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Human Design & BodyTalk Evolutionary Leap

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Remote BodyTalk Session

“Quantum Physics presents a picture of reality in which the observer and the observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way.”
P. Davis and J. Gribben in The Matter Myth.

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Even with all of our science and technology, we really do not know the complete answer to “how it works.” We are just scratching the surface on the theories. The only thing we really do now for sure is that IT DOES WORK and there are countless case studies from all over the world from different healing systems who use remote or distance work as part of their practice and get great results.

Where would we be if the caveman waited for science to explain how fire worked before he was willing to use it?

Prayer has been, in it’s simplest form, demonstrated over and over again to be a very successful mode of ‘facilitating a healing’ from a distance. Doctors and Nurses have seen time and time again a dramatic difference in the recovery of a person who has been prayed over vs. one who has not.

The Simple Science:

Our knowledge of science and technology is at the stage of infancy to even begin to explain what we have been doing for thousands of years. In just the last year we have actually developed a technology to photograph meridian channels in the body. The meridian channels are something that Eastern Medicine has been working with for 4000+ years with incredible results in healing of the body-mind.

Here is what we do know:

It was discovered when live cells from the same person were separated by a large distance, that whatever is done to one of the cells in one location is immediately reflected in the other cells 1000’s of miles away.

Quantum physics describes a similar phenomenon known as Unified Field or Non-local Quantum Hologram: information via the mind/body complex can be accessed between two or more connected parties without the parties being in the presence of each other. They are now calling this Quantum Entanglement.

Christopher Clark’s Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness and the Self goes on to explain his belief that “Quantum Entanglement is an essential aspect of conscious perception.” This supports other physicists’ theories that Quantum Entanglement may be the new frontier in explaining the way the mind works.

Since elementary school we have been educated on the important use and understanding of Quantum Entanglement or as we learned back then: energy fields projecting beyond a physical body; i.e. the earth’s gravitational field or two magnets pulling or opposing each other. What about all the concerns of a cell phone’s EMF’s (Electromagnetic Field)? There is nothing paranormal to us about these material bodies extending a field of energy beyond their surface. So why can’t we do the same thing? Why can’t we expand our own field?

We can and we do. Ever start thinking about someone and about the time it would take him or her to pick up the phone and dial your number your phone DOES ring and they are on the other end and the conversation starts with a “Wow, I was JUST thinking about you.”

As Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement have already proven under so many examples of these field-to-field interactions, like those listed above, our brain/mind can extend itself through these fields too. Quantum Entanglement has shown that these fields are real in the sense they can resonate with and effect other systems that are under their influence. Simply put, put your attention (extend your field of observation) on something and a measurable shift occurs.

Studies have shown that the concentration of attention (observing) is not limited to or confined to the physical matter of the brain, thus its effect seems not to be limited at a distance either. Projection takes place through these fields of what they refer to as Quantum Entanglement to extend beyond the mind, connecting the Observer (Practitioner) and the Observed (Client).

  • P. Davis and J. Gribben in The Matter Myth explains, “Quantum Physics presents a picture of reality in which the observer and the observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way.”
  • In 2004 Nature news report “Quantum Mechanics says, observing the world tends to change it”
  • Rupert Sheldrake states “Vision is rooted in the activity of the brain, but is not confined to the inside of the head.”

So how does an Observer (Practitioner) find the Observed (Client) at a great distance? Again, to be honest we really don’t know. But what we do know is like a set of fingerprints each person vibrates at their own unique frequency. And via the vehicle of what we are currently calling Intent, for in the world of Quantum Physics everything works through intent, the mind can move along the Fields of Quantum Entanglement and the Observer (Practitioner) can then ‘connect’ with the Observed (Client). Thus the Practitioner can facilitate a session for the client by observing. Even at a great distance.

Not to long ago, a mere 130 years ago, people stopped laughing at the “impossible” idea that someone could actually talk to one another over a copper wire Just 70 years later in the late 1940’s people stopped scoffing at the ‘ludicrous’ idea that now they could talk without a wire at all! And now, people can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime and be driving a car, riding a bus or train and there be nothing connecting them but air right?

We take for granted when we press a button the car doors are going to unlock just our car and not everyone else in the parking lot.

We take for granted that the tv remote will change to the channel you want to watch, or the right person will answer their cell phone no matter where they are and what we are doing even if it is going 75 down the highway. We take for granted the technological complexity of what takes place when there is simply a sender and a receiver.

Remember we started off by saying that our technology is just at the infancy stage and even with all the advancements, we already take so many for granted. Some day when science finally catches up to explain how Remote/Distance Sessions work, we will then take the whole concept of Remote/Distance Sessions for granted too. For many people, they already are.

1 Hour Human Design Foundation Reading

Prepare for further authentic alignment with yourself one week after your BodyTalk session with Nathan.

Interested in Human Design and want to be more aware of who you are? Here’s your chance to get a clear and profound introduction to how to make decisions correctly, the role you’re here to play, an in depth look at your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, how to honor, respect and love yourself.

Session is one hour, includes audio and video recording with full-color chart illustrations and a pdf of your design details as well as images. Follow up email support included, and free membership to a private Facebook group with regular study and support group webinars as well.

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