Do you have any of these Challenges?



  • You don't know how to decide on your important issues/problems

  • You want to be more successful

  • You want to be a better leader

  • You want to increase your profits / productivity

  • You want to increase happiness / fulfillment

  • Your business isn’t running like you would like

  • They are having problems with your employees or partnership

Are You Ready?
If so, read on...

It’s important that you hire the Human Design Life Coach who is a brilliant fit for you, so please keep reading and ask yourself a question…..


There are thousands of Human Design Professionals all over the world and we all have different levels of education, areas of interest and operate with different approaches and styles.

Not to mention we all have completely unique Human Designs!

Therefore, if you read the items below and if you still feel drawn to me, I invite you to reach out and send me your birth data, because I can almost certainly help and would love to see your design. Here's mine:

Laveena Lovick, BG5 Consultant, HD Analyst & Teacher

Laveena Lovick, BG5 Consultant, HD Analyst & Teacher


You want to begin your Experiement, but don't know where to start

You are looking for a personal Advisor/Guide who knows Human Design

You feel confused/stressed by having too many options

You feel stuck in your Human Design experiment

You've been studying on your own and are ready to take the first step in the official Human Design journey of education

You want an understanding of your design that is practical

You want to be empowered to experiment with what it's like to discover your authentic self

You question your ability to do this on your own or feel like success is uncertain


You just want someone to make your decisions for you

You need a 24/7 coach on speed dial/constant text/email

You think it’s cool to have a Human Design Coach, but aren't committed to following your Strategy and Authority

You believe that everyone should coach/teach/guide the same way for everyone

Feel a need to get to know me better?

An Investment in YOU

Human Design Coaching and Education is an experience that is an investment in your most precious resource, you and your future.

Do you want more empowerment to be yourself and learn how to get closer to your highest self-expression moment by moment? 

Then you might want to set up a consultation below.

Human Design Coaching with me can offer you

a whole new outlook on life and yourself,

if you are prepared to invest in yourself

and commit whole-heartedly to live your authentic nature.

Please note: if you book a coaching package prior to me seeing your Human Design Chart I will still need to see it to make sure we're a great fit.

Here's My Advanced Chart, click to enlarge. (has my birthname on it)

Read more about my
Human Design System educational journey here.

I know I need support to achieve my mission of Sharing Feelings and Inspiring people to be
Empowered Individuals.

Support from a community
of like-minded individuals
(fellow Human Designers!)
is one of the greatest things
I've discovered that can
facilitate success.

Together we are waking up to our uniqueness. Want to join us? 

Laveena Lovick, Mount Shasta, California Human Design Teacher

Laveena Lovick, Mount Shasta, California Human Design Teacher