Total Human Design Life Results Coaching Package

Total Human Design Life Results Coaching Package

897.00 every month for 6 months 997.00 every month for 6 months

As a certified Living Your Design Guide, Analyst (individual Charts, Partnership, Life Cycles, Incarnation Crosses) and BG5 Career and Business Consultant, with my own coaching practice, many of my clients are small business owners and consultants themselves. This particular package of one-on-one sessions is designed for people who would benefit from professional mentoring help that has the power for deep transformation.

Total Human Design Results Coaching Package

•  18 sessions (typically occurring over a 6 month time frame) 3 weeks on, 1 off

•  Call Strategy Tools

•  Post-Session Recap Tools

•  Online access in between calls

•  Private Client Portal to post process work and request review of materials

•  Access to additional human design resources

•  Audio/Video Recording of every session

•  Complimentary access to foundational human design educational programs suitable to your level of experience.

•  10 day money back guarantee (if after the first session either of us don’t feel this is a good fit, you may have a full refund and cancel the package subscription).


✓   18 live sessions

✓   Prep tool to help you prepare and make the most of our time together

✓  Post-session accountability to deepen the learning and create new habits ✓  Recording of every session to access the learnings as often as you’d like

✓  Access to coach between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching

✓   Private Client Portal to keep you organized and so you can retrieve what you need when you need it to get better results faster

✓   Additional Resources to strengthen the transformation and results you experience

"Participate Or Get Your Money Back Guarantee!"

I hope you enjoy this Human Design coaching experience and the benefits. You have been wanting this kind of transformation possible and I do not want you to be delayed any longer. So that you can feel comfortable with your decision, let’s take away any financial risk you may perceive.

If, after participating fully, you do not agree that the process of human design life coaching is worth every penny of the price you paid just let me know anytime within the first 10 days of your human design transformational experience and I can promptly make arrangements to refund your credit card for the entire amount you have paid to date.

This human design coaching program is about you taking aligned action to experience transformation. If you participate fully, you show up for the session we schedule, you do the assigned process work, you'll make progress in your awareness and improvement in your personal comprehension of change and growth towards tranquility in the midst of uncertainty.

If you do not show up for the calls or follow through on the commitments we’ve made together to facilitate your human design experiment, the only guarantee is that it will not work for you!