Human Design Relationship Coaching Package

Human Design Relationship Coaching Package


When it comes to our relationships, human design is the most powerful tool for comprehending what’s going on between partners.

Relationship readings between parent and child, lovers, friends and family members are incredibly helpful when there are tensions and misunderstandings.

Using the power of the Human Design System helps you discover the gift of acceptance and fulfillment in your interpersonal relationships. A Companionship Chart Analysis and Consultation also helps you have the best advantage when it comes to your relational satisfaction and success.

Would you like to:

  • Learn about how your definition is designed to relate to a specific person?

  • Discover your "hot-spots" - find out why there are misunderstandings and how to facilitate and ease communication?

  • See when the relational triggers are most likely to happen, and which things you need to “agree to disagree” about and how to go about coming from a place of mutual understanding

  • Understand how, when and why where you are open to amplifying the other person’s design and what to do when you don’t enjoy what’s happening?

  • Recognize how you can get pulled away from the kind of love that is authentic and correct for you to experience

    Two people’s charts are included in this connection chart analysis.

    This package includes a customized PDF of your relational design, an overview of each other’s designs and explanations of the deep differences you have between you below the surface of your awareness. It takes 7-10 days to turnaround your companionship chart analysis. Once you have read the presentation, and listened to/watched the audio/video analysis (60 minutes), we can meet to discuss (90-120 minute consulting session).

    We will consult on these differences and similarities so that you can come to greater awareness about yourselves in relation to each other.

    This service is done in three sessions; each session is approximately 60 minutes. I require that both people are grounded in the basics of their design (know and practice strategy and authority).

    I also require both people be present for both sessions (unless a child under 12), so if one of you has to cancel, we will reschedule the session.

    Looking forward to communing with you about your connection so that you have the best chance of being able to love yourselves and each other in this relationship!

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