Human Design Life Coaching

Human Design Life Coaching


As a certified Living Your Design Guide, Human Design Foundations Teacher, Individual/Relationship/Cycles Analyst and BG5 Career and Business Consultant, my private practice has a diversity of clientele. Through all of them runs a common thread: the recognition that Human Design is a powerful tool for awareness and therefore, transformation to improve one’s life.

This session is designed for people who would like free-form consultations on particular questions about what they are going through at the stage of their journey. No topic is off limits here. Just let me know in advance what you'd like to discuss and the charts of who is involved, so that I can take a look before we meet to maximize the value of our time together.

If you would like ongoing sessions, I can provide two sessions free when you buy a pack of 10. Simply go to and enter $1970. Sessions do not expire. Must have had at least Living Your Design or a Foundation Reading with any certified Analyst to start Human Design Life Coaching with me.

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