How You Are Designed to Love Reading

Human Design Relationships
Human Design Relationships

How You Are Designed to Love Reading


If you are familiar with your design (you've been studying and experimenting, have a foundation reading and taken any or all of the foundation classes) and are still confused about understanding relationships, this is for you. Get ready to learn how you are designed to experience love and make decisions you trust when it comes to your romantic relationships.

As a basic split Emotional Projector, I'm designed to be an excellent guide and teach others what it takes to be in a relationship because I have experienced many of the mistakes in a relationship yet have a genetic imperative to work things out. Using the power of the Human Design System helps you discover the gift of acceptance and fulfillment in your romantic relationships.

Would you like to:

  • Learn about how your definition is designed to relate to others?
  • Discover your "Love Gates" - find out how you are designed to be "turned on" when it comes to love relationships?
  • Understand where you are open to amplifying the love gates?
  • Recognize how you can get pulled away from the kind of love that is authentic and correct for you to experience?

One romantic partner chart is included in this reading as an example of you in relationship. For a deepening of your Love investigation, check out the How You Are Designed to Love Group Workshop over 8 weeks, where we deep-dive into all the ways people can experience love in relationships.

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