Generator & Manifesting Generator Sacral Session

Generator & Manifesting Generator Sacral Session

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Your Sacral Center WORKS. But you are caught up in your mind’s trip about why it responds and what it responds to. I can guide you to the Hope that something better is coming, to get you out of your own way so that you can live your Truth.

“Doing the sacral session with Laveena brought me straight to my truth. Cleared out the mind confusion and helped me make some much needed clear decisions. There is a such a need to have a trusted person who just knows exactly what to ask to get to the truth. What a gift she is for me in my life.” Veronica

As a certified Living Your Design Guide, Human Design Foundations Teacher, Individual/Relationship/Cycles Analyst and BG5 Career and Business Consultant, my private practice has a diversity of clientele. Through all of them runs a common thread: the recognition that Human Design is a powerful tool for awareness and therefore, transformation to improve one’s life.

This session is designed for Generators who would like free-form consultations on particular questions about what they are going through at the stage of their journey. No topic is off limits here. Just let me know in advance what you'd like to discuss and so that I can take a look at your current life cycles before we meet to maximize the value of our time together.

If you would like ongoing sessions, I can provide two sessions free when you buy a pack of 10. Simply go to and enter $1970. Sessions do not expire.

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“Surrender: Your Mind Must Be An Ally
It’s very important to understand something as a Generator: Generators were given this gift of surrendering. Let me explain to you how surrender works for a Generator. A Generator comes to Human Design and they’re told that they make decisions in response. So they begin this process of making decisions in response, and they begin this process by doing the mental work first.

If you do not seduce your mind as a Generator, you will never have a real opportunity to be yourself. Your mind must become your ally. The way in which you make your mind an ally is that when you begin your Generator process, you begin by a “Question and Response Episode.”

The Mind Will Fight Your Surrender
See, Generators are here to know themselves. You’re here to know yourself so you above everybody else is here to know the power of your Not-Self because it’s your greatest enemy! In recognizing the power of that Not-Self you cannot expect your mind – who does not work for you – to work for you!

You cannot expect that you’re going to be able to teach your mind, to be able to compensate for your Not-Self.

Your Mind Is Not on Your Side
It all comes back to your own process. It comes back to you remembering every moment of every day that your mind is not on your side. It’s going to tell you whatever it tells you. It has to learn. You have to teach it. You have to fool it. You have to get it to a point that it surrenders to you being your own Authority, claiming what’s rightfully yours.

Your Sacral Center is here to claim what’s rightfully yours – your Authority. I wait for awake 59s to change the way in which we bond, so that we can bond with clarity, so that we can bond with those that are correct for us to bond with.” – Ra Uru Hu