Your Human Design Center Functions (From Pain to Profit)

Human Design Profit Centers

Unleashing Your Profit Potential

So many people today in the western world live lives full of suffering and pain.

If you've been trying desperately to be everything you think you should be,
Accomplishing your dreams (or not)
You may find that either way you just don't feel fulfilled in life.
You've started to look for answers to these questions:

Why on earth are things so difficult?
Why can't I have the kind of life I love living?

Why am I suffering so much just to get by in the world?
Why is it that I have everything I thought I wanted and it doesn't feel satisfying, or successful?

These questions and many like them can be answered by deciphering your Human Design Chart. When you get your Human Design Chart you discover your Type, Strategy and Authority. You may have decided to opt for self-study, get a reading, or you may have taken a Living Your Design course. These are introductory steps to put you on the path to personal fulfillment.

When you're ready to unleash your profit potential, you're invited to experience the power of the Human Design System applied to your career and business in this deep-dive into the CentersFunctions, we call them, in BG5.

Here's a little secret: 

Take a look at your Human Design Chart. Imagine you're looking at the structure of a business. Do you see those white geometric shapes? 

Those are your potential profit centers. This is where you have the possibility of making money from the wisdom you've learned over your lifetime. It becomes more of a probability whenever you see particular line values activated by certain planets as dormant potentials. Whether you have it in that line value or not, there's a certain material way shows the thematics of how you become successful in your career and business in those areas.

The key to ensuring you're engaging with life in these profit centers is to make decisions from your strategy and authority. This allows you to come back home to your authentic self, and be smart about the decisions you make so you don't end up in the pitfalls of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment.

My career and business clients are guided to shift their mindsets about what they offer to the world when they invite me to guide them. I show them where the strength of their natural talents and gifts are, while aligning them to their decision-making strategy to be aware of how they are designed to engage with their personal profit potentials. Generally people are very attuned to the theme of the openness in their lives, and it takes synthesizing the entire chart for me to put it into perspective of how they can make a living as themselves in the profit centers. For a Profit Center and Money Line Consultation, you'll need to have had a BG5 Career Overview first.

I'm very excited to have been invited to be a part of the upcoming BG5 webinar series with Karen Sherwood at the BG5 Business Institute. BG5 is the Career and Small Business Application of the Human Design System. If you're ready for a deep-dive into your Human Design Center Functioning and would like to join us, you're invited! 

Unleashing Your Profit Potential
the BG5 Functions Workshop

  • Emotional Intelligence – Self Study Recording available immediately
  • Drive & Stamina – Jan. 18, 25, Feb 1 – 2017
  • Identity & Direction – March 1, 8, 15
  • Energy Resource – May 3, 10, 17
  • Will Power – July 5, 12, 19
  • Communication & Action – Sept 6, 13, 20
  • Inspiration & Conceptualization – Nov 1, 8, 15
  • Survival Instinct – Jan 17, 24, 31 – 2018
  • Emotional Intelligence – March – 2018

The first five people to sign up for this package are eligible for a FREE Career Overview with me and a 40-page Career Report (combined value of $650 when you register by Jan 1st). Let's go through a powerful transformation using the Human Design System Applied to Your Work Life!

Employee Engagement Issues? Problem Solved with Human Design's BG5


Your company’s largest financial investment is typically your employees. Harvard Business Review declares your greatest asset is how you empower those employees with core business practices to work together towards group goals and overcome collaboration challenges. An engaged workforce is critical to maximize financial gains.

But there’s a huge problem facing the business world today. Three years ago Gallup found that seven out of ten American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work; meaning emotionally disconnected people populate your workplace and are far less likely to be productive. In another document by Gallup titled The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, they report that “Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged.”

Gallup's findings mean that 87% of the workforce currently experiences a loss of real potential. People are frustrated and bitter in jobs and in partnerships or with teams they don’t feel successful with. Between things like employee departure and disengagement, employee’s stagnating levels of engagement costs up to $550billion annually in the US alone.

Can you imagine your workforce almost 90% more productive, and what that would do not only for your company culture but also the bottom line of your business? The solution according to Gallup is to create a culture of engagement; “Boost engagement levels with strategies to hire the right employees, develop their strengths, and enhance their well-being.”

Using BG5 is a smart strategy that addresses all three solutions. BG5 is the world’s only objective assessment tool that helps you know the Who and Why of your people to determine:

  • If you are hiring the right employee for the job based on innate strengths/natural talent

  • How to enhance their gifts and wellbeing by treating them according to their nature

  • How your people are designed to work and interact best for highest potential and profit

BG5 is at the cutting edge of Business Consulting and Coaching for it’s precise accuracy as a completely objective assessment tool. Results of using BG5 framework to implement Gallup’s solution for the problem of employee disengagement are:

The 12 Critical Ingredients for a Small Business to be Materially Satisfying and Successful

The 12 Critical Ingredients for a Small Business to be Materially Satisfying and Successful

  • A more effective and efficient workforce getting along better for increased productivity
  • Employees less likely to leave because they are more likely to feel fulfilled in their work
  • Higher customer satisfaction and a better bottom line for everyone

Ten years ago people would resort to business coaching as a last-ditch effort before the firing or career change process. Today, companies of all sizes use coaching as an organizational and leadership development tool. Coaching is not only an accepted strategy for the top Fortune 500 companies’ C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO), it’s for any manager or team leader. Coaching also has documented, measurable benefits for employees in any company.

Whether operating a small family-run business to mid-size and larger firms, decision-makers of any level - from the business owner, to their management team, to staff members and employees - can experience the value of BG5 career and business consulting and coaching.

With BG5, there’s no long surveys and pigeonholing people based on subjective opinion and cookie-cutter frameworks. No other business tool gives such an accurate and complete picture of people, much less all the factors of each specific individual’s interaction with one another or in small to large groups.

Employee Engagement is a big problem in the world today

Employee Engagement is a big problem in the world today

How BG5 Helps Solve the Biggest Business Challenges:
Discovering the Who, Mastering the Why

There are four parts to a business problem’s solution. Each component is equally important to the efficacy of the solution and its implementation:

The What: an analytical assessment of the problem and its potential solution. The What is something CEOs and leaders will have a good grasp of. Their significant amount of education and proficiency in their field, as well as familiarity with big-picture issues facing their industry and organization gives them this advantage.

The Why: 70% of the world is pressured to solve the Why of things in life. Collaboration determines our material success, allowing us to discover the truth of why a problem exists. Through conversations with its people, most CEOs and leaders have a sense of the why’s surrounding the challenges in their business. Each business problem’s source or the Why can trace back to a lack of one or more of 12 essential business skills - at the core of the reason why 8 out of 10 businesses fail.

The Why is where BG5 can provide a business analysis of your organization’s people to show where there are “skill gaps” in your team. Gaps show why your team is underperforming. When there are gaps, the team is not representing critically needed skills and therefore drain your business’ finances and ultimately can lead to the demise of your firm.

The How: is how you get things done to solve the problem. This How tends to be industry-specific; something certain people with particular skills have the experience or know how to get done.

The Who: is critical to the implementation of the answer. A BG5 analysis produces the Who of the executive, team leader, manager, high performer, all the way to key characteristics of who should be your next hire. It can also describe how your team members impact each other at a level of detail like no other tool in the world can. BG5 clearly shows the issues and source of conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to insights on how to resolve them. BG5 provides a map detailing your group dynamics, as well as the way to level-up our performance.

BG5 shows us you who you are here to be for yourself and your team. Using this knowledge leads not just to success but fulfillment of your purpose as well. Though as an MBA you may have had education touching on who your are as a leader, often there are blind spots in your assessment of yourself and your people; particularly in how to get the most out of your people. The Who covers how your people relate, how they can be mobilized and motivated, how they interact and assimilate information to best move your business forward in the most efficient way.

The Who is where you can have your BG5 consultant dive deep into recognizing the strengths, talents, and gifts of your biggest financial investment. Describing everyone’s most effective personal interaction style, and the interpersonal dynamics at work, a BG5 consultant can immediately point out the potential hot-spots in employee interactions. The BG5 consultant can identify who the best candidate is for the job, coach you and your leaders on how to get the most out of your people, and guide everyone to maximize individual characteristics and qualities to their best advantage for themselves and your company.

Employee engagement can be addressed with Human Design applied to the Workplace using BG5

Employee engagement can be addressed with Human Design applied to the Workplace using BG5

“Creating a culture of engagement requires more than completing an annual employee survey and then leaving managers on their own, hoping they will learn something from the survey results that will change their daily behavior. It requires a company to take a close look at the critical engagement elements that align with performance and with the organization's human capital strategy. Managers and leaders should keep employee engagement top of mind -- because every interaction with employees can have an impact on engagement and organizational performance.” Gallup: The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, 2016

A BG5 Consultant can engineer and educate people on how to work best together as a cohesive group to increase organizational performance. Knowing where to capitalize on not just everyone’s brilliance but also their shadows, helps create a culture of correct engagement and encourages your team to reach its highest performance ability.

BG5 Business and Career Consulting takes coaching to a whole new level. As one of the world’s most accurate people assessment tools, BG5 accurately helps business solve their toughest problems of employee engagement - resolving our pressing people issues of how to boost fulfillment and productivity.  

Do you want to know how best to treat and organize your employees into working teams or partnerships for maximum work efficiency and fulfillment? BG5 has the answer. Experience the transformational power of BG5 to impact your bottom line positively. Individual, Partnership or Team Analysis using the BG5 framework can help you get to the bottom of how to build a ridiculously successful career and business.

BG5 Workshop: How to Transform Pressure and Stress into Fuel for Success

Drive & Stamina Function Workshop
Live Jan. 18, 25, Feb 1 – 2017

We can't escape pressure and stress in our work and career lives. People handle stress in different ways. Understanding how you personally are designed to handle stress can support you in avoiding getting burned out, depressed or having other health issues. It can help you live a healthier and happier life, personally and in your career.

  • How do YOU handle stress and pressure?
  • Is stress and pressure causing health problems in your life, like overwhelm, depression or burn-out?
  • Learning how you are designed to handle stress can make all the difference.

Just curious? Get your free Introductory BG5 Report here. When you're ready for more, this workshop will explore how you are personally designed to handle stress and how you can transform it into the fuel for Success!

BG5 Instructor Karen Sherwood has invited me to assist her and be a part of this workshop series.

In this workshop we will collaborate together to:

  • Explore and understand specific unique aspects of your design that fuel your success
  • Have in-depth exercises in and between classes to practice
  • Learn to become the objective observer of the personal effects of stress & pressure
  • Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others
  • Ask questions and get answers

CLASS 1: Understanding How Stress & Pressure also fuels our Drive & Stamina

Gain profound insights into how you are uniquely intended to best handle the stress and pressure inherent in life and work.

CLASS 2: The Wisdom of Dealing with the Shadows of Stress in Healthy & Productive Ways

If you have the Drive & Stamina Function undefined it is important to be aware of how you can easily get rushed or pressured by others to take action.  We will explore how to handle the stress and pressure from others and turn it into deep understanding and wisdom.

CLASS 3: How to make money and promote your products or services through the power of your Drive & Stamina

We will explore the Drive & Stamina Function from a profit center perspective. What are the nine possible ways to make money and promote your business rooted in people’s the desires, ambitions and longings based in our human capacity for Drive and Stamina.

3 Class Online Workshop

Jan 18, 25, Feb 1 – 2017

10 am Pacific (17:00 GMT)

Save $30 when you register before January 1st!

Special Offer:
Unleash Your Profit Potential
Functions Workshop Package – All 9 Workshops

  • Emotional Intelligence – Available for Immediate Self Study

Upcoming BG5 Function Webinars:

  • Identity & Direction – March 1, 8, 15
  • Energy Resource – May 3, 10, 17
  • Will Power – July 5, 12, 19
  • Communication & Action – Sept 6, 13, 20
  • Inspiration & Conceptualization – Nov 1, 8, 15
  • Survival Instinct – Jan 17, 24, 31 – 2018
  • Emotional Intelligence – March – 2018

If you sign up for each workshop individually you'd pay $1400 for the entire series.

The first 5 people to prepay before January 1st for $997 through <<this link>> will be eligible for a FREE BG5 Career Overview from me, plus a full career analysis report - altogether saving $704 by signing up now.

Take advantage of this offer and unleash your profit potential. I'm looking forward to help guide you to your personal career and business success in the upcoming year!

How to Live Your Human Design Life Purpose Fulfillment

Living Your Human Design Awakening Free Introductory Class

In this video, I introduce you to some key Human Design concepts so that by the end of it you know "What is Human Design?"

How to Level Up Your Career Strategy with Human Design


Using the Power of the Human Design System
Applied to your Career and Business

Do you know how to level up your Career strategy... to build a work life worth living...and to get the fulfillment that gives you that amazing feeling of SUCCESS?

I ask because this very cool [free] BG5 workshop happening on Dec 7 @ 10 am PST that I'm a part of.

It's called "Unlock The 5 Success Secrets of your Hidden Potential."

My colleague at the BG5 Business Institute, Karen Sherwood is teaching it.

Karen is the BG5 program director and teacher for the International BG5 Certification Course I've been taking over the last two years.

She's got a solid foundation in the world of BG5 and knows the art of career consulting like the back of her hand.

And she's learned it all from a lot of studying, testing, trying, re-testing, and perfecting. I know, I've personally observed her and recognized her powerful contributions and benefitted from her ability to teach. I've been her teacher's assistant for her BG5 Foundation Courses this year. Though I'd taken the Human Design Foundation courses from several different teachers, going through her course allowed me to see the information from the career and business standpoint. It helped fit several puzzle pieces together for me and made me a better Human Design Professional. 

I want to invite you to this free BG5/Human Design training for this reason:

If you're NEW to BG5 (the career and business application of the Human Design System) can feel overwhelming to start (especially from the Career standpoint).

BG5 is very powerful.

The world of business can very competitive.

And you've got to get the basics of your Human Design down if you want to see results.

Which is why Karen and I are hosting this high action LIVE BG5 workshop this week.

So - if you find yourself feeling lost and not sure how to start on the path to success  - join us.

It's 100% free.

It's 100% online.

And it's 100% actionable! No esoteric mumbo-jumbo. We're ready to get you started with the right BG5 tools AND resources to rock your career design strategy.


Would you like powerful information to help you make an incredibly productive decision on your career direction?

Join us for a crash course in BG5 by Unlocking The 5 Success Secrets of your Hidden Potential.

See you there!


7 Qualities You Should Look for in Your Human Design Guide


The fastest way
to discover the life
you were born for
is to experiment with
your Human Design. 

Human Design gives us a framework and decision-making tools to experiment with. Experience gains us a personal perspective that changes the way we see everything. Everyone is asked to experiment with it for themselves. Try things and see what resonates, what works. Here are my personal perspectives on what to look for in a Human Design Life Coach.

If you’ve ever played sports, you’ve had a coach. I was lucky enough to have a coach when I was into triathlon competitions as a teenager. He and my training partners helped me qualify for and complete an Ironman Triathlon World Championship at age 19. I know I could never have accomplished that so young without their guidance, and no way I could have done that alone. 

Ironman Triathlon World Championship Finish line via

Ironman Triathlon World Championship Finish line via

In the long run, finding the right mentors helps you not only succeed, it can also save you time and money by avoiding mistakes and staying focused on what's important for success.

Certified Living Your Design Guides like myself are able to take you through the Living Your Design Program, designed to help coach you to - you guessed it, live your design. Some guides are a better match for you than others. Nothing personal, just mechanics.

I see an abundance of life coaches selling their services to people and the general market seems saturated. But when it comes to people guiding you to be in alignment with your Human Design, using one of the most accurate systems of self-knowledge on the planet - there are precious few of us. All professional Human Design Guides can be found here.

Before you decide on a particular Human Design Guide, the following considerations might help you. But it all comes down to your decision-making Strategy and process of personal Authority.

1. Empowering Presence


In my experience, people can be brought up or down by hanging out with others holding either a positive or a negative attitude. Having an empowering attitude comes with experience and perspective.

You'll recognize if you resonate to the right coach for you by seeing how you feel when you talk with them. An experienced guide knows a sense of lightness about it yet recognizes the depth needed to empower change. A great guide can assist you in looking at problems as opportunities for growth - everyone of them with a unique perspective. For example, some like me (I have the 1-8) are expressive, creative role models of being personally self-empowered. A great role model heads in her unique direction without a concern of what others are doing or whether or not anyone else is following. She just goes where she goes and sets a public example, empowering others by her living example. Helpful coaches are able to recognize your role in the big picture and ask questions that empower you to see it too.

Your ideal coach is patient, but also committed to your growth - empowered by your recognition of their skills, having persistence and determination to help you succeed.

2. Experiential Knowledge

My Unconscious Core Essence. Rave I-Ching image via

My Unconscious Core Essence. Rave I-Ching image via

Your Human Design Guide should walk their talk. An important thing to look for is his or her experience. Do they have personal knowledge of the experiences you are dealing with or contemplating? 

Would you consider someone who has paid their dues when it comes to life experience and can share from that place of knowing? Does this person share what they have both failed and succeeded at, and what they learned from it?

This kind of experiential wisdom can help you avoid making mistakes or when you do make the ones they warn you about, your chance of success increases immensely because you'll better recognize what happened and how you can avoid that same mistake in the future.

Check their testimonials - are they posted on their own website or are they recommended on social media, like Facebook, Google or Yelp reviews and LinkedIn Recommendations? What are former students saying about him or her? Is what’s being said detailed and personal? Does it feel authentic and in alignment with what you hope to experience?

3. Depth of Expertise in their Field

Most people would agree that successful people can have a broad range of knowledge and experience but tend to dive deep to specialize in a specific area of study. When contemplating a professional Human Design Guide: 

  • Does your potential guide exhibit the commitment to dedicate themselves to their area of expertise?
  • Do they continue to hone their skills, knowledge or interests?
  • Do they teach or lecture, give talks or do events? 
  • Has he or she an active blog, or perhaps written an e-book, or started a YouTube channel or Podcast? Do other people recommend them and their program in discussion groups? 
  • Are they a dedicated professional or are they just moonlighting?
My Conscious Personality Core Essence.  Rave I-Ching image via

My Conscious Personality Core Essence.  Rave I-Ching image via

Note: Not that moonlighters can't be good guides for others. But it is a fact that someone who tries to be a Jack of All Trades without that particular channel (36-35) may not be the efficient, effective specialist of sharing the experience you're hoping for. Even as a full-time student/professional working in Human Design these last few years, there are many avenues left to explore and I refer out to my Human Design colleagues regularly. If the person you are contemplating inviting to guide you is a part-timer, is there a resonance you can't deny drawing you to them? Are they comfortable referring you on to someone who is certified for deeper level information when it's time for you to move on?

4. Ability to Share

Black = Logic (understanding) Circuit         Red=Sensing (abstract/experiential) Circuit

Black = Logic (understanding) Circuit         Red=Sensing (abstract/experiential) Circuit

A great Human Design life coach is willing to listen to and share either logical patterns they recognize are viable for a secure future or the remembrances of past experiences and the feelings they bring to help illustrate a point. Not just the good, but the bad too, to give you the whole picture. If you get the feeling your coach is holding back the bad and oversharing the good, question them if you need real emotional support. Most of us learn very well from actual experience; we learn best from real-life stories of those who are willing to be vulnerable and transparent, even when it's painful. 

5. Professionalism

A good professional life coach knows how to customize their approach to your specific design and how you best learn and absorb information. No one fits into a one-size-fits-all approach, and this is graphically depicted in your Human Design Chart. As Living Your Design Guides we are taught to take someone through the important basics they need to know. Your Human Design Guide should be willing to customize your life coaching experience. Ask: 

My Conscious Grounding and Balance.  Rave I-Ching image via

My Conscious Grounding and Balance.  Rave I-Ching image via

  • Does your coach demonstrate caring about your concerns and help meet you where you're at?
  • Can they guide you in a step by step fashion through the Human Design foundations if that's the best approach for you?
  • Can they laser focus on getting you through the current crisis with solutions if that's what's needed? 
  • Can they coach you in a way that helps you discover your innate wisdom and power, which is unique to every individual?

5. The Network

A great life coach has developed relationships with fellow professionals and others who could benefit you. A great Human Design Guide knows when to refer their client out when they are ready for deeper levels of exploration, and who best to refer them to so that a likely match is made. Ask him or her if they're willing to refer you or make introductions for you. For those with 4th line Profiles especially, it is about who you know.

6. Authenticity and Accountability

A good Human Design Guide / Life Coach helps keep you authentic and accountable. From deep discussions to just touching base, it's important for both of you to know that you are progressing in awareness and ability to discern correct action for yourself. Many people come to Human Design HATING THE WRONG PERSON. They don't like themselves and think they aren't what they should be. If your guide doesn’t keep you focused on what's important (defined) in your design and how you're here to be you, that’s a big red flag.

My Unconscious Grounding & Balance.  Rave I-Ching image via

My Unconscious Grounding & Balance.  Rave I-Ching image via

7. A Gifted Teacher

Great Human Design Guides love to help other people. They enjoy the act of teaching. 

Teaching is something that all Human Design Professionals are trained to do, be it specifically defined in their chart or not. It's a skill that people can get better at over time. There's something truly magical about being someone who is designed to teach at the unconscious level. Here you see how I personally make my contribution in the world when recognized and invited to bring my power skills to the table.

We Each Are Here for our "Fractal" of People

It’s impossible for us humans to be everything to everyone - we are all designed to be specialists, and each of us are here for a particular group of people, what Ra called our "fractal". The most important thing is, according to Strategy and Authority, are they right for you?

My perspective is that "Truth" and knowledge is personal knowing melded with experience. Knowing cannot always be explained, and experience is subjective, individual - some of us live in completely different realities! 

I do my best to be open to all kinds of possibilities and imaginatively explore the realms of life, guiding others who are drawn through my example, leading through creative self-expression.

My feeling is that everyone has the possibility of experiencing their own reality from a unique perspective and can only discover truth for themselves. So many nuances of individual imprinting, the potentials are incredible! 

When we differentiate in experience we can have delightful meetings of perspective. With language, we can point at an individual truth with words but it seems to me that personal truths, our quiet, inner knowing (that has nothing to prove to anyone) are discovered ourselves over time with experience. We all change with time and grow to mature through discovery and learning. 


When you study with someone who has been successful at guiding others through their designs, you increase your chances of successfully experimenting. Your Human Design Guide has already devoted the time to learning and experimenting themselves. To absorb all of the benefits you can out of him or her, there are certain qualities in them you can look for - not only generally speaking, but also there are ways we "resonate" to each other. All of us have qualities of connecting to each other in very specific ways which make it easier to "get" what the other has for us.

My 2016 Solar Return Chart

My 2016 Solar Return Chart

One interesting side-note if you are a coach or guide yourself is to look at your nodal environments for your human design and applicable life cycles. It's fun to see people with these as their themes show up in your life and watch how the movie changes based on the season of your life. For example, this year I got to experience a lot of new people in my life I was attuned to with variations of the 47, 22, 46 and 25th gates in their design. Particularly Cross of Rulership people.

I love that when one person teaches, two people learn. 


As a 3rd line personality, I'm all about the experiential road of learning through trial and error. I'm very grateful to the hundreds of people I've encountered over the years who I have shared my feelings and experiences with, and who have shared their journey with me as I bang along making my mistakes on the path of growth.

Because I am an Advisor and Certified Human Design Guide, I can help you on the path to your highest level of potential and fulfillment quickly. Giving the Human Design Life a go without the help of someone who has had extensive training can be confusing, as there are many coaches out there who do not take the time to immerse themselves in this system and combine it with others. I remember my process of discovery lead me to do a lot of self-study on my own both before and after my first reading in 2012. Trying to study your chart alone can be challenging for some; things go much smoother with structured guidance. 

Eventually, you begin to seek answers to the inevitable questions that arise in a deconditioning process like this. When you encounter something that threatens to shatter your belief systems about yourself and how the world functions, a helping hand, someone's example, or a sharing in a supportive class makes a world of difference.

I've attended Human Design America and the International Human Design School for the last four years with an amazing teacher on the Cross of Service. Darshana told us so many times to look beyond the words and contemplate the deeper meaning for ourselves. Much of my learning I owe to the experience of both one-on-one and group Living Your Design Awakening Programs that I was certified to teach two years ago, and in being a teacher's assistant at the BG5 Business Institute this year. 

"When one teaches, two learn." Robert Heinlein

The independent and certified Human Design professionals and schools listed here do their very best to preserve and protect the original knowledge by teaching in alignment with the founder's structuring. This is so that each teacher is able to take that information and perform their own experiment with it, as I am doing myself. Would you like to ask me any questions you have about Human Design or being a professional guide?

Completion of Professional Human Design Analyst Training

Completion of Professional Human Design Analyst Training

After four years of study, yesterday I turned in my Analyst Exam to my Mentor for the final step in becoming a Certified Human Design Analyst.

Sharing my Feelings

Living Your Design Awakening Program

I hope to begin sharing my feelings here on this blog as I continue to move through the progression of my development as an Analyst as I am inspired to do so. That makes this post the first in a series of what it's like to be a Human Design Professional, to leave breadcrumbs along the way for anyone else who is interested in knowing what it's like and what it takes to be successful.

When you have made the decision to train and become a Human Design Professional as your primary source of income, it can be both exhilarating and exciting. You plunge into the world of being self-employed, and over time you know firsthand the many blessings of working with one of the most accurate and rewarding systems for human understanding there is. It's a fun and fulfilling profession that can catapult you to a place of authentic self-sustainment. This is a core reason I've been thankful for Human Design in my professional life these past two years as a Certified Living Your Design Guide. Without taking care of the basics (food, shelter, clothing, education), I would just have a fascinating a hobby.

Hobbies enrich our lives tremendously. Everyone has an interest in something they do for fun. When I got asked that over the last four years, my answer has been: studying Human Design. As a high-functioning Asperger female, my special interest is where I pour most of my attention; its the most important thing in my world. No wonder I was recognized and invited to apply this system in my professional life!

Living Your Human Design Solutions

Even if I weren't using Human Design in my life professionally, there are many rewards to utilizing its framework for understanding others - my family, fellow students and associates, my friends and loved ones. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the following are ten reasons why I feel super grateful not only for Human Design but also for the mentors, teachers, and especially you to share your experiences and feelings with me on this journey of awakening.

Human Design Gratitude List, Thanksgiving 2016

Here are the top ten reasons I'm grateful for Human Design:

10. Observe and Guide Through Significant Changes

As a Human Design Professional, I get to work with people on their most pressing problems and opportunities while looking at their chart. It is utterly fascinating to me! I love that get to be a trusted Advisor for key life and career issues, helping people get control of their decisions, have more work-life balance, and discover a more fulfilling life.

9. Make a Big Difference

As a Human Design Life and Career Coach, I get to see real results and life-changing progress in the clients who come to me.  I feel so pleased and proud to see my students and clients become more aware of themselves so that they live more authentically and it shows in their personal and work success.

8. Peaceful Work Environment

There's not much of the work drudgery of a traditional 9-5. Unlike almost any other job I can think of; I don’t have to deal with a ton of office politics or daily friction that you encounter in the corporate world. It feels so good that I don't have to commute, I don't have to pack lunch or go out to eat where I can't have exactly what and how much I want, I don't have to deal with any of the inconveniences of traditional work.

7. Work From Anywhere

For the past two years, I have built my practice from a home office. This freedom lets me travel anytime; hike, bike, and garden in between client sessions – and also spend maximum time with family. It feels so exciting that Human Design gives me a wonderfully flexible lifestyle so I can enjoy a rich world of daydreams of what could be!

6. Educate Myself

With all my mentor's and my client's help, I've been able to afford and do work-trade for Human Design classes for four years now! My close family and friends, even people on social media who may not know me very well, recognize that a solid, self-directed education has always been of the highest importance on my list. They've believed in me and supported me, even reaching into their own pockets to help when I needed it and asked for it. When strangers who read my articles reached out and contributed to my educational fund it made me weep with gratitude. I feel incredibly grateful, and without that help I definitely would not be where I am today.

5. Flexible Schedule

As a non-Sacral being, a Projector, it's important that I can choose whether to work full time or part time, and that can change from day to day. I feel incredibly free to have the flexibility to create my ideal work schedule and satisfied with work weeks that are what I make of them.

4. Be Creative

I can spend the majority of my time on implementing my imagination through creating, whether it be webinars, presentations, writing articles, creating images or videos, that all help me attract, coach and consult my clients who appreciate my creative self-expression. It feels wonderful to be able to have the freedom to write and express when I'm in the mood to.

Human Design Centers

3. Enjoy Never-Ending Learning

There is a wealth of information from Ra and other teachers of the Human Design System, not to mention continual new insights from the world of life coaching and business consulting to incorporate into my work. Studying to be a BG5 consultant this past year and a half, and becoming a teacher's assistant this year has helped me tremendously in my professionalism and the quality of my work. I feel eternally delighted to be able to learn through my work!

2. Make surprising connections

As a result of my Human Design work, I have been able to get to know and talk with dozens of teachers in our community and outside of it to learn from and be inspired by them. I love the feeling of assimilating new information to help me in my synthesis of the components that go into collaborating with others on their personal or business journeys.

Human Design Andrea Abay-Abay

1. Work With Wonderful Clients

People who find Human Design are awesome! They want to be themselves. They are open to being supported to understand their inner truth. They are willing to give and receive feedback. The people I especially love working with want to know the others around them and help all to be the best version of themselves possible.

I know I am blessed. Because you're reading this, you're one of the people who have supported me and I want to express my gratitude. Thank you for being in my life, because without you, I would not be here today.  You are #1 on my gratitude list this Thanksgiving. I appreciate you!

Donald Trump: Our Next American President's Design of Tribal Leadership


Human Design System Analysis: Donald Trump

This morning we arose to the Heretical expression of the Left Angle Cross of Defiance in the transits; and Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America. I'm not surprised.

When I compared what I knew of Donald's design with what I knew of Hillary's (I've been analyzing her chart as part of my final Human Design Analyst Exam which I'll submit in two weeks) I knew he would win.

If you'd like to see what I find hopeful about Donald, read this article. I did my best to provide an objective view of his design. I'm motivated by Hope, while being able to accept what is. I hope we all can pull through this.

The name, Donald Trump immediately conjures emotion—ranging from admiration and hope to disgust and loathing. And it’s no wonder; he’s emotional. Dark days are common for Trump; reading his Republican nomination acceptance speech can you guess what he was feeling when he gave it?

Image via

Emotional beings like Donald Trump can be powerfully attractive or repulsive, depending on the energetic quality of the emotions they are broadcasting and how others are resonating with that feeling. As a deeply conditioned next President, you don't have to stretch your imagination far to picture the chaotic force he could be for the world if he makes world-impacting decisions in the emotional peaks of hope or valleys of pain. If he charges around deciding exactly at the moment he should never trust—either when elated at the high end, or when in agony at the low end—he can make terrible spontaneous choices which can later bring guilt or regret, not only to him, but to us all. When the extremes of his emotional wave has passed, we will have to live with the results of his emotionally-induced actions.

All emotional beings set the mood frequency of the environment. We not only need a President who is patient and emotionally clear when making a decision—it is imperative that Trump specifically, with his design, is patient. I hope he (or at least his advisers) can recognize his impact of sending chaos into the world and counsel him to patience. The security of our world depends on it.

Donald Trump is a Generator with Manifesting Potential...

...aka “Express Builder”

There is only one channel that creates a pure Manifesting Generator; that’s a Channel his rival Hillary Clinton has. The Channel of Charisma (34-20), connects the Energy Resource of the Sacral center directly to the Communication and Manifestation of the Throat center. So, to be mechanically correct in Human Design, Trump is a Generator with Manifesting potential. This makes Trump an “Express Builder” in the career language of BG5. BG5 is the small business (3-5 people, a "Penta") application of the Human Design System;  OC16 (the organizing channels of 2-4 Pentas; up to 16 people) covers larger businesses, of which Donald has two channels that give him his big business strengths of Management and Interaction.

Like all Express Builder Career Types, Trump is here to experience satisfaction through responding to his environment - but his design requires that he wait for emotional clarity to bring this about correctly OR frustration/anger IS THE RESULT.

Donald's energetic presence is designed to attract others. Non-verbally he envelops those around him with a powerful pull; its one of the OC16 strengths he unconsciously has consistently within him. Express Builders can be highly impatient to make things happen, to “Just Do It.” Their decision-making strategy to avoid resistance is to engage with what and who moves towards them first, rather than initiating. Since Trump is emotionally defined, he can make the right choice at the right time if he trusts the Emotional Intelligence of his Solar Plexus.


What does this all mean?

Trump has no truth in the moment of response as an emotional being—his authentic clarity comes with time.

Donald Trump's decision-making process requires patience and familiarity with what it feels like to follow his body's GUT RESPONSE OVER TIME TO DEVELOP emotional intelligence. 


Now that Trump is President-Elect, it would be wise of him to seek a unique kind of adviser—one that knows how to ask him a penetrating yes/no question to activate his Authority over time. These questions are asked not with the intent of the inquirer to understand him, or lead him in a particular direction that the adviser believes right. Questions provide Trump the ability to better gauge his emotional gut response over time.

Trump’s Transitoriness

Get Donald Trump's Human Design Chart

Get Donald Trump's Human Design Chart

Donald Trump’s unconscious Sun is in Gate 36, the Gate of Crisis. This gate gives him the potential emotional depth to endure crisis and embrace change. It’s in the third line, causing Trump to be unable to let go of the past because of his feelings at times. Gate 36 meets up with its harmonic, Gate 35, the Gate of Change. It’s also in the third line and fixed in the detriment. This brings on Trump’s need to be the center for progress while ignoring other people’s importance.

Donald Trump's Human Design Channel of Transitoriness

Together, Gates 36 and 35 define the Channel of Transitoriness, a design of a Jack of All Trades and brings the strength of Experience. This manifested channel gives Trump an emotional voice, “I experience/feel,” appealing to the collective for progress and change. Transitoriness is displayed in the wide variety of Trump’s business endeavors. He just can’t help dragging others into them. Trump is choiceless in sharing these adventures.

The 35/36 is the creative expression of the collective; it's about trying out new things and penetrating the surface of new experiences. Feelings are transitory. With the roller-coaster of unconscious emotions this channel brings, Trump is a slave to his desires for new endeavors which he feels will bring about progress. His channel is made up of two resonant third lines—they are his unconscious profile gates. As a result, Trump can’t help but bang into things, discovering through trial and error.  A baser form of this channel's expression is it brings sexual talent. 

Life has its ups and downs, and when you enter into an experience with certain expectations, you can end up very angry when your expectations aren’t met! Crisis is the name of the game if Trump doesn’t use patience, responding over time and releasing expectations. Trump can find true satisfaction if he makes commitments for the experience itself… calmly, without nervousness. According to Human Design Psychology, Trump’s correct motivation as a Color 2 Personality is called Hope. This is in stark contrast to making spontaneous emotional decisions out of Guilt, trying to fix things (his motivational transference). Wanting to have a particular result or make a certain kind of impact leads Trump to frustration and anger.

Other Presidents with the Channel of Transitoriness

George W Bush's Human Design

Of the most recent 35/36 President, George W. Bush (who also had this channel unconscious) Ra Uru Hu remarked he would lead us into crisis. Bush was a 5/1 Manifestor; fifth lines are projected upon to play the General and Savior in times of need. Sure enough, “With two overseas wars and a potentially catastrophic economic downturn, President George W. Bush is leaving office with some of the lowest public-approval ratings and worst assessments from historians and political scientists of any chief executive.”

Get Former President George W. Bush's Human Design Chart

Get Former President George W. Bush's Human Design Chart

Before you get too worried, here’s a highly celebrated past President, considered to be one of the best, also with the 35/36 unconscious—Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy was a 3/5 Manifestor who won a Nobel Peace Prize. “Roosevelt was the first president to receive the Medal of Honor.... Teddy Roosevelt's energetic vision helped bring the nation into the new century. America owes nearly 200 million acres of national forest and parkland to his foresight—some of which can be viewed atop Mount Rushmore, where Roosevelt's visage is carved in memorial.”

But there’s ever so much more to a person than just one channel, so let’s see what else defines the man we know as Drumf—er, Trump.

Donald Trump’s Emotional Generation of Conflict

Trump’s Unconscious Earth (Grounding/Balance) is in line 3 of Gate 6, the Gate of Conflict, which gives him the ability to secure the support of the tribe and create strength out of a weak position, rejecting allegiance to old forms. This gate meets up with it’s harmonic, Gate 59 in his unconscious Moon (driving force), the Gate of Sexuality, bringing a drive for sexual and intimate diversity. Trump as Gate 59 in line 6, “the One Night Stand.”

The 59/6 brings in the other Solar Plexus definition—a pure generated emotional authority. This is the Channel of Mating, a design Focused on Reproduction. Another unconscious definition, it gives him the consistent ability to break down barriers to achieve union. Donald Trump has an auric field that penetrates people.

The Donald's Human Design Decision-Making Authority

The 59/6 channel controls the openness or not to intimacy. This “Mating” is about supporting the tribe with creating—whether it’s the reproductive capacity to be a fertile human or a productive businessman. In Human Design business language of BG5/OC16, the 59/6 is Interaction. Gate 59 is known as Investigation, and gate 6 is Environment. Again, because this channel creates Emotional Solar Plexus definition it is crucial that Trump learns patience to wait out his emotional waves before committing to intimate relationships or creative endeavors.

Making and breaking bonds would have been his theme of intimacy and business interaction in the first 30 years of his life, with both 59/6 gates operating as a third line. Third lines are the most material of all the lines. Trump trial-and-errored his way through business endeavor after business endeavor, discovering what does not work. The 3rd line is resilient; it needs to be able to break the bond with what isn’t working and picks itself up when it fails, going on to try something else. Trump clearly demonstrates the determination to figure out what does work on the material plane through what does not.

Trump’s personality energy dynamic (Mars) has the power to persevere. Consciously defining the Gate of Perseverance (29) in his powerful Sacral Center is exalted in the 3rd line of Evaluation—thank goodness as it should balance out his not-self impulsiveness with the power to wait. This activation is also another place of “trial and error” in learning about commitments. In the business world, this brings the energy for the group to commit to a goal and achieve it together.

The Donald's Human Design Channel of Money

A primary theme in Trump’s life is to learn to navigate and master the material plane. Fueled by the 45/21 Channel of Money, a design of a Materialist, Trump has willpower to make promises and lead. This channel is the ruling expression of the tribe; politically the tribal Monarchy. This is a channel of dictatorship, the strength of someone who is designed to rule as a king would. In a large organization, the 45/21 (Education/Implementation) is management. This is not a design of leading the collective like the 13-33 channel of the Prodigal, the design of a Witness, or the 7-31 Channel of the Alpha, a Design of Leadership (for good or bad) which is a democratic strength Hillary Clinton has.

Donald Trump's Channel of Money - An OC16 (large business) organizing channel
Politically = Tribal Rulership - this is the Monarchy!

The Channel of Money is designed to control material security and wealth—not just within a tribe, but over multiple tribes. Trump has an overwhelming drive to have (45) and control (21). It can be very hard for Trump to let go of being in control of everything. “The Donald” is over-controlling in a small group of 3-5 people—termed a Penta, which is a trans-auric form. He is not at all suited to this work environment, having no defined channels in the power column between the Sacral and the Throat. Trump is perfectly designed to lead large corporations, as we can see demonstrated in his life and recognized by the vote yesterday of the American populace to lead it.

Gate 45, the Gatherer, gives Trump the voice of “I have.” Gate 45 is defined in two places in Trump’s conscious personality. First let’s discuss his north node in line 5.

Nodes of the moon are positional; nodes aren’t objects in space that affect our genetic imprinting in the same way the rest of the planets do. Rather, nodes determine the way we are connected to the larger imprint of the Maia (illusion). Every aspect of your genetic imprint filtered through the nodes to reach you. Your nodal activations represent the “stage” of your life where you can fulfill your purpose. However, the nodes are not you; they are what you resonate to. As not-self, you identify with the nodes as you. But you are not here to be your nodes, they are here for you to see and to nourish you as a being.

Now, read the 5th line of Gate 45: “Leadership - All gathering together must have a center and a focus.” Trump has this line fixed in the exaltation: “The intuitive intellect and gift for innovation that enhance the group effort and ensure continuity through respect of the center. The gift for expressing leadership on the material plane.” Trump’s conscious nodal activations create a sensitivity and attunement to this material thematic—”Gathering Together” is exactly the right place for him to be to fulfill his purpose in this later stage of his life.

Trump’s Gate 45 is part of the 26/45 nodal polarity which is a very tribal, possessive environment; the voice of the people where most of us are shouting “I don’t have!” He is here to deal with this material environment and the tensions that arise between the haves and have-nots.

Interestingly, where Trump has his other Gate 45 activation is in Uranus (Unusualness/Chaos and Order/Science), conscious in the 1st line, “Canvassing”. He displays an unusual way of leading/educating that comes off insecure (just scan through his tweets). Note the detriment: An overzealousness that turns canvassing into proselytization and tends to alienate rather than gather support. The drive for material that leads to aggressive education.

Another gate in his powerful ego is activated twice in his personality. Trump has not only his conscious South Node in Line 5 of the Gate of the Egoist (26) but in his conscious Moon as well. These activations give him the power to control memory, the tricky salesperson’s ability which remembers what and how to sell his tribe on his product or concepts. This can range from pure exaggeration to outright lying

“As a lifelong salesman, he has a huckster’s knack for selling a feeling, even if the ideas and facts that underscore it are spurious, racist or just plain incomprehensible.” Nerdwriter. Marketing propaganda and aggressiveness are in his environment, but that killer instinct of what can support his tribe’s survival is also his conscious driving force.

Is Donald Trump an Angry, Lying Control Freak…
... or Leader of the Tribes with a Killer Instinct?

With his unconscious Mercury (Communication/Thinking) in Gate 21, Trump speaks about the need to be in charge of his territory, and it’s true. Trump is not here to play second fiddle in any small band. Also, as a single definition, he can operate independently. Single definition people don’t need anyone else to process and assimilate information through their design.

Why is Donald Trump is so highly Opinionated?

It’s no secret that Trump speaks his mind. He can’t help but share his opinions, with the 17/62 Channel of Acceptance, a design of an organizational being, defining his Conceptualizing Ajna Center to his Throat Center. This gives him the voice of “I think” with a logical slant that may or may not have its facts straight. These are just his unconscious value/sociological (Venus) opinions his conscious Saturn (Discipline/The Judge/Restraint) causes him to externalize to his network. Trump is here to learn that those opinions of his can only be accepted by the collective when it serves the greater good.

Donald Trump's Mind - Genetic Imprinting Information via the Human Design System

Trump is designed to transmit certainty, being fixed in his opinions and expression of his ideas. When he’s been invited to do so, and he’s emotionally clear about their benefit to the collective, his opinions and ideas can be taken in by others successfully. Trump has Gate 11 in the fourth line of his unconscious north node; “The Teacher… Exalted: ...Ideas which can attract and inform the uneducated. Detriment: ...Ideas which can only be grasped by the few.” What we see most is someone known for not providing facts. This is a reason he is often rejected by the highly educated but not by those blinded by the confidence and willpower evident in his design.

The Donald's Human Design Channel of Acceptance = Fixed Opinions

Trump’s Gate 11 offers up a brief reprieve from the seriousness of his mind wanting to be President. In the Design of Comedy, there’s the Clown, the Fool, and the Idiot. Can you guess which one Trump has? Here’s a hint: Ra called it ‘anal humor’ which can be vulgar and embarrassing, behavior that just doesn’t fit in. When looked at from this perspective, Gate 11 is about sharing obviousness and experientially odd behavior paired with physical expressions that may be tough for others to handle. It’s an abstract sense of humor related to the solar plexus and can make people howl with laughter! Emotions sure do make an idiot out of you sometimes, don’t they?

Again, nodes are the stage in life where we can live out our purpose. In the first half of his life (before his Uranus opposition at 38 years old—his attainment of full adulthood) he was sensitive to seeing constant action without assessment by either the individual or the world. In the second half of his life, he is sensitive to seeing temptation all around him, where people are cautious—or not, more often. This world where people throw caution to the wind and succumb to temptation is due to Gate 12, which also happens to be where his conscious Sun shines.

Donald Trump’s Life's Work, as a Right Angle Cross of Eden...

...Articulating Conflict & Crisis Ideas

Trump’s conscious Earth is in the first line of Gate 11, the Gate of Ideas. Without the other side of the channel, this shows an insecurity, a mental anxiety that no one will value his ideas—the fear of anonymity. Trump likely recognizes that his success depends on being with others who share his goals, and has a gift of finding those who value his ideas.

Donald Trump was born when the Sun was in the second Quarter of the wheel, in gate 12, “Standstill”, the Gate of Caution. It’s one of three stop codons we have in the Human Design bodygraph.

Donald Trump's Incarnation Cross - Right Angle Cross of Eden

Donald Trump's Incarnation Cross - Right Angle Cross of Eden

Gate 12 has a tremendous mutative influence on on the collective. Gate 12 is part of the only channel in individual circuitry that is designed to speak for it. People with this Gate tend to have a rhythm to the way they speak that is unique, and it can have a subversiveness to it. This is a voice that says I know I can—if I'm in the mood. I know I can try—if I’m in the mood. This is a gate of caution; if Trump is not not in the mood, he will not try.

Now we’ve covered all four gates of Donald Trump’s Incarnation Cross—the Right Angle Cross of Eden 2 (12/11-36/6); this is all about EXPERIENCE. Trump has a "Right Angle" profile so he is here to fulfill a personal destiny that has to do with the world of Form, being born in the Quarter of Civilization. This quarter is about material progress through manifestation, building structures so that humanity can survive, grow, prosper and thrive. Trump's 1/3 Right Angle profile is in the research and development department as far as costumes we wear in life. As an "Investigative Martyr" his Public Role is that of a Detailed Authority and Determined Discoverer of his personal destiny - it pushes him to get to the bottom of things and discover through the school of hard knocks what doesn't work.

What is Donald Trump’s Truth?

Where we find the truth of Donald Trump’s Human Design is in the Gate of Privacy, Hexagram 33, activated twice by Pluto, both consciously and unconsciously in the third line.

This third line is called “Spirit - The attitude that turns retreat into victory.” As with all I-Ching gates, there are two sides to the coin. Privacy can be a path to success for Trump, or he will be a “bridge burner” so driven to privacy that he will cut off his relationships, often abruptly. This gate gives Trump the voice of “I remember” and the business skill of Oversight—the ability to oversee the entire operation and make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Donald Trump’s Individual Dysfunction

Because Trump is a single definition with four undefined centers (two of them totally open) we can point out the themes of his individual dysfunction on the material plane, what we call in Human Design the “not-self” because these can become shadow aspects of ourselves when we try to make these receptive areas where we take in life an inflexible, fixed part of us. Through conditioning, these open centers become where the adaptive strategies that Trump’s mind uses to make decisions for him that lead into frustrating and angry experiences due to the channels that define him. When Trump makes spontaneous decisions without caution, the satisfaction of a job well-done eludes him.

Trump’s Undefined Root - Always in a hurry


Trump can be in too much of a hurry.

His mind is pressurized start new experiences that can be confused, creating awkward and sometimes embarrassing situations. His unconscious Mars is in 53, fixed detriment: “A tendency with early success to haste and imprudent action. The pressure based on success to be impatient for something new). Trump and speaks of being at ease regardless of the situation, though this may come from delusion (conscious Mercury in 52 Line 6).

Image via

Image via

Trump’s Undefined Spleen - Lack of Flexibility

Trump has lack of flexibility that causes him to hold onto things that are not good for him.

Conversely, because he does not know he needs to wait for emotional clarity, he could spontaneously let go of something that is good for him when someone else or a transit defines his Splenic Center.

Challenging authority (18 in both Neptunes, Unconscious Line 4, The Incompetent and Line 3, The Zealot) is something Trump does out of fear. Trump also has a fear of failure (32) and the fear of tomorrow (57).

When his Splenic Center is defined, Trump can smell talent (32 is the personnel manager). Trump can also hear a lie. Gate 57 brings him the penetrating, extraordinary power of intuition, which he has in one of those rare I-Ching lines that have no polarity. The 3rd line is called “Acuteness.” Exalted: “The perfected intelligence, where clarity eliminates doubt and ensures manifestation. The possibility of perfected intuition.”

Image via MyBodygraph

Image via MyBodygraph

Trump’s Open G - Role Confusion

Trump makes decisions with his mind that constantly searches for what to be, experiencing role confusion. This is clearly demonstrated in the many roles he’s played over the years in the search for his identity. Place is critical for Trump, and when he makes decisions with his mind it leads him to the wrong place, interacting with the wrong people, and then things tend to go awry.

Image via MyBodygraph

Image via MyBodygraph

Trump’s Open Head - Losing Focus

Last but not least, in a shadow state Trump’s totally open head center loses focus, as he amplifies the pressure to think about things that do not matter to him, not knowing what is truly inspirational and of benefit to humanity.

Each of these centers can be a rich source of wisdom in a being who is aligned with their authentic nature. But until life somehow drills into Donald Trump that what would work better for him is to wait to respond with patience, rather than initiating from his mind (his open center themes) we can continue to publicly witness his not-self in action. Thankfully, emotional people tend to mellow with time, and hopefully those who know Trump best can attest to that.

Image via Mybodygraph

Image via Mybodygraph

Trump’s Challenges & Signposts

Sheer frustration (and anger) are Trump’s signposts of incorrect decision making. The 45/21 and 35/36 provide Trump with a powerhouse of willful and emotional anger when operating incorrectly. When we see him in this resistant state, we know Trump has been guilty of initiating and trying to fix something from the mind—not being clear emotionally.

Trump’s challenge is that he has a continual cycle of starting new things and giving up because he does not listen to his body and allows his mind to run his life. Being a serial quitter due to extreme frustration is the result. His body knows what it can use its energy for to gain satisfaction, which in Trump’s case takes time to feel out his response through the cycles of his emotional waves. It is highly unlikely that anyone has ever coached him to wait for life to come to him and be patient and clear before moving forward. If they did, Trump didn’t listen. We would feel a very different frequency listening to this man speak if that were the case.

My Hope for Donald Trump...


Donald Trump has a tremendous capacity for intellectual development and the building of society as 1/3 Profile with the Cross of Eden. He could achieve his potential life purpose if he responds to what life brings him with emotional clarity to establish a secure foundation, using caution to be clear about manifesting ideas that establish a new order out of the old.

My Pessimism about Donald Trump...

The shadow side of Trump is that he is someone who can hugely impact the collective in a negative way. He could drag the U.S. into hurried, spontaneous decisions to try and secure a direction and identity for himself. Generating Crisis and Conflict, if Trump doesn’t adhere to caution when sharing his ideas and opinions, he'll lose focus, quitting when he gets frustrated or angry and withdrawing to throw a private pity party.

Donald Trump’s Childishness…

...a Deeply Conditioned Emotional Being

Any person with that much emotional definition in a not-self state behaves childishly. This can show up as emotional immaturity in the form of outbursts, tantrums, insults… you get the idea.

Observe the petulant set of his mouth. Hear the continual falsehoods and boasting, the blustering defiance and hurling of Tweeted insults. If this man were not exalted by the media due to his wealth, antics and epic failures, none of us would know of the name Donald Trump.

Children do not have the global awareness we learn to develop as conscious, mature adults. The way that Trump is designed to see when he is in the right place is called “Survival” which gets skewed to Wanting when he is not. I hope Trump knows he is here to see what is needed for the tribes to have a secure foundation and to survive the turbulence of our uncertain world. Not to try to fix anything, but to be motivated to generate and manifest in response to life through Hope.


Now that Donald Trump is to become next President of the United States of America, I hope somehow the program will influence him to respond with patience. Discovering and following his true authority—the clarity of his emotional intelligence, his Solar Plexus generated response over time—can help ensure he is building what our world needs.

From his Victory speech:

"Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream. I've spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world.

That is now what I want to do for our country. Tremendous potential. I've gotten to know our country so well. Tremendous potential. It is going to be a beautiful thing. Every single American will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer." Donald Trump, President-Elect of the United States of America

Now that sounds quite hopeful to me.

by Andrea Abay-Abay

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How to Transform Stress and Pressure into Fuel for Success

Work Stress can be Transformed for Success

Work Stress can be Transformed for Success

Stress. Like death and taxes, we can’t escape it. The good news is, there is a way each of us is genetically wired to deal with and handle stress appropriately. You can transform the pressure we experience into fuel for you and your business’ successful evolution.

"Which works better, competition or cooperation?  The answer, without equivocation, is cooperation.  Although most people are surprised by this, scientists have repeatedly verified it in hundreds of studies since the late 1800s." Perry W. Buffington, Ph.D. 

We live in a deeply pressurized business world. We are conditioned to believe that business must be fraught with high-stress, cutthroat competition and success must manifest a certain way or it isn’t worthy. However, there is room for everyone to succeed in the way each are designed to best fulfill their purpose. BG5 shows us the way to guide everyone on the path of success they deserve. Would you like to learn how you can transform stress and pressure into the fuel for success?

In BG5, one of the primary ways we assess a person based on how they are designed to operate is through what we call Functions. Functions and their Shadows are two of the 16 Success Codes we analyze to determine how you are here to be successful. You can find out how all your Functions operate by ordering a Career Map or the Complete Success Code Report and taking a look at Success Codes 9 and 10. The Functions that define your  consistent strengths are revealed in Success Code 9.


Functions that are absent from Success Code 9 are listed under Success Code 10 as their "Shadows and Distractions." These shadows can be one of your biggest pitfalls yet, with awareness, can become your greatest source of wisdom. Let's discuss how the Drive and Stamina Function can operate in a fixed way (listed under Success Code 9) and how it can function in a flexible way (listed under Success Code 10 as “Always In A Hurry).

This image (left) shows the nine Functions in a person’s career design. One of the key elements to look at when analyzing someone’s BG5 Career Design is how an individual can best utilize each of their nine Functions. At the root of your Career Design is the Function called Drive and Stamina. This Function gives you profound insights into how you are uniquely intended to best handle the stress and pressure inherent in life and work.  

Your Drive and Stamina Function:

  • Provides adrenalized fuel for ambition, beginning new projects, tasks, and teams

  • Creates hormones that get and keep you moving at work and play

  • Energizes you for turning chaos into order, creativity, emotional and survival intelligence

  • Carries a profound initiating force that can fuel success or failure for your business

Utilize this fuel wisely, or you risk adrenal fatigue. The key for any Function listed in either Success Code 9 or as a Success Shadow in Code 10 is to act in agreement with your Decision-Making Strategy. Your Decision-Making Strategy can be found in Success Code 3—this is the way you are intended to make the right decision at the right time. Making choices you trust with confidence leads you to a better quality of life and improved bottom-line.

Success Code 9: Drive and Stamina Function—Processing Stress In A Fixed WaY

If your Drive and Stamina has consistent energy present, you have a particular, fixed way of dealing with stress according to your unique genetic imprinting. It could be that you require daily physical activity to discharge stress, or you may need to vent through regular emotional releases or to channel that energy into creative endeavors.

Your BG5 career report analysis can provide further details, and as your BG5 Career Consultant, I can synthesize your entire design in relation to your life and work experience to help guide you to the best ways you are designed to cope with the stress of work and life. 

The good news is that you tend to have a reliable way of discharging stress that works for you. Having this be a Function for you means you are more stress resilient. This could show up as:

  • More likely to withstand the stress of external time-pressures (others can’t rush you)

  • You are able to focus on and cope with complex tasks that require stamina

  • You can be good with time-management and setting/meeting deadlines

When your Drive & Stamina functions consistently, there also could be a tendency to put pressure on those around you, especially if they're inconsistent in this area—it causes them to hurry all the more. Without awareness of your Decision-Making Strategy to guide you, you may:

  • Become obsessive

  • Improperly initiate new projects

  • Create resistance that brings unnecessary stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of disease, and improper stress management can undermine your health. Follow your Decision-Making Strategy and Authority to move forward in life grounded in correct action that can lead you to a better bottom line with less stress.



If your Drive and Stamina Function shows up instead as "Always In A Hurry" under Success Code 10, this fuel operates inconsistently in you. The good news is that your design in an organization can offer the perfect solution when:

  • Short-deadline, urgent projects arise

  • Something needs doing very quickly

  • Flexibility is needed when dealing with time-pressures

On the flip side, a sensitivity to those time pressures and stressors can distract you, and you may tend to:

  • Unconsciously over-amplify pressure

  • Rush around on autopilot

  • Hurry needlessly to get rid of stress

 This tendency to amplify pressure is why your Drive and Stamina Function appears as one of your Shadows. Does being in a constant hurry tend to distract you from what is critical in your work? Do you tend to push quickly through doing things you don’t need to rush, even things you enjoy doing?

When you have the Drive and Stamina Function listed as a shadow, you have the flexibility of learning to deal with stress in many different ways. In rare instances, It may also show up as not knowing when to hurry at all. However, external energy can activate you with immense pressurization, which tends to amplify and distort this powerful energy. This pressure can show up as:

  • An inability to focus when you need to

  • Uncontrollable restlessness

  • Physical tension or emotional stress

You may experience an enormous range of pressure over your lifetime - from deep stillness to extreme hyperactivity. Letting pressure pass through you that is not your own is important. Nature is an especially helpful place of renewal and peace for you.

Work Stress Management Image via StockUnlimited

Work Stress Management Image via StockUnlimited

When you feel stressed-out, you may find it very helpful to:

  • Breathe deeply

  • Walk outside for some fresh air

  • Find a quiet place to meditate

  • Listen to some music

Take a break or move away from the source of stress, particularly if it is a person. Conversely, if the situation calls for it and you can handle the sensation, you could take a deep breath and utilize that pressure to get things done quickly. 

Get familiar with the pressures you have consistently within you and recognize the source of stresses in your environment. Following your Decision-Making Strategy aligns you to the perfection of your process and can help you keep your balance despite work's constant stresses. There is an enormous profit potential in this Function—if it’s right for you to harness the fuel of Drive and Stamina and capitalize on the wisdom found here.

The Drive and Stamina to Fuel Success

Work Stress Management Image via StockUnlimited

Work Stress Management Image via StockUnlimited

Whether your Drive and Stamina Function is a dependable source of energy or an area of distraction and potential wisdom, you cannot make decisions based solely on stress because of the way the pressure can get in the way of seeing things clearly. For this reason, we recommend you follow your Decision-Making Strategy to deal with and move on the right pressures at the right time. This is critical to avoiding the resistance of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment in your career and business. Moving forward correctly, from a calm and focused with joy for living encourages proper initiation of your purpose. An action begun correctly from a place of confidence in the appropriate timing facilitates an enjoyment of the process along with success. Correct timing of action and not over-doing it on coffee can also help protect you from adrenal fatigue.

BG5 can lead you to a successful life filled with satisfaction, doing what you love. For a deeper understanding of this Function stay tuned to our focus on Drive and Stamina in upcoming case studies, celebrity profiles and webinar workshops in future BG5 specific blog posts.  Are you ready to fulfill your highest purpose to improve your bottom line and our world? 

Human Design System Rave Bodygraph

Introduction to Centers
of the Human Design BodyGraph


Who you are is written in both pen and pencil.

Penned is your genetic imprint, the definition in your Human Design chart.

Definition is how we map out the consistent, reliable expression of your natal imprinting - your DNA.

That part of you written in pencil? That's conditioning.

Sometimes it’s not only hard to erase the layers and layers of deeply grooved lines carved into the paper…it’s impossible.

Through Human Design, you come to see the beauty of the whole picture,

-as it is- 

and that there is nothing to do
but be the perfection of you.


Your Strategy and Authority
allows you to find true fulfillment
as the witness in the vehicle (body)
watching the pencil lines morph
to nourish and enhance
the masterpiece that is you.


I hope to inspire you to explore your own Center characteristics

by delivering a series of articles in the mystical yet practical language Ra gave us for the Human Design System.


In Human Design, “Centers” are what we call the geometric shapes located inside the Rave BodyGraph. Nine Centers are responsible for specific functions in our lives and are each associated with particular biological functions of our physical form.

Similar to, but not the same as, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, Centers are hubs of energy, where information is both received, emitted and transmuted.

Understanding the role and theme of each individual Center, as well as the signposts of how they function correctly or influence behaviors when they are operating incorrectly, can help you tremendously in living out your highest potential.

Designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery through each of the Centers of the BodyGraph, our progressive exploration through the Centers will delve into the concepts and describe the key terminology associated with each.

This series of Human Design articles will give you not only an overview of how Centers function, but also a comprehensive look at key concepts that can help you understand their purpose and power. Read each article with awareness and contemplation of your Human Design Chart to enhance your journey of deconditioning and the awakening to the illusion of the Maia, otherwise known as your reality.

As we progress through the realms of the Human Design BodyGraph, I invite you to study the Center we are exploring using your Human Design and those of the people closest to you. Consider the Center characteristics from your personal experience. Notice how this framework helps you understand and accept others (and yourself!) as they are. 

If the Center carries consistent definition in you, do you recognize this energy as a part of your true nature? As an example, if your Head Center (top of the BodyGraph) is colored in yellow, you are here to be mentally inspiring for other people. 

An undefined or open center (white, not colored in) in your BodyGraph is one of the primary receptors of conditioning - or outside influences taken into your being, that can cause adaptive strategies leading you away from your authentic self. This receptor impacts your mind's decision-making process and creates what the Human Design System calls the Not-Self. The Not-Self leads you to make decisions based on strategies derived from the conditioning rather than your true nature.

Conditioning is neither bad nor good - it simply is a fact of life you cannot avoid nor would you want to. Ignorance is the only detriment here. If you are unaware of the way you are deeply conditioned through your open centers, it can overwhelm who you are. Making decisions from conditioning can take away the possibility of you living out your true potential. However, when you are operating correctly, and your mind is no longer making life decisions, open centers can be an incredible source of wisdom over time.

When you are not operating in alignment with your Human Design, you may experience resistance. Resistance shows up in the form of the Not-Self Theme according to your Type: anger as a Manifestor, frustration as a Generator, bitterness as a Projector and disappointment as a Reflector.

Understanding your conditioning
is the first step to leading a life as yourself;
without resistance, confusion and pain.

Through Human Design you can discover all the key elements of your authentic nature, including where you are vulnerable to potential conditioning.

There is an incredible impact the Human Design language has when taken in deeply and contemplated over time. Think of it like de-programming and re-programming to bring you back into alignment with your being. This language helps to unlock our human potential via epigenetics, bringing to the surface of our awareness certain truths about ourselves.

Everything is moving, and everything is vibrating. We are all unique combinations of frequency patterns. When you are operating incorrectly, your frequency pattern is dysfunctional.

Centers are the primary focus of the Living Your Design Awakening Program taught by Certified LYD Guides around the globe. It is the only spiritual program in the Human Design Educational system designed for everyone who is interested in experiencing the benefits that Human Design can bring.

If you're ready to get personal help in living your design, see my Living Your Design Awakening ExperiencesRa recommended that these courses be taught differently for each Type. You can benefit from a Guide with the same Aura Type as you for this particular experience; my group classes are taught with a fellow Certified Guide with the same Aura Type for the people we are serving. 

Are you ready to live the life you were born for?

Whether you are on the path to self-knowledge or mastery of the Human Design System, I invite you to join us on this journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph. I welcome your interaction, comments and feedback below -  would you care to join in the conversation?

Love Yourself, 

Andrea Abay-Abay

A version of this article originally appeared at; re-printed with permission.

Parenting by Your Child's Human Design Type

Human Design Parenting

Why and How to Parent According to
Your Child's Human Design Type


by Andrea Abay-Abay
(Plus My Human Design Parenting Experience Below)

"Your children are not your children;
they are life longing for itself." 
Khalil Gibran

All of us want to belong on a deeper level,

and we all feel that deep longing to know our place.

Since we are here, we have a part to play in the grand pattern of life.

Truly belonging requires we play our authentic role

Click for children's reading special

Click for children's reading special

—or we risk feeling hollow, lost—

as though we’re not living our purpose.

That feeling of belonging requires self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Acceptance leads to self-love—

nurtured when we’re guided in how to live honoring our nature,

rather than how others think we should live.


Human Design Parenting

Ra introduced us to one of the most important topics

within this System—Human Design Parenting.

This knowledge is primarily here for our children.


HUMAN DESIGN'S primary benefit
is to those who haven’t yet been deeply conditioned.

And while living authentically

and with greater understanding

supports our process,

it is through us this knowledge

can reach future generations

and change the frequency of this planet—

one being at a time.

Human Design empowers our children
to make choices that are true to who they are.

In Ra's Words...

I had this extraordinary experience not too long ago.
I had a visit, a mother and child. Supposedly the child had problems. It was so interesting, this projection.
I’ve had a favorite saying for so many years: people in white hats doing black work. It’s really nice that you love your children.
It does not mean you’re being an advantage for them in this life at all.
The fact that you love them, truly in a sense, doesn’t really mean anything.
It is the knowing of them.
~ Ra Uru Hu

Can you relate Ra’s quote to what parents feel within themselves? 

That "I love my children" goes without saying.

We love them because loving our children
is our genetic instinct as parents.


We often struggle and lack time
to raise children in the way we envision,

but there is always strength
coming from our love

and the instinct to keep them
as safe and happy as possible.


We parents carry a lot of pressure

that combines with the pressure taken in from society.

This creates confusion and doubts,

particularly around our educational paradigms.


Confusion prevents us parents from clearly seeing what kind of child we brought into the world, and we end up devoting too much attention to how children should behave to fit into society and be successful.


Consider that most parents

who don’t know any better

project their own values and expectations

onto their children

during their most impressionable

and vulnerable conditioning stages of life.


Most of this derives from deep, fear-based conditioning patterns, so children learn how to fear the world and fight their way through it...

...instead of learning how to trust in themselves.


Centering on Your Child
with Human Design Parenting states: “A study found that parents who were the most child-centric were also happier and derived greater meaning in life from having children."

‘These findings suggest that the more care and attention people give to others, the more happiness and meaning they experience. From this perspective, the more invested parents are in their children’s well-being — that is, the more ‘child centric’ parents are — the more happiness and meaning they will derive from parenting.’ Ashton-James et al. (2013)

Many parenting books

try to offer the perfect solution

on how to raise and feed children.

And while they offer

some very valuable insights and tools,

the truth is that there is a unique way to treat each child.

To educate with love is to allow the child to be themselves,
no matter how the outer world conditions and influences them.

We see an enormous difference in children who are respected and raised to follow their natural way of operating and deciding.

Treating your children

according to their Human Design

creates a parent/child relationship

of greater mutual trust and lightness of being.

With Human Design Parenting, parents are no longer seen as the authority but as engaging mentors providing a safe environment where children can evolve.

Giving children the freedom to be their own authority may seem scary at first!

But this allows us as parents to guide our children to become themselves—no more, no less—exactly what the world needs.

Human Design shows you what your child is here for, what avenues of life are going to be their strengths and capabilities.

Human Design helps you understand the functions in life your children are here to express.

Rather than seeing something wrong with a child who appears “lazy,” a parent can embrace their child’s difference and celebrate it.

Fulfilling your purpose requires that you are different from others, because this is why we 9-Centered humans are here—to be vastly different from one another.

Being able to see your child

for what and who they are

is the first step

in transcending the limitations

contemporary culture places

on you and your parenting.

Embracing the Uniqueness of your Child

Here are some free audios
by Ra Uru Hu, founder of the Human Design System
on Children by Type 
and below that Defined & Undefined Solar Plexus Children:

  • Projector Children 
    Invite them into things and encourage them to study what you recognize "turns them on" 
  • Reflector Children 
    Observe them as the barometer of the family and never rush them to decide; give them 28.5 days minimum

In Ra's Words...

For me, the whole thing is to embrace the uniqueness of your child… It’s got to be clear to you that this is a question of consciousness.
I will give you nice techniques.
But really, you have to grasp that this is about consciousness, it’s about being aware.
And it’s about seeing that the moment that you have the gift—it’s a gift—to be able to see the design of your children, your friend’s children, your grandchildren, whatever it may be, that in that gift of being able to see them you can give them something very special.
You can give them guidance that will enrich the rest of their lives, and will allow them to stay within themselves despite what the world around them is. This is what it’s all about.
Ra Uru Hu

These quotes from Ra were taken from A Human Design Guide to Parenting, 
included in a special Parenting Package on,
home of the Human Design System

My Human Design Parenting Experience:

When I came to Human Design, there were many things about my 5-year old daughter and my relationship with her that confused, frustrated and bothered me.

Using the framework of Human Design to understand our interactions helped relieve my stress, anxiety and worry. Below I share some examples of how Human Design helped me understand us and our relationship.

Here's her Human Design chart ( and mine further down):

My Overzealous "Natural Parenting"

As you can see, she has the Sacral Center (red square) very strongly defined via three channels. I amplify her powerful generator motor with my undefined Sacral.

I tried to be the best mama possible and studied like crazy before she was born, even going on to obtain a parenting certification, starting a holistic mom's group, and doing everything I could to ensure she had every advantage I could give her.

My overzealous parenting began immediately. I remember coming home from the hospital the day I'd given birth and, unable to sleep that night next to them, I got up to clean the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. Overzealous? Who me?

When she was born, I thought I was doing what was best for her by co-sleeping, baby wearing whenever possible, only breast-feeding... and I totally burnt myself out by the time she was 6-months old due to lack of sleep and utter exhaustion.

I vividly remember how completely fried I felt and how almost I wanted to throw that crying baby at my husband. That's when I moved myself into the guest room to sleep alone and my doctor prescribed me anti-depressants.

Now I know that my Projector body could not sustain the constant contact with her Manifesting Generator form combined with the super-mom routine I'd thrown myself into. 

My Personality Earth Compromised

Another major mechanic; her channel of Discovery (29-46) compromises my Personality Earth in Gate 29. 

As she grew I used to get resentful about always needing to do what she had the energy to do and not relaxing with a book or just music as I wanted, to rest and recover my energy.

Gate 29 is about Perseverance; it's the Gate of Saying Yes, of Commitment. 

Because she has the Sacral defined and that entire channel, in our relationship, I learned from Human Design to ask her yes/no questions to determine what she responds to.

As she got older I could explain and show her the graph so she understood it wasn't personal, there is nothing wrong with either of us, just that we are very different.

Thanks to Human Design, Now I know how to hold my boundaries and not over-do it so that I don't get overwhelmed and have meltdowns from exhaustion.


My Daughter's Totally Open Splenic Center

My then husband became disabled after a surgery made a pre-existing condition worse and within 18 months of her birth I had to go back to work.

See how my daughter has a totally open Splenic Center (white inward-pointing triangle on the left)? Mine is undefined as well. She was a clingy baby, always wanting attention and entertainment (she is reading this and says I still want attention and entertainment).

When I left home for work regularly she bonded very deeply to my defined Splenic husband, now a stay-at-home dad. When I moved out I was so very saddened when we divorced that she wanted to live with him instead of me. I took it personally (I have a Color 6, Personal Perspective) that she would cry for him every night when she stayed at my house. 

When I finally saw all of our designs I understood how powerful the sense of safety and security was that she felt with him and it didn't bother me anymore.

Here's my Human Design Chart:

My Daughter's Totally Open Root Center

As you can see I've got a defined Root Center (brown square at the bottom) while my daughter has no gates as a dormant potential there. 

Getting places on time was something I myself simply HAD TO DO. I did everything in my power to always be chronically early and intensely disliked being even a few minutes late. 

Boy did I have to let that go as a parent! My daughter did not know when to hurry, and I both unknowingly and knowingly pressured her to hurry up.

It frustrated me that she just couldn't get herself together to go places and I had to constantly harp on her to get her out the door. 

Oh how glad I was to understand this dynamic between us, and learn the simple tools of asking her yes/no questions.

When I learned more about the deeper levels of her Human Design (she is Guilt Motivated, I am Hope; for those familiar with Rave Psychology) even more things made sense and became easier to deal with and accept.

I'm incredibly grateful for the power of Human Design in our lives.

I could go on and on with more examples about the things I've learned which have helped me be a better parent to my daughter!

Just one of the many benefits this system has had in my life is better relationships with the people I love—rather than putting pressure on myself or them, or taking things personally, I can see the dynamics at play, accept it and love us all throughout, no matter what.

("YAY" says my daughter)

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to comment or ask brief questions below.
I wish for everyone the wonder of watching your child blossom into the completely unique being they were born to be, as I am watching mine.

Love Yourself (and Your Kids!) As you Are. For you are Perfectly Designed.

All my love to you and your family,


A shorter, previous version of this article originally appeared on Reprinted with permission.

Seven-Centered Strategic vs. Nine-Centered Receptive Beings

The Human Design System: Seven-Centered Strategic vs. Nine-Centered Receptive Beings

by Andrea Abay-Abay


Many people look into Human Design for answers to questions they’re struggling with. Are you one of those people?

Are you looking for solutions to challenges, or have you simply realized that something seems “off” with the world and there’s a mystery to solve?

Most people feel extensive validation and relief when they discover their Human Design.

Part of this is because it shows them the keys to what makes them special, unique, and different! Finally they can stop berating themselves for a perceived sense of wrongness and see why they don’t seem to “fit in”—why they’re at odds with and struggle with social conventions.

The other reason is that the world still operates on principles that served the seven-centered being but are no longer appropriate for our changing world. This concept of the seven “chakras” is derived from the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, an ancient tradition that first recognized chakras as energy centers within the subtle body.

In Human Design, Centers are focal points, or hubs, that receive and transform the energy that circulates throughout the BodyGraph.

Each of the nine Centers of the Bodygraph has its own distinct biological correlation, i.e. the Splenic Center is connected to the lymphatic system, and the Root Center to the Adrenal Glands. Centers operate in different ways depending on the way these centers are defined or undefined.

The Nine Centers
(links to my articles)

  • Root—Physical Pressure and Fuel
  • Sacral—Reproduction, Sexuality, Vitality
  • Splenic—Health, Immunity and Intuitive Awareness
  • Heart—Ego and Willpower
  • G—Direction, Love, Identity
  • Throat—Expression, Action, Metamorphosis
  • Ajna—Conceptualization
  • Head—Inspiration and Mental Pressure

Note that the physical location in the bodygraph of the Solar Plexus and Splenic Centers does not correspond to the location in the body. These Centers are split to either side so the beautiful symmetry of streams of awareness flowing through them can be clearly shown.

Our Human Species Evolution: The Shift in 1781

In 1781, along with the discovery of the planet Uranus, humanity began to shift from a seven-centered to a more highly evolved, nine-centered form. Part of the mutation took place in the Ajna Center, changing the way our brain takes in information.

“And that mutation in the visual cortex was a mutation that eliminated this need in the binocular vision to focus specifically. In other words, it opened the potential of peripheral or receptive vision. That's very different from the narrow focused strategic look that comes from the left. In dealing with the right you have this opening up to the whole field of stimulation that's possible. In other words, the way in which the brain system itself is going to take in information either from the strategic or the receptive is going to be distinctly different.”

Ra Uru Hu

Because of our mutative process, we function differently from human beings born before 1781. Grasping this concept of our evolution tells us the myths, beliefs and concepts that originated with the seven-centered beings are outmoded models that no longer fully serve us.

In the Complete Guide to the Human Design System, founder Ra explains our evolutionary transition from that seven-centered being to the present nine-centered being.


Homo Sapiens in Transitus

Human Design is here to educate our kind—Ra called us Homo-Sapiens in Transitus—to release us from the outdated, fear-based, seven-centered mindset. The seven-centered being had a survival intelligence that used fear as a prime motivator to control the world. The tradition of the seven-centered being was very focused on the Manifestor style of leadership: take charge, conquer, manipulate and control to triumph.

“And when you rule the world, when all the beasts bow down when they suffer at your hand, then what do you do—you try to rule each other. And all the killing that you used, that strategic power of communication and vision just leads to all this bloodshed and horror. This is the strategic way. It knows no other way. It does not.
But it's not us.”

Ra Uru Hu

It takes time for our collective consciousness to let go of the age-old dogmas and traditions of fear-mongering and control. 

We nine-centered humans are not here to live in perpetual fear for our survival. 

Each of us can step on the path of evolving our consciousness. It takes letting go of the deep-seated conditioning living on in our minds, through myths, fairy tales, and modern-day movies—learning to see what’s really going on rather than letting others (like the talking heads on TV) tell us what’s going on. It takes courage, commitment, and dedication to living your truth.


We're Different Now

We’re waking up. We’re breaking free of the fear-based strategies the mind uses to protect itself from remembered pain or possible suffering. We don’t see things as they are when we’re lost in the Maia (Illusion). Instead, we see a distortion created by conditioning.

“Isn't your mind always busy with the same stuff? ‘Well, maybe we should do this. Well, maybe we should do that. No, I think that they are going to do it’—and on and on and on, always working out, always trying to figure it out, the plan, how to do it, how to get there. This is the trap. It is not what we're about.”

Ra Uru Hu

Using the tools of Human Design, we can pinpoint the details of how your mind is wired to operate.

Understanding the dynamics of your specific design, your unique circuitry, you get to watch the mechanics of you at work. This leads us to one of the most controversial concepts in the Human Design System, and a dramatic departure from the homogenized concept of “free will.”

No Choice

It takes a simple decision to let go of trying to be in control with your mind. Being present, observing what is actually happening; being in touch with your body, and breathing can facilitate awareness and allow you to let go.

Through being aware we create the foundation for a clear perspective and appropriate action/non-action in alignment with our true nature. 

When you follow Strategy and Authority, you get to see the truth and the grace of “No Choice” because you are following the energetics of your body rather than the dictates of your mind.

I bought and watched Ra’s Complete Guide to the Human Design System Video Series in 2014. It covers in depth the concepts of seven-centered vs. nine-centered beings and the coming of the Rave being in 2027. 

“The moment you enter into the experiment itself of following your Strategy and Authority, what you understand is you do indeed have a capacity to make decisions without your mind. You just get to see it.”

Ra Uru Hu

A version of this article by Andrea Abay-Abay was originally published on

Current Global Cycles - the Human Design System

Human Design System: Global Cycles
by Andrea Abay-Abay

Human Design System: Global Cycles

Human Design System: Global Cycles

"You can’t trust the authorities around you anymore.

So stop." Ra Uru Hu

Through the Human Design System, Ra brought us knowledge of how to understand not only the mechanisms of our individual being but also the global programming cycles affecting all of us.


What Are Global Human Design Cycles?

Global Cycles show us the background frequency affecting us during the movement of our solar system within the spiral disk of our galaxy. Now we can see what changes our social dynamics on a global scale, as every cycle brings its unique considerations and consequences. These cycles are a fascinating revelation of the larger mechanical pattern affecting our evolutionary process over eons of time.

(The 6 Epochs of the Global Cycles - Click image to enlarge)

(The 6 Epochs of the Global Cycles - Click image to enlarge)


The Human Design Cross of Planning

Currently, we are in a Global Cycle called the Cross of Planning (1615-2027) which is slowly coming to an end. The Cross of Planning Cycle influenced humanity to work together in a way it had never done before.

One arm of this Cross brings the Channel of Community 37-40. This is where the tribal bargain is struck, bringing loyalty to support the community. The Channel of Community merges the willpower to provide for the family or tribe with the emotional need to give affection in return for resources; to work together to fulfill the demands of our communities. This Channel is a global conditioning force that brings definition between Solar Plexus and the Ego Centers. If you ponder it, our situation is very different from those of prior epochs. And we had no choice; it was simply time for a revolution that changed the ancient ways of rulership (Cross of Rulership: 721-1202). Our modern democracy of helping and respecting each other was born.

"It is the Channel of Community that establishes our fundamental codes with the way our civilizations have developed. It is the bond of Community to protect itself, to have its religions, to be able to have its resources to defend itself. All of these things became the bedrock of our modern civilization, establishing the way we operate with each other. The fact is the 40/37 brought the contractures of the agreement between those that govern and those that are governed. It is the 40/37 in its inherent bargain that created the ability for human beings to live in the vastly overpopulated environment and still manage to do so in some, well, peacefulness."


Ra Uru Hu


Everything we take for granted—from governmental structures to the support mechanisms of our communities—is going to continue disintegrating over the next hundred years. Without the bargains being upheld and renewed, cities will not be able to sustain themselves the way they have in the past.

When the last of those born before 2027 are gone, the world will be a very different place. We are at the flowering stage of our 9-Centered Human Being Life Cycle (Ra called us Homo-Sapiens in Transitus). This is the critical time for our species—when we can find our individual truth—the 61st gate is the Key to our age.


Time for the Age of Self-Empowerment

The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (Gates 55-59-34-20) that we’re moving to is an undeniable antithesis of our age. Remember, the Cross of Planning is fundamentally tribal and collective, responsible for the support and success of developing a global community based on bargains, details, and skills, while the 34-20 arm of the Sleeping Phoenix is about Integration circuitry, all about self-empowerment, preservation and the core individuation process where we distinguish ourselves from everyone else.

Gate 55 - 6th Line: Selfishness

Exaltation: Acquisition obsession that though alienating, is still indirectly beneficial materially to others. The possibility of finding the spirit through materialism.

Detriment: Where the material abundance exists, but no one gets to share its light. The 'no Moon' phase. The possibility that materialism becomes obsessive with a 'mean' spirit that will not share.

Ra Uru Hu
The Rave I'Ching

We are entering into an age of self-empowerment. The next age is not about looking after your neighbor, but rather looking after yourself. We are moving into a global theme of–potentially enlightened–selfishness.

Human Design Global Cycle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 2027

Human Design Global Cycle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 2027

Our key is to use Strategy and Authority to unveil our unique human process, our own Inner Truth, which is not dependent on anything outside of oneself. We are not here to be afraid of the changes coming or to struggle through them. We’re here to have the courage to rise to the occasion in alignment with our true nature. We cannot expect anyone, or the world at large, to take care of us. It is time to be empowered in our authority, and to teach our children to be their own authority from a very early age.

We are here to watch the unraveling of our social fabric and discover our inner truth as we move to become more self-empowered. There’s nothing to do but be aware and witness it unfolding.

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