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Living Your Human Design Awakening

Learn to Live Your Design!

with Camronn Huff & Andrea Abay-Abay, Certified Guides

Take the first step in your official Human Design Educational Journey...

Are you ready to stop the cycle of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment that colors your life?

Join Camronn Huff and Andrea Abay-Abay in this dynamic experience designed to penetrate into the core of your shadow self and shatter it.

Get ready to learn why and how to experiment with your genetic keys that can unlock your unique potential!

Experience a Living Your Design Awakening to:

  • Understand how a chart is created and how to navigate it

  • Start your Human Design experiment off on the right foot

  • Gain renewed inspiration and support in your experiment

In this 9 session program (first session FREE on YouTube here), you’ll discover How to Live Your Design:

  • What Human Design is & Why to Experiment

  • The 9 Centers, How they Function and signposts of Alignment or not

  • The Aura Types, Strategies and Inter-Type interaction

  • How Authority is activated and can be followed in decision-making

Essential principles you need to know in order to successfully experiment with your Human Design Strategy and Authority in decision-making are covered in depth. Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation courses in Human Design if you want to become a Professional.

This program is a special edition and includes a one-on-one Human Design chart overview reading from Andrea (if you've already had on you may give this to a child) plus conscious deconditioning experience by Camronn Huff.