Human Design's big "WHAT & WHY"

Google "How To Decide" and you get over 53 million hits.

Is it any wonder people get lost on what to do?

Here's your chance to discover what can really work for you.

But don't take it on faith, or belief,

give it a try and see how well Human Design works for you.

Ra Uru Hu's Human Design System copyright JovianArchive

Ra Uru Hu's Human Design System copyright JovianArchive

The Human Design System helps you:

  • Accept yourself and others for better relationships and decisions
  • Overcome the fear, suffering and pain from your mind controlling your life
  • Improve your life experience (less anger, frustration, bitterness and dissapointment - more peace, satisfaction, success and surprise, anyone?)

Human Design helps us teach our children how to make choices. How to choose so they love and trust themselves, leading them to live their authentic self. 

We adults are locked in an illusion. Layers upon layers of adaptive strategies that protect and shield us from the pain... years of "conditioning" bathes us in thoughts and behaviors that come from the shadowy depths of our openness.  

Ever notice your mind's perception of suffering about what is, might be, should be, could be?

Human Design can crack open the illusion and empowers you to make decisions you trust.

But kids...

catch 'em early enough,

and they never have to suffer

the way we have.


Human Design Life is a great ride, isn't it? You get to see why you think, feel and act the way you do.


You get to see your mind's cage.


human design professional

And you get to see how you can break free from being a slave to it.


Imagine being given a personal “user's manual” 

A GPS within, guiding you to live YOUR life.

Imagine this user manual showed the details of your gifts, skills and talents, along with where your potential downfalls are.

Imagine the manual gave you "how to choose" your perfect life...

the perfect joys, the perfect sorrows, the perfect experiences, the perfect lessons, the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect place to live... 

all perfect for YOU, not anyone else. 

Your user's manual would have helped your parents give you the very best start in life.


The Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu photo via JovianArchive

The Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu photo via JovianArchive

They would have known exactly how you needed to be nourished, inside and out. They could support your growth with acceptance, understanding, and let you be who you are, and live your own process, without trying to get you to "fit in" to society in any way.

Your user manual gives you a way of discovering the true you.

It shows you not what to decide, but how to decide - how to know when it's time to make a choice and how you choose. Your inner GPS empowers you to become your most unique self.

Can you imagine being secure and confident in yourself?

Knowing no matter what, you can make decisions you trust?

Knowing what dangers to look out for, the temptations and distractions that lead you astray?

Your user manual reveals how your GPS can be understood and followed. 

You can decide with confidence.

Human Design shows you how. 

Everyone has a personal Authority.

But not everyone knows how to access it.

Ready to begin a Journey of Awakening to your True Self?


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