design during our time together. This is an outline of everything we'll cover (depending on your level of interest and need).


  • Introduction to Your Human Design Chart
    An overview - Who are You?

  • Foundation of Your Genetic Imprinting
    Aura Type - How do you best express yourself in the world?

  • Your Personal Interaction Strategy
    Strategy - How do you best interact with others?

  • Your Decision-Making Authority
    Authority - what is your trustworthy decision making tool?

  • Your Authentic Life Signposts
    Signposts - What important themes signal if you are on or off frequency?

  • Your Assimilation Style
    Assimilation - How do you process information?

  • Your Environment Style
    Environment - What kinds of living/work settings do you operate best in?

  • Your Defined Human Design Centers
    Functions - Which centers define your natural, consistent strengths?

  • Your Shadows/Distractions
    Shadows - How is your mind obsessed with controlling/fixing your life?

  • Your Profile, the "Costume" or Public Role
    Profile - How do you manifest your purpose in the world?

  • Your Incarnation Cross - Life's Work
    Cross - What is the overall theme of your purpose in the world?

  • Your Human Design's General Thematics
    Circuitry - Are you focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support?

  • Your Strengths and Contributions
    Contributions - What are the gifts that you bring to the world?

  • Your Characteristics and Qualities
    Qualities - What are the unique characteristics of your way of expressing your gifts?

  • Your Major Life Cycles
    Cycles - What are your current learning programs to fulfill your purpose?
    Closest Solar Return plus Saturn Return and/or Uranus Opposition and/or Kiron Return (2-4 sessions)

  • Your Profit Centers and Money Lines
    Making Money - Where are your strongest material success potentials?

  • All sessions over 6-12 months via Zoom

  • Audio/Videso is Recorded for your personal replay

  • 60-90 minutes + follow-up action steps + email support

  • Progressive sessions taking you through the details of your Human Design

  • Custom packages can be adjusted to fit your needs.

    Individual Sessions also available to try before you commit to a special package