Solar Return - Guidance for Your Yearly Weather Forecast

Solar Return - Guidance for Your Yearly Weather Forecast

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Had a Foundation reading? Is your birthday coming up within the next 3 months? The best time to schedule this reading is 1 WEEK before your unconscious or design birthday, and you can get it right up to your birthday.

Want to know what the year ahead has in store for you? A Solar Return session is useful to understand your personal "weather forecast" of the most destabilizing time of your life, the three months before your birthday, and then what the upcoming solar cycle is going to bring you This session is available once you've had a solid foundation in your experiment (I prefer that you and I have worked together first before we do this kind of session).

Once you've had some time to experiment with living your human design you can be prepared for what your Solar Return is all about.

This reading specifically focuses on how to prepare yourself for maximum learning and growth in the coming year, in context with your profile, Type, Strategy and Authority. Reading is 60 minutes long and includes an audio/video recording and computer printout pdf of your cycle’s details. 

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