Incarnation Cross Reading

Incarnation Cross Reading


Imagine you were given a special job description from birth, one that told you what is possible for you—and all you had to do was trust in making the right choices to fulfill that job over the span of a lifetime.

It might be safe to say that you would forego many of the anxieties and constant pressure to figure out your life, and stop looking in various directions for answers. Instead, you would trust your process to unfold.

What would it be like to relax and know that, no matter what, you have the tools to consistently work toward this “goal”?

One of the greatest challenges that most human beings face is directly related to our sense of purpose. “Why am I here?” or “What am I supposed to do with my life?” often creeps into the mind. It’s a question that can distort our thinking to the point that we lose our way.

And much to our own detriment, this can result in:

-Trying to force a sense of purpose because of what we think is valuable
-Making decisions based on ‘good’ or ‘bad’ judgements of others
-Using homogenized ways to achieve fulfillment quickly instead of growing into our own uniqueness
-Worrying about our purpose and struggling to find meaning in life

A great gift of this knowledge is that it can show us our purpose in life, and offer us tools to actualize it. 

In Human Design, the fulfillment of purpose is laid out through the potential of what are called “Incarnation Crosses.”

Now, this Cross does not just automatically happen, but once we consistently function in alignment with our true nature, over time it will emerge and take over our life’s direction. 

Once you've had some time to experiment with living your human design you may want to dive into what your Incarnation Cross is all about. Discover the costume of your life purpose, and how you can fulfill your reason for being.

Authentic alignment with your true nature begins with shattering the misconceptions you have about yourself and the way you are designed to interact with the world. If you've been studying your Human Design and are ready for more specifics about who you are and how you can live the fullest potential of your gifts in the world for true fulfillment, this is where to go after a Foundation Reading and Living Your Design Class. Your purpose is something that comes naturally to you as you mature over time with living your design, and when you reach age 50 the full flowering of your potential begins to happen. This reading specifically focuses on the four gates of the Sun/Earths of your Incarnation Cross in context with your profile, Type, Strategy and Authority. Reading is 60-minutes long and includes an audio/video recording and pdf of your design details. 

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