The Feminine Dance of Intimacy with Yourself (and others)

The Feminine Dance of Intimacy with Yourself (and others)


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A Human Design weekend retreat for women the last weekend of October!

Using our Human Design Charts, we will explore how the energy moves and discover our unique, genetic way of expressing love, caring and sexual intimacy.

"The Feminine Dance of Intimacy, with others and Yourself" is a unique experience where we will be adventuring on a guided journey through our Human Designs in a sacred space and a safe, protected environment of supportive soul-sisters. We'll discover our own unique ways of loving, caring and being sexual through facilitated group and individual exploration of our Human Design Charts, sharing stories, guided/induced meditations and journaling.

This small gathering of women is only open to those who have had a Foundation Reading and have taken a Living Your Design Awakening Program.

Friday Evening, for those who can join early, we'll meet and get acquainted in-person over a potluck meal, as correct for your PHS. This evening is optional.

We begin our journey with invoking the sacred Feminine and will hold space both Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 5pm with a nice 90min break for lunch.

Every session will flow out of the needs of the individuals in the group, and take us on a healing journey of empowered connection for a cycle of growth born from true comprehension and compassion of what you really are, and who you were born to be.

On Monday, we'll see where we are guided to Play outdoors on the slopes of the magical, mystical wonderland that is Mount Shasta - perhaps to a sacred spring high up on the mountain, or to the rushing waterfalls that surround her, or despite weather, we'll at least visit the abundant Sacramento headwaters where you can drink directly from the earth. The waters that nourish and support this land are incredibly healing, and we hope to share this experience with you. If weather does not permit a longer walk in nature, we can visit delightful crystal shops with singing bowls to experience.

This event will be held at a private home nestled above the City of Shasta.

Would you like to be the first to experience this facilitated journey of self-discovery when it comes to being supported and sharing the true aspects of Caring, Sex and Love in your design?

Included in this offer is one 30min Soltec Lounge induced meditation solfeggio tuning session FREE to be experienced at some point during your stayp! Lodging and meals are not included. We recommend Airbnb for your stay. There are two rooms available with Darshana if you would like to be at the center of the retreat, ask for more details after you’ve signed up and we’ll let you know if still available.

We are so looking forward to warmly welcoming you home to Shasta and so Hope You Can Join Us, Human Design Sisters!

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